51 Best Gift Ideas for Girls hat They Will Love

Unique Gifts for Girls Ideas— We’re sharing 51 of the best gift ideas for girls whether it’s for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or something in between…

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Let the present shopping commence! We’re continuing our tradition of bringing you the best gift guides for the whole family, and gifts for girls is one of our favorites. 

Some of these presents for girls have held up from when we were tweens ourselves, and some are totally new to us. If you’re having a hard time picking out Christmas gifts for girls that they actually want, we’ve got you covered.

From personalized gifts to bath bombs, tech gifts, and holiday gifts, here are 56 of the best gift for girls…

Gifts for Girls | 51 Best Gift Ideas for Girls

1. Personalized Triangle Chair

Whether you’re shopping for gifts for ten-year-old girls or teen girls, this custom triangle chair will be a hit! Every girl loves having a cute space to themselves and we love this modern take on a bean bag chair. 

2. Tumbler with Straw

photo of a plastic tumbler with text

She can sip like she’s on vacay with this cute summer inspired ‘All Day Vacay’ tumbler.

3. Tie-Dye Kit

photo of tie dye kit with a girls hand using it

Let her create her own tie-dye T-shirts and textiles with this awesome Tie-Dye kit. Bonus points if you have quality time to do it together!

4. Turquoise Retro Mini Fridge

photo of retro mini fridge

Nothing says teen spirit like soda and independence. Create the illusion of a dorm at home with her very own mini-fridge for her room in a cool design, of course!

5. Bento Box Tech Organizer

photo of tech organizing stackable boxes

Tech gadgets and jewelry knick knacks are fun, but they need a home too! All of her cords and gadgets will be easy to store at home, school, or travel in this bento box organizer

6. Women’s March Jigsaw Puzzle

photo of a jigsaw puzzle

She can do it! Whether it’s fighting for rights or putting together this inspiring 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, good things require hard work.

7. Lip Moisturizer

photo of a set of 4 patterned lip balms as a gift set

Keep her lips moisturized with this cute, shea butter lip balm set.

8. Gold Initial Stud Earrings

photo of solid gold initial earrings gift on a girls ear

These cute gold initial earrings are perfect for her first real jewelry set for less than $60!

9. Tool Kit

photo of zippered tool kit open

Get your girl a nice leather tool kit of her own. She’ll feel empowered to take on handy little projects by herself and who knows, maybe she’ll get the bug to build and fix all kinds of things!

10. Rainbow Shoes

photo of vans girls rainbow slip on shoes

We love these fun rainbow vans slip-on shoes so much that might have to snag a pair for ourselves too!

11. Custom Notebook for Girls

photo of a custom notebook for girls on a table

Add a pop of fun to her desk with this custom notebook from Minted. She’ll love having her name printed on it for safekeeping of her notes, ideas, and diary entries. 

12. Electric S’mores Maker

photo of electric smores maker

No campfire needed! Have s’mores anytime, anywhere with this electric indoor s’more kit. Food not included.

13. Wireless Headphones

rose gold girls wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are perfect for the bus, traveling, and just listening to music at home. 

14. Rainbow Polymer Clay Bracelets

These rainbow polymer clay bracelets are colorful, fun, and perfect for stacking with her other favorite jewelry.

15. Colorful Carry-On Luggage

photo of a pink vintage carry on luggage

She’ll be traveling in style with this colorful carry-on luggage. Speaking of the best birthday presents for girls ever, she would be over the moon if you suggested a trip to go along with this one. Also be sure to keep an eye out for these on Black Friday!

16. Velvet Scrunchie Set

photo of set of velvet scrunchies

Scrunchies are back! Get her a set of these pretty colored velvet scrunchies in a huge set for less than $10. 


17. Personalized Kids Apron

colorful pink kids apron with personalized name for girls

This colorful kids apron comes in several sizes and patterns, and you can personalize it with their name for free. 

18. Light Up Razor Scooter

photo of a razor scooter with girl riding itWe had the most fun cruising through the neighborhood on one of these when we were kids, and so will she! The Razor Scooter is an amazing gift and will not disappoint, especially when it lights up like this one. 

19. Rainbow Wall Hanging

photo of rainbow wall hanging

Room decor gifts are a great way for girls to update their space as they get a little older, and this vertical rainbow wall hanging from Crate & Kids is so pretty.

20. Poof Charging Keychain

photo of poof clip on phone charger with a llama and girls hand

A great gift for mom and me, or for two besties! These clip-on poofs are actually mobile power banks. Who says a tech gadget can’t be fashionable too?

21. Unicorn Body Scrub

photo of jar of unicorn body scrub

She’ll feel as magical as a unicorn with this marshmallow scented, fluffy, and glittery body scrub. 

22. Kate Spade Lunch Box

a colorful kate spade lunch box gift for girls

Pack her lunch in this cute, insulated lunch box from Kate Spade

23. Flamingo Razor

photo of flamingo razor in mint

If she’s starting to shave, this Flamingo razor is a must. It was carefully designed for a close shave that is safe for dangerous areas and has a hydrating Aloe Vera strip.

24. Rifle Paper Co. iPhone Case

photo of iphone clear cases with colorful stripes

Protect her phone with one of these adorable iPhone cases by Rifle Paper Co., and maybe get a matching one for you…

25. House Desk Organizer Set

whimsical houses desk organizers

This cute little desk organizer set is both fun and functional for a girl’s room. They can also paint it to match their favorite color scheme!

