26 Creative & Functional Pegboard Ideas to Transform Your Home

Discover 26 creative pegboard ideas to organize and transform your space like never before!

Pegboard Ideas for your home

Looking for creative ways to organize and declutter your space? Look no further than the versatile and practical pegboard!

This simple yet effective storage solution has been a staple in workshops and garages for decades, but its functionality extends far beyond those traditional settings.

From kitchens to craft rooms, garages to laundry roomsoffices to bedrooms, pegboards offer endless possibilities for organizing everything from tools and supplies to jewelry and decor.

Don’t let a DIY pegboard home project scare you, they’re an easy and cost effective way to bring organization and extra storage to your room. And if you’re purchasing pre-made pegwood, most hardware stores will cut it to size at no charge.

Best Pegboard Ideas

1 — DIY Pegboard Headboard

DIY pegboard headboard
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Is your bed lacking a headboard? Add a DIY pegboard headboard. It’s one of our favorite DIY headboard ideas.

Once you’ve hung up your pegboard (which is all you literally have to do), add personal touches with frames and small items that bring you joy. And now you’ve got a cozy little space to start and end your day. 

2 — Giant DIY Wooden Pegboard

How To Build A Wooden Peg Board Wall
Photo By Vintage Revivals

Instead of buying pre-made pegword, construct your own giant wooden pegboard DIY. The interchangeable wood pegs, allowing for so many organizing ideas. Customize it with shelves and pegs to your backpack and purses.

3 — Inspiration Pegboard

DIY inspiration board for creative pegboard ideas
Photo by Studio DIY

Everyone needs a DIY inspiration board to look at each day, and this pink one is oh so fun and oh so cute. We love all the small items that pack a big punch of personality. Plus, everyone should make life a party!

4 — Abstract Shapes Painted DIY Wood Pegboard Wall

How to Build a DIY Giant Pegboard Wall
Photo by Making Manzanita

Another wooden pegboard home improvement project is this boho pegboard wall tutorial. We love the idea of painting the pegboard so that it serves as functional art.

This office space utilizes the pegboard wall as a way to provide storage for craft and office supplies since the room is small and the addition of dressers or cabinets would be too bulky and make space feel even smaller.

We personally love the colors chosen since we went with the same emerald color scheme in our home office makeover

5 — Decorative Pegboard: DIY Pegboard Art

DIY pegboard wall art by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

An unconventional yet creative use for pegboard is to turn it into art. This DIY pegboard art is a statement piece that you customize with whatever colors, shapes, or seasons you want.

It’s also so easy to make since you’re simply looping yarn through the peg holes. It can fit any room, especially in a girls’ bedroom.

6 — Pegboard Entryway Closet

pegboard ideas for an organized entryway hallway
Photo by Est Living

If you’re lacking a foyer closet, make use of the hallway. You can mount floor to ceiling pegboards which allows for optimal organization ideas. And doesn’t painting the boards black make it more stylish?!?

Utilize the pegboard system to store your bicycles or even create a bench. We love how this remodel replaced the regular doors with a sliding barn door. This makes for a fun yet stylish entryway storage idea!

7 — Garage Pegboard Ideas: Checkered Painted Pegboards

How to Build a Pegboard Wall for your garage
Photo by Clean and Scentsible

One of the most common uses for pegboard is garage storage. We love how this garage wall guide features a painted checkered pattern since this is the one spot in the home that usually lacks color.

Garage organization is always tricky. But there are so many different types of pegboard hooks and accessories. Bike helmets, skateboards and everything in between, there’s nothing a pegboard can’t hold.

8 — Pegboard Tool Organization Ideas: She Shed Tool Station

photo of a She Shed Tool Organizer
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Consider that we are a DIY blog, we can’t live without our tools. So we created our own custom She Shed Tool Station. Our local hardware store cut the pegboard sheets for us.

We then painted stripes along the boards with various paint sample colors. This is another fun example of how you can spruce up pegboards.

9 — Laundry Wall 

laundry room pegboard wall
Photo by Remodelaholic

Who knew a laundry room could inspire you to be organized and want to do laundry? From the hampers, ironing board and drying rack, everything you need can be hung up. This is a great addition especially if you have a small laundry closet or don’t even have an actual dedicated room.

10– Standing Vanity with Pegboard 

diy standing vanity with pegboard for pegboard ideas
Photo by Fall for DIY

Small spaces can be maximized with this DIY standing vanity. This creative DIY vanity idea provides tons of shelves and storage options to make getting ready each day that much easier.

11 — Pegboard Words

pegboard ideas for the craft room and craft supplies
Photo by Lovely Indeed

How cool is this DIY pegboard words?!? It’s functional yet can solely just be a pretty home decor piece. If it hangs in your entryway, you can use it for your keys. Or it can be placed in the craft room to organize your craft supplies.

