14 Quirky Wallpaper Designs

14 Quirky Wallpaper Designs — Sharing our favorite quirky wallpaper designs. It’s a great way to add a punch with an accent wall or cover a room for drama!

As interior design lovers, we’re always looking at how people use color, furniture, light, and objects to create a fun environment.

Admittedly, we are easily wooed by bold design decisions that we don’t always have the space, the cash, or (most of all) the guts, to make ourselves. For us though, there’s wallpaper.

Things have come a looooong way since the kitchen wallpaper in your family home growing up, your grandmother’s current hall bathroom or that horrid motel you had to stay at because it had the only vacancy. Rest assured, things have changed!

The decorative paper that adheres to walls has regained popularity after taking some time away for self-improvement.

We’ve spotted some very attractive wallpaper in living spaces, baby and kids’ rooms, the hippest hotels, and coolest restaurants. (Shout out to Gwen!)

It’s a great way to add a punch with an accent wall or cover an entire room for a very dramatic finish. We did our very own in Sugar & Cloth’s guest bedroom makeover,

Designs can be subtle, textured, patterned, or mural-style — where multiple pieces go edge to edge to make one large image.

Plus, there are tons of great removable wallpapers for renters, or people like us who like to keep things changing around the house.

Now that we’re all on board with this revitalization, let’s take a look at some gorgeous ways to dress up our walls!

photo of our favorite quirky wallpaper designs

14 Quirky Wallpaper Designs

Wonky Grid from Urban Outfitters – Removable

Pink Watercolor Spill from Olivia & Poppy – Mural Style, Removable

Palm Jungle by Cole & Son – As seen in Ashley & Jared’s guest room! Other colors available

Animal Silhouettes from Etsy – Removable, Other colors available

Blue Agate by Chasing Paper – Removable, Other colors available

Pink Flamingos by Cole & Son – Other colors available

White Marble from Urban Outfitters – Removable

Multi-color Abstract City Plan by Kate Zaremba – Removable

Multi-color Retro Shapes from Etsy – Removable

Macarons in Peach by Nathan Turner – Other colors available

Pink Marble from Lulu & Georgia – Removable, Other colors available

Indigo Watercolor Drops from Etsy – Removable

Teal Starburst by Chasing Paper – Other colors available

Pink Hollyhock by Clare V. – Removable, Other colors available

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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  2. OMG, I interviewed the most amaaaazing wallpaper designer last month, she makes her patterns based on these colorful paper totems. You would love her style, super colorful, abstract and fun!! https://www.glitchesandstitches.com/blog/creating-playful-patterns-with-julie-yulle

    • Wow, she’s incredible! I love the second photo with with the bright pink and turquoise! Getting a tropical vibe, which I love. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Maybe it’s that I’m stressed at work, but these colors and prints are so calmingggg!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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