26. Painter’s Box Set

photo of painters kit and supplies

This painter’s box set comes with everything she’ll need – acrylic paint, brushes, canvases, and a palette. The box itself even turns into an easel!

27. Electric Mini Grill

photo of mini grill in mint green

Inspire her inner chef with this cute mini grill. She can whip up a panini, burger, and more with this portable electric grill. Available in multiple colors. Recipe book included!

28. Makey Makey Invention Kit

photo of makey makey game

Let her wow everyone with a Makey Makey kit. She’ll be able to connect and control non-electrical objects in seconds with no programming. We’re impressed!

29. All-Natural Moisturizing Masks

all natural face masks for girls on a pink background

Promote skin-care with these all-natural face masks. She can use them at her next slumber party, or you can suggest a mother-daughter spa day at home!

30. Her Very Own Caboodle

a pink caboodle present for girls with makeup inside

The classic Caboodle is back, and we love to see it! It’s one of those perfect birthday gifts for girls that are always well-loved. Plus you can fill it with a play makeup set for a larger gift idea. 

31. Rainbow Marker Set

photo of marker set with 88 colors

This marker set comes with 88 dual-tip markers in every color you can imagine. It’s perfect for the artistic personality, or even just for making school projects more fun.

32. Personalized Gift for Girls Gold Initial Necklace

close up of woman wearing a gold initial necklace as a personalized gift for girls idea

Give her a personalized name necklace in 14K gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. This personalized gift idea is custom made, so order early!

33. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

photo of bluetooth karaoke microphone

She will have a blast singing her favorite hits karaoke-style with her friends and family. This wireless karaoke mic is all she’ll need to get the fun going!

34. Hammock Chair

photo of girl sitting in hanging hammock chair

We have a feeling she’ll be hanging out all weekend in this hanging hammock chair in her room or in the backyard.


35. Candy Making Kit

photo of candy making melting pot machine

She’ll be able to make gummy bears, fruit snacks, hard candy, and chocolate with this candy making kit. It’s worth nothing that these are best as gifts for 10 year old girls and up unless being supervised. 


36. Vanity Mirror

a light pink vanity mirror gift for girls

She can either play pretend or try on her new moisturizing face masks with the perfect desktop vanity mirror to match. 


37. Remote Controlled String Lights

remote controlled string lights on a wall of a girls room with hand

Every girl wants her room to feel magical, and these remote-controlled string lights will do just that!


38. Glitter Sneakers

photo of glittery sneakers for girls

These gold glittery sneakers from Keds are great for holiday festivities, but who are we kidding, they’re year-round in our book. We love the addition of the pink ribbon laces for added glam, too!


39. Amazon Gift Cards

photo of an amazon cupcake gift card for a birthday

We all know that an Amazon gift card is a very well loved present these days. You can use this one just about anyone on your list, but especially as a good gifts for girls when you’re not sure what to buy.


40. Fujifilm Instax Camera

photo of light blue instax camera

She will love having a Fujifilm Instax Camera to snap her favorite memories. It may be old school, but there’s no gratification like printing your photos instantly after taking them!


41. Instant Film Flip Frame

photo of instant film flip frame

The perfect add-on gift for the Fujifilm Instax Camera is this gold flip frame to display all of her favorite photos.


42. Wireless Drawing Tablet

photo of a wireless drawing pad and pen

If she likes to doodle, she’ll love this wireless drawing tablet. She’ll be able to draw something on the tablet and have it appear on the computer screen in real-time!

43. Compliment Pencils

photo of set of colorful pencils with text on them

Compliment pencils as gifts for girls that keep giving! When you can’t be there to encourage her, her pencils can! These compliment pencils will be the envy of the classroom, and might just give her the confidence she needs during that pop quiz.


44. Clear Gold Stapler

photo of clear and gold stapler

This is the prettiest stapler for her desk, and would make a great stocking stuffer for organized tweens.


45. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

photo of retro looking bluetooth speaker

This retro-inspired bluetooth speaker will look cute in her room while she enjoys listening to music from it. 


46. Bath Bomb Gifts for Girls

photo of colorful set of bath bombs

Bath bombs are always a good gift because they make bath time that much more fun.


47. Cruiser Bicycle

photo of baby blue women's cruiser bike

She can get around the neighborhood in style on this wide-wheeled cruiser bike. The baby blue color is cute, and it comes with a front basket and an upright drink holder!

48 — Succulent Plant Magnets

photo of colorful mini succulent plants magnets for her

If she’s not quite ready to take on house plants in her room yet, give her a few succulent magnets. They’re cute for her locker, room, or her mini-fridge

49 — Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Gift for Girls

photo of a backpack

We’re big fans of these popular Fjallraven Kanken backpacks that everyone seems to have. They’re the perfect size and they come in pretty much every color you can imagine.

50 — Monogram Character Enamel Pins

photo of set of alphabet wearable pins

A few of these monogram character pins would be so cute on her backpack, a jean jacket, or on her stocking.

51 — Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock

photo of bedside table with light alarm clock

This functional nightstand staple is a light on one side and an alarm clock on the other. She can simply flip it over to use whichever side she wants! 

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