24 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Any Special Occasion

Wondering how to wrap your gifts in a fun way? Here are 24 gift wrapping ideas that you can use for special occasions.

the best gift wrapping ideas for any occasion by Sugar & Cloth

We hear the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” all the time. But seriously, first impressions are everything! So after you’ve finally picked out the perfect gift, don’t just throw it in a gift bag with lame tissue paper or wrap it with regular paper and a generic bow. How boring is that?!

Take your gift up a notch with our favorite gift wrapping ideas. Because remember, the thought always counts, inside and outside. Plus, you’ve already done the hard part of shopping for a gift. 

If not, then check out unique gifts for her, gifts for himgifts for girlsgifts for boys, and handmade gifts. So don’t worry, these gift wrapping ideas are oh so easy and one of a kind for any special occasion.

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

1 — Ditch the bow for a flower.

The perfect Mother's Day gift wrapping: DIY faux flower gift topper stickers by Sugar & Cloth - houston blogger
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Swap out the average bow for a DIY faux flower gift topper sticker idea. This is especially a wonderful idea for anyone who loves flowers. Simply hot glue some faux flowers on double-sided tape, stick it on a gift box, and voila! You’ve got the prettiest presentation.

2 — Top it off with a fresh floral arrangement.

DIY fresh flower gift boxes | sugarandcloth.com
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you love the above idea but want to go the extra mile and have some extra time, top off a gift box with fresh flowers. This DIY fresh flower gift box features the option of using a floral tube to keep the flowers hydrated.

3 — Cover gifts with colorful twine, ribbon or yarn.

Rainbow Bright: Colorful Yarn-Tied Gift Wrapping!
Photo by Wantist

Utilizing colorful twine, ribbon or yarn gives your gift wrapping a more ethereal and effortless look. So if you still haven’t perfected the art of tying a bow, this idea is just for you. Plus, wrapping your gift in string allows you to tuck little things like pine cones, cinnamon sticks, even dried orange slices, and more.

4 — Utilize kraft paper (and free printables).

There are so many uses for Kraft paper. It’s easy, affordable, and makes for great wrapping paper. (You can also substitute it with butcher paper). This Kraft paper wrapping idea also includes free Christmas gift tags to download. And if you don’t want just brown paper packaging, the post offers ideas on how to decorate and layer Kraft paper.

5 — Wrap gifts with a scarf.

This scarf gift wrapping idea offers a step-by-step guide on how to beautifully wrap your gift or stocking stuffers. We love the idea of wrapping not going to waste and serving multiple purposes. You can even use our patterned no sew DIY neckerchief.

6 — Wrap your flower bouquet with a scarf.

DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquets for Gifting by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Another creative way to use a scarf is to wrap up flowers instead of gifting them in the store’s cellophane packaging. This eco-friendly DIY flower wrapped bouquet shows you how to properly secure and wrap your flowers. Plus, it’s also a unique way to gift cash or a gift card if you want to slip one inside your bouquet. 

7 — Photos can also function as gift tags.

This photo gift tag is sentimental and personal, and lovely for sharing memories and images. It pairs perfectly with our favorite photo gift ideas too.

8 — Have some fun with emoji gift wrap.

Emoji Gift Wrap
Photo by Studio DIY

Your jokester friend or family member will LOL over this DIY emoji gift, and it also makes for the ideal year-round gift wrap.

9 — Add a message with stick on letters.

Stick On Letters
Photo by Studio DIY

Apply stick on letters if you want to dress up your regular wrapping paper. This creative gift wrapping idea is from when of our favorite bloggers, Studio DIY. They can serve as a gift tag or have fun with different phrases.

10 — Stamp it up.

DIY lip patterned gift wrap | sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our DIY lip patterned gift wrap and DIY XOXO gift wrap employ stamps (as well as gold foil). This is an easy project that you can even do with your kids. And it can be applied to any holiday season or theme.

11 — Polka dot it up.

