22 Home Office Ideas that Promote Productivity & Creativity

Tired of the same ol’ 9-5 grind? These home office ideas will have you feeling inspired, creative and (dare we say) productive.

Home Office Ideas

Cubicles are so 2019. We kid, of course! But these days more and more people are working from home. Sure, we’ve mastered the art of balancing a laptop on top of a pile of books while sitting cross-legged on the couch. But isn’t it time we traded in our “office” sweatpants for something a little more professional? 

Fear not, fellow remote workers! We are ready to delve into some clever and oh-so-stylish home office ideas that will make you feel like the CEO of your own living room empire. Say goodbye to cluttered chaos, and hello to productivity (and maybe even that promotion you’ve been eyeing). 

Grab your cup of coffee (or wine – no judgment here), because it’s time to deck out your work-from-home paradise with these fabulous and functional home office spaces.

Home Office Design Ideas

1 — Brighten up the office with a fresh coat of paint.

home office with desk in center
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Your jaw will drop at the before and after of our office makeover. Ceiling to floor dark wood paneling once made this room feel outdated and gloomy. Instead of ripping it all out (which would’ve been more messier, costlier and more labor intensive), we simply painted the panels.

The new splash of color dramatically brightened up and modernized the space. So never underestimate the power of a good color palette or even a simple wall painting design idea

2 — Design zones, especially for bedroom offices.

Emerald Green Office Bedroom Makeover
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

We know when it comes to setting up an office at home, you may not always have the luxury of a dedicated room. Designate separate zones for work, storage, and relaxation if space allows. A distinct home office layout helps maintains boundaries and balance.

We designed this bedroom office so that it’s a balance of both functionalities. The desk and bed don’t overpower each other.

3 — Create visual separation when you are unable to have a designated office space.

#SUGARANDCLOTHCASA: Before + After of our Study Room Makeover by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Sometimes you may not even get a study room, and the only solution is to create a work space in a community area. Home offices are really all about a designated space that sets you up for success.

Our townhouse office nook was a small space that we learned to maximize. It was simply a nook in the hallway. But by painting an accent wall and installing herringbone floating desk (that’s actually meant to be a countertop), we created a stylish focal point.

4 — Utilize your closet as a “cloffice”.

Transforming a closet into an office has become increasingly popular in recent years. They are lovingly referred to as a cloffice. And we really had a huge task upon us to freshen up our closet office

So we choose to incorporate colors that promote productivity and creativity, such as blues, greens, and neutrals. And we didn’t just stop with the wall. Check out the before and after video of the room transformation into one fun cohesive color.

5 — Think vertical with built-in furniture. 

Maximize limited floor space by incorporating wall-mounted shelves or tall bookcases to create storage and workspace without cluttering the room.

The luxe green built-ins in this sophisticated small home provide extra storage but are also the focal point for design and decor to bring the space to life. The Ikea Kallax hack is also another budget-friendly way to create faux built-in storage.

6 — Stay inspired.

Stand Up: A DIY Standing Desk (Ivar Ikea Desk Hack) for office
Photo by Paper & Stitch

Keep your workspace fresh and inspiring by regularly updating decor, rearranging furniture, and incorporating new design elements to spark creativity. 

We love Paper & Stitch’s home office craft room. The artwork is routinely changed out and cleverly hides cable cords. And her DIY desk provides plenty of display and writing surface.

7 — Add greenery.

Bring the outdoors indoors with low-maintenance houseplants to enhance air quality and create a calming ambiance in your bedroom office. This DIY living wall office is lucious and green and creates the perfect statement piece to your work from home space. 

This tranquil oasis is sure to spark some creativity and if nothing else provide an epic Zoom background! For those who love something different, check out our favorite unique houseplants.

8 — Keep it cozy.

Amanda’s office/guest bedroom: before and after
Photo by 100 Layer Cake

Add plush rugs, cushions, and throws to create a cozy atmosphere in your office. A comfortable seating area can also double as a relaxing space for reading or brainstorming. 

This shared workspace has a modern Boho twist that is airy and fun by pairing neutrals and the textured area rug and a fun but muted accent wall. 

9 — Add pops of vibrant colors for energy and motivation.

Pink Office Makeover
Photo by Studio DIY

This pink productive paradise will surely inspire creativity. With no windows in the room, Studio DIY made the space feel bright and welcoming. We would happily spend all our time in this creative space. 

10 — Build a convertible sit & standing office desk.

DIY-Sit/Stand Desk
Photo by Kipiani Designs

We love the idea of a standing desk, but sometimes with a day full of Zoom calls all a girl wants is to sit down. When we saw this DIY sit/stand electric desk, we were in love! Not only do we love a good DIY but the combo of productive options is a work from home dream. 

