22 Inspiring Small Laundry Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Say goodbye to laundry woes with these small laundry room ideas that will make the most of every inch available.

Today we are chatting about that little slice of domestic chaos we affectionately refer to as the small laundry room. It’s a space that you spend a lot of time in but often overlook when it comes to design and storage.

From our townhouselakeside homecottage home, we’ve actually never had the luxury of having a large laundry room. (One can only wish.) So we know first hand about the limitations of a small laundry room but also how to efficiently make use of the space. 

From cluttered to chic, here are our favorite inspiring small laundry room layouts. While it may not be big enough for a dance party, these pint-sized laundry rooms still manage to pack an impressive punch when it comes to dirty clothes and endless piles of mismatched socks.

So put on your imaginary superhero cape, and let’s get ready to conquer the world (or at least conquer that mountain of laundry) and make the most out of your small laundry spaces.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Laundry Room

Utilize vertical space: 

BATODA Laundry Clothes Drying Rack - Wall-Mounted Steel Laundry Clothes Organizer - Dryer Racks for Laundry Drying - Swivel Towel Hanger for Laundry Room - Space Saver in Bathroom (Steel)

When floor space is limited, utilizing vertical storage becomes crucial. Install wall-mounted shelves or cabinets above your washer and dryer to store detergent, fabric softeners, and other essentials. Additionally, consider using hooks or a hanging rod on the walls for air-drying clothes or storing ironing boards and drying racks when not in use.

Optimize storage solutions:

Big Reveal: Before & After of our Laundry Room Makeover + 2 Minute DIY Dryer Sheet Dispenser by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Invest in smart storage solutions that make the most of every inch available in your laundry room. Utilize stackable washer-dryer units or install a countertop over them to create additional surface area for folding clothes or organizing supplies. Use bins or baskets to sort dirty laundry by color or type before washing, ensuring an organized system that saves time.

Incorporate built-in features: 

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet, Foldable Ironing Storage Station for Home, Apartment, Easy-Release Lever, Garment Hooks, with Full Mirror Door, White

Consider incorporating built-in features specifically designed for small laundry rooms to maximize efficiency. For instance, installing a fold-down ironing board inside a cabinet door allows easy access while taking up minimal space when not in use. Similarly, pull-out hampers can be installed underneath countertops or within cabinets for discreet yet functional storage of dirty clothes.

Brighten up with lighting: 

Depuley Modern Sputnik Chandelier, Adjustable 6-Light Gold Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Vintage Mid Century Light Fixture for Bedroom Dining Room Kitchen Hallway Office, E26 Base

A well-lit laundry room creates an illusion of spaciousness. Incorporate some fun light fixtures to create a light and bright room.

Still struggling to visualize your small space? No problem! We have rounded up a plethora of clever solutions and storage ideas that will transform your tiny laundry nook into a stylish haven of cleanliness (or at least make you feel like you’ve accomplished something while folding those never-ending loads).

Small Laundry Room Ideas

1 — Hallway Laundry Closet

Sugar & Cloth Small Laundry Room Remodel
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our lakeside laundry room location was never intended to be in its current space. The previous owners moved it upstairs into an existing hallway closet with uneven floors. It was definitely a noticeably afterthought so our main goal was to create an actual designated laundry space versus it being just a washer and dryer crammed into a closet.

Since there wasn’t any natural lighting nearby, we opted for a fun wallpaper design to liven up the closet. A small room is the perfect space to go with something bright and bold, which is why we went with a color tile floor. Another way to bring life into any room? Add in some unique indoor houseplants!

2 — Small Laundry Room Ideas DIY

Big Reveal: Before & After of our Laundry Room Makeover + 2 Minute DIY Dryer Sheet Dispenser by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This is our first laundry room remodel that we tried to tackle ourselves (minus the wood floor replacement). As usual, we opted for a fun wallpaper accent wall. Since there wasn’t any counterspace, we constructed our own by placing a butcher block on top of our washer and dryer. The post also includes our DIY dryer sheet dispenser idea.

3 — Garage Game Changer

It’s common, especially in older homes, that the laundry room is located in the garage. We love how the Martinez Casita chose to make the most of their laundry garage space. The dedicated corner with added shelving truly maximizes the small space and makes it feel like a real laundry room. 

4 — Laundry Closet Storage

It doesn’t get much smaller than a closet, and yet this laundry room closet is doing the most. Stacking your washer and dryer is always a great way to make the most of your limited space and the pull out drawers and cubbies make for great storage.

5 — Bold & Fold

We are obsessed with this boho bold space created by Place of My Taste. From the black stacking washer and dryer to the built- in drying rack and penny tiles we are obsessed with this small space that packs a big bold punch.

6 — Whimsical Wash

Yellow Brick Home Laundry Room

This whimsical laundry closet from Yellow Brick Home is full of personality. We love the natural light and window as well as the butcher block countertop for folding clothes. The cloth hampers on the wall are the perfect sorting solution for all your lights and darks.

