27 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Deck Your Halls

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with these creative DIY Christmas wreath ideas.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to welcome friends and family into your home than with a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath? 

From traditional greenery to unique designs, there are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting the perfect wreath to hang on your porchmantle or hallway. We’ve selected our favorite Christmas wreath ideas that are sure to bring joy and festive cheer to your home this holiday season. 

So whether you prefer a classic look or want to try something new and inventive, these ideas will inspire you to create a stunning centerpiece that captures the spirit of Christmas.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

1 — Rainbow Sisal Trees Wreath

Christmas wreath on a pink front door
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

For our DIY rainbow sisal tree wreaths, we spruced up a plain store bought flock wreath by adding in mini sisal bottle brush trees. Then, we hot glued fake snow fluff and a long red ribbon at the bottom. So easy, right?!?

2 — Gold Wreath

DIY Golden Wreath and Garland by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

If you’re going for a regal gold Christmas color scheme, then deck your halls with a DIY gold wreath. We taped faux Maidenhair fern leaves to wires, and then wrapped the wire around a metal ring. Lastly, we spray painted our holiday wreath gold. The tutorial also includes a guide for a matching gold garland.

3 — Geometric Minimalist Wreath

Simple DIY Geometric Wreath - Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Looking for minimal and modern Christmas decor? Check out this DIY geometric wreath that can be made in less than 15 minutes. Simply, spray paint a wire wreath frame and attach some faux greenery stems. 

4 — Branches Wreath

DIY Branches Wreath for christmas wreath ideas
Photo by Julie Blanner

Another quick holiday decor project is this DIY branch wreath (that only takes about 10 minutes to whip out). You can stick with one type of branch like olive, juniper, evergreen, cedar, pine or eucalyptus or do a mix.

We love how minimal and ethereal this wreath looks hanging on the door. If you want a more maximalist look, add berries, bells, fruits and floral accents.

5 — Felt Holly Wreath

Embrace the festive spirit with a charming DIY felt holly wreath (that lasts forever). This easy craft project is made from felt for the leaves and pom poms for the holly.

6 — Oversized Christmas Wreath with Pool Noodles

Upcycle those pool noodles to create your own DIY oversized wreath! Who would’ve thought that these Dollar Store finds had life after summer, right?!? The pool noodles serve as the frame and are concealed by wrapped garland. Once the wreath is completely covered, add on some ornaments and finish it off with a bow.

There are so many other cool home decor items that you can make out of pool noodles like a DIY rainbow wall hang or DIY pool noodle garland.

7 — Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath
Photo by Studio DIY

Throwing a holiday party? This DIY Christmas balloon wreath will surely make a huge statement because a party is never without balloons. 

Simply, use balloon tape to adhere balloons around a wire wreath. This tutorial even includes a bow template so that you don’t have to draw your own. This merry masterpiece pairs perfectly with a DIY balloon Christmas tree and a balloon table centerpiece.

8 — Vintage Toys Cars Wreath

DIY Vintage Toys Cars Wreath
Photo by Lovely Indeed

Transform your Christmas decorations into a whimsical wonderland by repurposing a classic toy car (or one of your kid’s toy cars) into a festive DIY vintage toys cars wreath. First, wrap a flocked faux tree branch around a hoop. And then, create your snowy scene with brush trees and touches of True Snow.

9 — Yarn Wreath

DIY Yarn Wreath
Photo by A Beautiful Mess

For something more playful, we love this DIY yarn wreath (which takes about only 2 hours to complete). You can choose any colored yarn so that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christmas wreaths project. Use orange yarn for a Halloween wreath or pink yarn for a Valentine’s wreath.

10 — Hoop Christmas Wreath

An embroidery hoop forms the base of this easy DIY hoop wreath. Faux fir branches are then wrapped around but only partially for a minimal design.

11 — Backyard Finds Wreath

Instead of shopping for your materials, why not use items found in your own backyard? Twigs and pine cones make up this rustic DIY nature wreath. To get a uniform look, spray paint all the garlands one color, and then spray the finished wreath again to conceal all the floral wires. 

