Before & After of Our Small Backyard Makeover

Welcome to the before and after transformation of our small backyard makeover, where a once sparse uninviting space now boasts an enchanting oasis for entertaining.

DIY Backyard makeover |

It actually pains us a tiny bit to upload the before photos our backyard with all of the pretty photography that we post here on Sugar & Cloth.

But you won’t get the full effect of the small backyard makeover unless we do. So this one’s for you guys! Our full makeover reveal is on the Home Depot blog today.

We discussed all of the extra product details, a quick and easy DIY to disguise an ugly air conditioner, and possibly the most random way you could ever use shower curtain liners for decor. (Can you guess how?!)

In the meantime, we’ll give you the before tour…

DIY Backyard makeover |

The Before

When we first moved into our townhouse, there was nothing but black tarp and messed up pebble stones in the backyard.

Our dad actually put in the concrete stepping stone pad and walkway, and filled in the stone just so that the area wasn’t a complete eyesore and the water were drain away from the house.

We still never used it much just because it wasn’t something that was within our budget or a huge priority right away.

Our first plans were to renovate the common areas: the joint living room dining room and then the kitchen.

Now that it’s been a little over a year, it was due time.

With the right sized outdoor dining table, some accessories, a whole lot of elbow grease, and DIY power, it looks way different!

DIY before and after backyard makeover |

Choosing our Backyard Colors

The left was before, and the right is what it looks like now. Thanks to resilient plants and fake grass, it actually looks lush in the middle of the busy city!

We liked sticking to the modern cool grey color tone because it went well with the metal siding and clean lines of the stones. And we’re really glad that we stuck with the color scheme because we love the outcome.

DIY Backyard makeover |



DIY faux grass stepping stones |

How to Add Greenery to Your Yard

Our small backyard didn’t get much sunlight for grass to fully grow. Plus, the small was too small to maintain a yard. 

And completely turfing the yard was out of our budget. Instead, we created these faux grass stepping stones and made a DIY succulent accent wall.

DIY Backyard makeover |

Easy DIY Backyard Ideas


Photos by Kimberly Chau Photography | Materials for this project were courtesy of Home Depot

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  2. This looks amazing! I hope you are enjoying your beautiful patio!
    I have been searching for narrow outdoor/deck furniture and I would love to know where you found the table & chairs? My deck is 5’ x 15’ and I am struggling to find a dining set that will fit! I’ve resorted to searching for console tables or attempting a DIY….
    Thank you in advance!

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  4. Awesome!!! I love it all. Congratulations on such a great and beautiful job!!! Hope you enjoy your backyard much more now!!!

  5. Hello! From what I can see here, I’m super excited to see it all. Unfortunately, I’m not able to link to your completed backyard DIY. I pressed the link (here)button several times too :(.
    I tried pressing the words Home Depot in hopes that might work, but, alas, it was a link to their homepage. I SO want to see it all. May I have the url?

  6. So lovely. I am also in town home in Houston Heights and I need to find a way to hide the AC unit in my patio. How did you attach the trellis? Can seem to find in pictures how you anchored it. Beautiful job. I am inspired to work on my patio now :)

  7. An amazing job!!! Looks stunning. the succulent wall and the hanging lights, wow. Love your style..

  8. Such a gorgeous makeover, Ashley! I love the faux grass stepping stones and the succulent accent wall.

  9. Just lovely! I want to spend time in this backyard with dear friends
    And chilled wine ;) the string lights are my favorite. We just installed some
    Inside in our main living room which had very tall ceilings and it looks so neat.
    Enjoy your beautiful new space ;)


  10. Huge applause to you!!! You and Home Depot have me sold on cleaning up my yard and using some of their products and your creative ideas. Seriously, this should be displayed at their store as a “before and after project” FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    I bet you are glad that you spent the hard work and time to take on this project, and now will spend much more time in this lovely space, and those lights hanging down, just the right added touch for a night time evening with friends.

    One of your best projects Ashley! Im heading over to the link for Home Depot blog that you shared to let them know what a fabulous project you have created using their products, well deserved!