7 — Upstairs Loft Laundry

We love a laundry room layout that honors the home. This laundry space is neatly tucked into open upstairs loft of a 1900s farmhouse to add modern convenience without changing the original footprint of the house. This vertical space saver keeps clean lines and doesn’t deter the eye from the classic farmhouse feel. It’s not technically a true room with closed door so constructing a frame around the washer and dryer keeps it from being a complete eyesore from the antique home.

8 — Pastel Pinstripe

Pinstripe Small Laundry Room Idea

This laundry room design was not only a labor of love but a colorful pastel dream. The wallpaper and striped floors add such a fun pop to the small space that brings so much life to the room. We all know we love some good painting projects. We love the washer and dryer being off the floor to provide every extra inch of floor space. 

9 — Multispace Mudroom

The best way to utilize a tiny laundry room is to combine it with an existing space like a mudroom. It’s both functional but also provides storage solutions to keep everything clean and organized. 

10 — Hidden Spaces

The interior design genius of this hidden laundry room is too good not to share. Karina Styles dreamed up this compact laundry room and made the most of her small space with these stunning cabinets. Small but oh so sophisticated and stylish.

11 — Dual Purpose 

Small Laundry Room Ideas with Sink
Photo by Swoon Worthy

Looking for small laundry room ideas with sinks? Another great place to create a dual purpose laundry room is to combine it with an existing bathroom. The sink can be dual purpose and of course your dirty towels are already there. Use the existing cabinets to maximize your storage.

12 — Open Shelf Oasis

Easy Laundry Room Wallpaper Makeover Ideas (with Tutorials)
Photo by Start at Home

Hauling laundry all over the house is always a chore. Brooke took her daughter’s small bathroom and reimagined it into her dedicated laundry room. The accent wall and open shelving make the most of the tiny space and bring a fun element to the space. 

13 — Dark & Moody 

This dark and moody tile makes a stunning statement in this small laundry room makeover. Most ideas for small utility rooms will say light and bright but we love the bold moody colors paired with the black and white photo combo. The baskets make for easy laundry room storage that make doing laundry a tad more enjoyable.

14 —  Kitchen Laundry Room Cabinet

If your storage space is non-existent, a stacked washer and dryer hidden in the kitchen cabinets is a great use of space. We love a good kitchen makeover.

15 — Woodsy Wash Closet

Sugar & Charm Laundry Closet
Photo by Sugar & Charm

Another closet laundry room with a whimsical woodland creature wall paper that gives the small space a fun twist. The shelving doubles as storage for all the laundry room essentials as well as a folding space. The green wallpaper would pair perfectly with any of our emerald green bedroom ideas.

16 — Green With Gingham

Cella Design Small Laundry Room
Photo by Cella Design

We love a bold pattern and we for sure love a gingham print. This tiny washing room design is from the beautiful mind of interior designer Meg Kelly. The powder blue and green and red are somehow classic and yet unexpected.

17 — Pantry Party

Pantry Laundry Room Design
Photo by Olivia & Tate

While the utility room ideas are endless, we are HUGE fans of Olive & Tate’s full pantry and laundry room combo. Her thought process is well thought out and we love how she utilized each cabinet making the absolute most of her laundry area.

18 — Raised Washer & Dryer

raised washer and dryer takes laundry room storage ideas to a whole new level with storage underneath your washing machine. Small laundry room makeovers can be tailored to your space and we love the way Jess & Matt tested this space to make sure it worked for their family.

19 — Mint Green Masterpiece

There is something about the shiplap and mint green that make our hearts oh so happy. This mint green masterpiece is tiny but tidy with every bit of the small space being put to great use. We also love a laundry room with a sink for rinsing those extra hard stains.

20 — Stylish & Simple

DIY Laundry Room Shelves And Storage Ideas For A Small Space
Photo by Angie’s Roost

This room is simple and stylish with the functional but stream-lined shelving above the washer and dryer units. It’s simple but modern and the counter for folding is a huge plus!

21 — Just Peachy Ikea Hacks

Ikea Laundry Room Cabinets
Photo by Driven by Decor

Narrow laundry room ideas can be overwhelming. We love these IKEA cabinet hack solutions in this long narrow space. The drawers and hanging racks make for a stunning laundry cabinet space and we are in L-O-V-E with that peachy keen wallpaper.

22 — Vertical Victory 

Bring the eyes as well as the machines upwards with this vertical inspired laundry room. The stacked machines and vertical storage really makes for clean lines and leaves what little floor space there was nice and open making the room seem less overcrowded. Plus, it utilizes pegboards to keep organized.

More Design Inspiration

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  1. These all look great and are really good examples of the best way to use the spaces they were given, but they’re still way bigger than the tiny space I have 😅 I just have a tiny crook where I can fit my body (barely) and a washing machine. I have to put the basket on the ground next to me and very uncomfortably bend my arms to get the clothes out of the machine and into the basket on the ground.. and we can’t put anything above it because we’re renters and they don’t allow us to add shelving! Super frustrating and ugly to look at. I wish I could hide it behind some doors like one of the examples above!