11 — Maximize natural light.

amy stone: apartment full of style in 450-square-feet
Photo via Domino Mag

Let there be light! Position your home office nook near a window for a view and to take advantage of natural light, which can boost mood and productivity. But beware. Direct sunlight can turn your office into a tropical paradise when temperatures rise! 

Use blinds or sheer curtains to diffuse harsh sunlight if needed. Trust us. Squinting at spreadsheets while sweating profusely isn’t the move. This small apartment may only have 450-square feet so this lovely lucite office nook was perfectly and strategically placed next to the windows. 

12 — Choose soothing colors.

Opt for calming colors like blues, greens, or neutrals to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to both work and relaxation.

Bright and airy, this neutral home office space is so calming and relaxing. We love the mix of the wood desk and the gold accents. A clean space gives way to a clean mind and this clean crisp space is what productivity dreams are made of. 

13 — Opt for removable wallpaper. 

Looking to incorporate your fun style into a small office? But is your style ever evolving? This stunning home office utilizes a bold floral wallpaper and color palette. We love all the pops of blue that brighten up the room and the different patterns and texture that bring an overall calming and peaceful tone to the space.

The best part is that it’s temporary. Peel and stick wallpaper is ideal if you decided later on that you want a different look. You’ll also love these other quirky and bold wallpaper patterns.

14 — Pick a secretary desk.

Safavieh Home Office Xander Modern Black Storage Secretary Desk

secretary desk is a work from home dream if you have limited space and zero dedicated office space. It can easily disguise itself as a hutch in any main living space and then when you need to work simply pull down the desk and add a chair.

15 — Make a statement with a pendant overhead light.

These stylish fixtures not only provide practical illumination but also serve as striking design elements. Choose a design that reflects your personality and complements your decor to create a truly captivating home office environment. With pendant lighting, you can illuminate your workspace while making a distinctive statement that reflects your style and sophistication.

16 — All lighting matters.

Color Block Home Office Tour
Photo by Dream Green DIY

Supplement natural light with task lighting, such as table lamps or ambient lights, to illuminate your workspace effectively, especially during evening hours.

Whether you’re lighting for a 20-foot ceiling or 8-foot room, all interior designers swear by the 3-layer lighting technique. So make sure to install lighting that illuminates each layer of the room: the bottom floor, middle section and top part of your home office.

17 — Be creative about the location.

DIY Under Stairs Homework Station (With IKEA)
Photo by Grillo Designs

We’ve featured home offices configured inside closets, in hallway alcove and living corners. Another underutilized area in your home that has potential is under your stairs!

This Ikea hack DIY under the stairs homework station also makes for a great small home office nook. The DIY wooden slatted wall serves as an interchangeable feature to display and hang art, baskets, lighting and more.

18 — Prioritize ergonomics.

Brittany Office Chair with Casters by Novogratz

Even in a small space, prioritize comfort and ergonomics by selecting a comfortable desk chair, ensuring proper desk height, and incorporating ergonomic accessories like a monitor stand or keyboard tray.

This Brittany Office Chair is actually the mustard yellow version of the same office chair from our bedroom office makeover. After clocking hours of long meetings in it, we can attest that it is truly comfortable.

Make sure yours provides proper support so that backaches don’t become a daily companion on Zoom calls. (Hello, chiropractor bills!). Consider investing in a supportive office chair because comfort should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of professionalism. 

19 — Hide your things.

Maintain a clutter-free workspace by using organizers, trays, and baskets to corral supplies and paperwork. Keep frequently used items within arm’s reach to maximize efficiency.

This is especially important for home offices that are combined with other communal rooms like this kitchen, living room or dining room.

We’ve actually seen a lot of homes integrating the lesser used formal dining room with an office as seen in this Utah ranch home. Long dining tables definitely make for a spacious work desk!

20 — Consider acoustics.

acoustic sound panel for office

Minimize distractions by adding sound-absorbing materials like rugs, curtains, or acoustic panels to reduce noise levels and improve focus. We love this arch felt board that also functions as a sound diffuser panel and bulletin board. Choose from 50 different colorways and 2 different sizes.

21 — Keep organized with some pegboard.

One of the key advantages of pegboard is its ability to maximize vertical space, making it ideal for small or compact home office environments. By utilizing wall space effectively, pegboard helps to declutter desktops and work surfaces, creating a cleaner and more streamlined workspace. 

You can purchase pre-made pegboard panels. However, we love this oversized DIY plywood pegboard wall tutorial. Being able to create larger than average pegboard holes allows your wall to hold more weight for a desk and bookshelves.

With a variety of hooks and accessories available, pegboard can adapt to changing needs and preferences over time. There are also more creative ways to incorporate pegboard ideas into an office design.

Easy Office Organizers to Make

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