12 — Pegboard Storage Solution for Small Kitchens

pegboard Kitchen Storage Ideas
Photo by Inspired by Charm

If your kitchen storage is lacking, pegboards can fill that void. It can hold everything from spices to your pots and pans and provide extra storage without taking up a lot of cabinet space.

13 — Pegboard Artwall

pegboard art wall for pegboard ideas
Photo by The Design Files

Create a gallery wall with pegboards. The perforated panel board with holes allows you to constantly change up your artwork placement. Bye bye pesky nail holes damaging your walls!

14 — Metal Pegboard

Amazon Basics Metal Pegboard Kit, Rust and Scratch Resistant - 48 Pieces

We showcased particle board MDF pegboards and wood pegboards. Another option is metal pegboard, the strongest type that can hold the most weight. Another advantage to metal pegboards is that they can also hold magnets, and they are easy to wipe down and clean.

15 — DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer

Photo by The Merry Thought

Simple and stylish this DIY pegboard wall organizer is the perfect catch all for any entryway or mudroom. Purse, keys, hats…you name it, it can hold it. 

16 — Portable Pegboard Tool Caddy

Make Your Own Portable Tool Storage / Organization Caddyfor pegboard ideas
Photo by Mom 4 Real

This portable DIY pegboard tool caddy with wheels is bound to be a storage winner! Roll it around to your latest project, and you can do everything you need right there on the pegboard! 

17 — Cleaning Supplies Storage Ideas

Pegboard Ideas for Cleaning Supplies
Photo by A Beautiful Mess

Instead of shoving all your cleaning supplies in a cabinet, store them on a pegboard wall. Then, everything is right there hanging and accessible making it so easy to grab when you need to clean up a mess. 

18 — Pegboard Leaves System

How-To: Pegboard “Leaves” for Tool Organization
Photo by Pregnant with Power Tools

Just when we thought we couldn’t top the tool storage, we came across this DIY pegboard leaves system. The panels of the pegboards can not only be used on both sides but can also open and close for compact storage. 

19 — Craft Storage

pegboard ideas for craft supplies
Photo by Knits for Life

We love color, and this rainbow pegboard yarn storage system is a show stopper. All the bright colors are so visually stunning, and yet it is perfectly functional and serves as amazing storage inside this cute and cozy craft room.

20 — Pegboard Wrapping Station Box

Here’s how to make a peg board box and a gift wrapping station.
Photo by Thistlewood Farms

When it comes to wrapping a gift it can be so frustrating to go in search of supplies throughout your house. This DIY pegboard wrapping station box is an amazing solution to house all your wrapping needs. 

Collect gift bags and tissue paper, hang your scissors and tape. You could customize to your heart’s desire, and be ready for any gifting 911.

21 — Bathroom Storage Pegboard

How to Make a Decorative Pegboard Shelf
Photo by HGTV Home

Shelving units can be bulky and overpriced. This DIY bathroom storage pegboard is an inexpensive take on a shelving unit that is fully customized to your needs and can be painted to match any design style.

22 — Freestanding Pegboard Wall

Easy Freestanding Pegboard Wall DIY for pegboard ideas
Photo by Angela Marie Made

While the built-in function of pegboards can help organize your space, sometimes you need your organization to serve multiple roles. 

The easy DIY freestanding pegboard wall can be rolled to any space, from a mudroom to a laundry room to the office or garage. Plus, it can help hold tools, cleaning products, office supplies and more. 

23 — Climbing Pegboard

DIY climbing pegboard
Photo by 360 Man Project

For all the home gyms out there, this DIY climbing pegboard is what ninja warrior dreams are made of. Customize it to your space for a great workout option at home.

24 — Pegboard Cross Stitch Wall Art

DIY pegboard cross stitch wall art for pegboard ideas
Photo by Pretty Life Girls

There are so many different pegboard storage ideas so we love this unconventional approach of using it as canvas for a DIY pegboard cross stitch wall art. And though you can design your own pattern, this tutorial provides a free template to recreate this exact piece for your home.

25 — Pegboard Letters & Emojis 

Pegboard Letters for Pegboard [Improved Round Version 2.0] | Craft Peg Board Organizer Accessories | 115 Pegboard Decoration Blocks with Emojis - Round

Customize your board with these fun pegboard accessories to put together your own personalized quotes and words. They simply fit right in the peg holes!

26 — Pegboard Christmas Tree

A DIY Pegboard Christmas Tree by DIY Blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Looking for an alternative Christmas tree? We made this DIY pegboard Christmas tree for a holiday event. It was definitely a conversation starter and so easy to make!

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  1. Wow, there really is so much you can do with pegboards! As someone with lots of hobbies and a love of colour in the home, I love when you can combine aesthetic with function, so a lot of these lay outs really appeal to me 😍