9 Yard Games for Summer Gatherings


I’m pretty much a self proclaimed game night fiend. If someone so much as hints that they’re down for some board games, I’ll be the first one to start digging through closets to bust one out. I think I have my Dad to thank for not being able to sit still, so anything that keeps my mind busy (even while “relaxing”) is a good thing, and these 9 yard games for Summer gatherings will definitely keep your 4th of July guests entertained this year!

Plus, they’re all cute enough to not ruin every family photo that gets snapped with games in the background, is that too shallow to say out loud? Don’t judge me, I’m just here for your styling pleasure…
Okay, we’ve officially located the COOLEST ping pong table ever!

Whose up for a game of table tennis with these colorful paddles?

Talk about super-sized (in a good way): giant Jenga is a must.

Currently adding this life-size chess game to our wish list!

These Fancy pea shooters feed our color addiction perfectly.

These gold playing cards are what dreams are made of!

No matter what the score is, you’ll be winning if you have these pineapple bowling pins!

A fabric, travel backgammon game that’s as cute as it is practical.

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12 thoughts on “9 Yard Games for Summer Gatherings”

  1. I can’t seem to find the same backgammon game from your link. I can find a different print, not the plain blue. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi there! Sadly, we posted this a while back and that backgammon game sold out :( We replaced it with our current favorite!

  2. Well this is the post I was looking for, for my afternoons outside this summer!
    Thanks for sharing! Nice post!

  3. These are all so cute!!! I want the colorful croquet set. We just bought a lawn game called Kubb that we’ve been loving. I am always down for games too :)


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