Budget Friendly Decor – Wall Art for Under $200

Wall Art for Under $200 — Furniture can make a room beautiful, but it’s the artwork that gives it life. Good news: I found a way to get amazing wall art for under $200.

I cannot express my excitement over revealing our living room and dining room design plus before and afters of our renovated, mid century space! by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth #design #interiors #decor #home

Art is an essential part of interior design, and if you ask me, it’s an essential part of making a place feel like home.

Furniture can make a room beautiful, but it’s the artwork that gives it life. But wall art for under $200? That I can do!

Have you ever moved into a place and thought, “I’m going to leave my walls bare until I find *just* the right pieces,” only to realize 8 months in that your walls are still bare? Guilty!

Budget-friendly decor is totally the way to go if you’re afraid of the commitment.

My pro tip: Invest in a few simple frames (like these from Ikea!), and order prints directly from artists to your door.

You can also source Downloadable Prints (like this one!), and have it printed at a local print shop. The downloads are instant and are usually $10 or less.

Printing can vary depending on size, color, paper, and cost of labor, but will usually run between $6-$8 per square foot.

For example, a poster-sized print that’s 24″ x 36″ would be 6 square feet, at an average of $7 per square foot, you’re looking at a total of ~$42 printing  + ~$10 download + tax.

For about $50 per piece, I can swap different prints in and out of frames anytime. Now that I can get behind!

Budget Friendly Decor | Wall Art for Under $200

1. Print #089 by fornStudio

2. Happy Thoughts by Willa Arlo

3. Bright Bougainvillea by The One With Wanderlust

4. Print #024 by fornStudio

5. Work Hard, Be Nice by Picturing Juj

6. Layers by Flip

7. The E1027 Collection No 6 by Altelier by Mintstudio

8. Abstract Floating Shapes by Izabela Pichotka

9. One Day At A Time by Subliming

10. Abstraction Mountains by Forgetme

11. Riomaggiore by Heather Deffense

12. Harvest by Fernanda Schallen

13. Minimalist Still Life by ThingDesign

14. Abstract Geometric 04 by The Old Art Studio

15. Abstract Jungle by ThingDesign

16. Bandaids by Jessica Matier

17. People on Algarve Beach by Radu Bercan

18. Ibiza Blue and White by Raisazwart

19. Going for a Swim by Whitney Deal as seen in Sugar & Cloth’s living room

20. Foam From Above by Melanie Sutherland

21. Iceland Hot Springs by OhFineArtPrints

22. Female Nude in Blue (Henri Matisse) by VillaCapriArtworks

23. Blue Abstract Art Print by ModeaPrints

24. Shape Study #14 by mpgmb

25. Abstract Minimal 16 by ThingDesign

26. Abstract Shapes – Autumn Colors by WKNDLA

27. Southern Cotton Series 4 by Angela Simeone

28. That Pink Door, Palm Springs by Jeff Mindell

29. Melting Ice Cream by Jeff Mindell

30. London Eye Monochrome by ArtPrink Studio

31. Pinky Swear by ExplicitDesign as seen in Sugar & Cloth’s dining room

32. Minimalist Body Profile by ExplicitDesign

33. Modern Polka Dots by Simple Luxe

34. Welcome To The City Of Champions by Playtype

35. Palm Tree by VividAtelier

36. Movement by Kaitie Bryant


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18 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Decor – Wall Art for Under $200”

  1. Great ideas! I did like numbers one and four a lot. I recently bought a new house in Brampton by Paradise Developments and the main colors are grey and beige, so I think this powder pink color would be a perfect theme for the wall art. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Hi Rosanna! We really like Copy.com in Montrose. The pricing is reasonable and the staff are great. Houston Giclee Printing is another great local print shop. Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just bought the pinky promise print. What kind of paper and finish do you normally do when printing them at a local print shop?

    • Hi Aimee! So glad to hear you got the print! Polar Matte is the best quality paper to printing all the details, colors and making sure the print lasts long. Epson Ultra is a popular one too. We personally prefer matte paper (without the shine). We would definitely recommend talking to your local print shop though for their expertise! XOXO


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