Polka Dot Gift Wrap
Photo by Style Caster

This DIY polka dot gift wrap simply calls for just Kraft paper, an ink pad, and a pencil. How easy is that? It’s cheaper than sticking your present in a gifting paper bag! Plus, if you want to make your presents look more festive, just select ink colors to match your occasion. 

12 — Weave ribbons. 

Elevate your gift-giving with this DIY ribbon weaving gift wrap tutorial that shows you how to weave vibrant ribbons into intricate patterns, adding a touch of elegance and creativity to your presents. 

13 — Turn ornaments into personalized gift tags.

Ornament Tags
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Your Christmas gift wrapping just got better with this DIY Christmas ornament gift tag idea. We love that it’s a keepsake too that can hang on the Christmas tree for years. 

If you pair it with simple wrapping, it can also be a year-round idea and not necessarily just for the holiday gifts. This way, you can recycle and use old ornaments that you want to replace. Who would’ve thought Christmas decor had multiple uses?!?

For more Christmas gift tag ideas, check out our favorites here.

14 — Create patterns with washi tape.

Add playful designs to your wrapping, as seen in this DIY washi tape wrap idea. You literally just stick and cut. And we highly recommend always having washi tape at home, especially if you’re a crafter.

It’s such a multipurpose masking taper that can be used to hang up pictures and drawings (without leaving the sticky residue) and decorate paper and cards, and journals.

15 — Texture your paper.

Texture your gift wrap with these Folded Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas. Folding your paper creates an eye-catching wrap, as well as embellishing it with pom-poms.

16 — Embellish with wood veneer.

wood veneer gift tags-10.jpg wood veneer gift tags-12.jpg wood veneer gift tags-18.jpg
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

These DIY wood veneer confetti and gift tag flags are fabricated from wood veneer taping (that only cost $7). It’s easy (5 minutes of your time), inexpensive, and looks store-bought!

17 — Utilize paper paper doilies.

Paper Doily Craft
Photo by Alice and Lois

Paper Doilies can add a texture and a pop of color to any ole wrapping. They make for great accents and a vintage antique look to your gift.

18 — House your gifts in paper-mâché boxes and decorate with stencils.

Decorate paper-mâché boxes with adhesive stencils, as seen with this DIY boxes with stencils idea. They can later be used for storing small craft supplies, photos, and other keepsakes in these boxes.

19 — Construct a paper gift bag out of wrapping paper.

Paper Gift Bag Tutorial
Photo by Hello Sandwich

Turn wrapping paper into a DIY paper gift bag. You can also apply this method to kraft paper or even a pre-loved envelope.

20 — Opt for fabric for awkward shaped gifts.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap
Photo by Spoon Flower

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese square-patterned cloths used to wrap items. It also refers to the sustainable art of wrapping goods. This Furoshiki guide shows you the technique of wrapping your gifts with cloth and what fabrics to choose. This method is also a clever way to wrap awkward shaped gifts (which we ran into during the holidays).

21 — Decorate with beads.

Have some extra beads around the house? Spruce up your presented with this DIY beaded gift wrap tutorial. You can string a pattern of beads on string. Or we love the idea of using wire to create fun patterns and designs.

22 — Make it interactive and shake it up.

Shake It Confetti Wrap
Photo by Minieco

Wanting to ship a beautifully wrapped gift but worried about it getting the bow smashed? We love this shake it confetti gift wrap idea. It’s also a great way to reuse paper scraps. Simply wrap your presents. Then, wrap it in clear cellophane. Next, add in confetti and paper cutouts before sealing the cellophane shut.

23 — Attach a balloon bouquet in lieu of a bow.

Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea
Photo by Everyday Laura

This balloon bouquet bow is one of our favorite gift wrapping ideas for birthday presents. Just tape a bundle of yarn or twine to your package. Then, slightly blow up some balloons and tie them together before attaching them to your gift. Isn’t this so much more fun than a store-bought bow?!?

24 — Turn a wrapped gift into an animal.

With all those presents under the tree in the living room, how else can you make a kid’s gift stand out? Turn your gift into an animal, of course! Though these Christmas gift ideas are meant for the holidays, they could also work for any special occasion.

More Gift Ideas

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