12 — Holiday Card Holder Wreath

One Holiday Way 19-Inch Large Elegant Gold Metal Wire Wreath Christmas Card Holder w/Bow - Hanging Wall Mount Xmas Photo Display Decorative Birthday Greeting Card Hanger Door Decoration Home Decor

This holiday card holder wreath is a unique way to display all your holiday cards and photos. Plus, it works as a year-round wreath too.

13 — Bonbon Advent Wreath

DIY Bon Bon Advent Wreath
Photo by Oh Happy Day

We love DIY Christmas decorations that serve multiple purposes! This bonbon advent wreath serves as a decorative wreath and Advent calendar. Fill the 25 bonbons (that are made from condiment containers) with candy, notes, tattoos, and more.

14 — Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath
Photo by Cotton Stem

Love the farmhouse style? You can whip up this DIY Christmas wreath in about 10 minutes by simply decorating a grapevine wreath. Then, tuck in faux evergreen, faux red berry stems and faux silver dollar eucalyptus stems. You won’t even need any tape, wire or glue with the grapevine wreath! 

15 — Christmas Village Wreath

DIY DIY Christmas Village Wreath with Cricut Maker
Photo by Everyday Jenny

There are so many cool things that a Cricut maker can do. And this DIY Christmas village wreath calls for one to create your own cardboard gingerbread houses. Pom poms form the base of the wreath with bottle brushes and ornaments decorated around the cutout houses.

16 — Paper Christmas Wreath

Paper Christmas Wreath
Photo by Lia Griffith

Using colorful cardstock and a foam wreath form, create a festive DIY paper Christmas wreath! The guide includes a template for the holly leaves and berries.

The trick to giving a 3-d form to the paper is giving it a slight fold and curl. If you love paper crafts and specifically paper plants, check out our DIY paper plant tutorial!

17 — Cardboard Christmas Wreath

Transform leftover cardboard into a charming DIY cardboard Christmas wreath. Cut cardstock circles, and assemble them around a cardboard cutout with a satin ribbon, offering an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative for a cheerful holiday decoration.

18 — Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

Get your kids involved with a DIY kids’ Christmas craft wreath. This is a fun activity to keep them busy during the holidays. 

19 — Dried Flowers & Fruit Wreath

Dried Flowers & Fruit Wreath
Photo by Artful Parent

This DIY natural wreath is another one of those DIY Christmas wreaths that your kids can help out with. Plus, it smells wonderful.

It utilizes live and dried materials like dried orange lives, cedar, dried flowers and pinecones. It’s assembled on a form wreath base, but you can also go the eco-friendly route with a grapevine wreath.

20 — Christmas Village Advent Calendar Wreath

DIY Christmas Village Advent Calendar Wreath
Photo by Country Peony

Count down to Christmas in style with a DIY Christmas village advent calendar wreath! This festive wreath features mini houses for each day leading up to the holiday.

The Dollar Store houses are spray painted to fit the pink and white color scheme. However, opt for gold spray paint if you want something decadent.

21 — Peppermint Twist Wreath

DIY peppermint twist wreath
Photo by Woman’s Day

Add a sweet touch to your holiday decor with DIY peppermint twist wreath. Using a foam wreath, hot glue, and an assortment of peppermint candies, hang this peppermint-infused masterpiece for a sweet Christmas display.

22 — Honeycomb Wreath

DIY Honeycomb Wreath
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Craft a vibrant and unique DIY honeycomb wreath using honeycomb balls, colorful streamers and tissue paper. It fits perfectly with our DIY honeycomb Christmas tree. Don’t you love all these nonconventional unique wreath ideas?!? 

23 — Pom Pom Wreath

For quick and easy Christmas wreath crafts, check out this DIY pom pom wreath. Just hot glue an assortment of pom poms in different colors and sizes. We love crafting with pom poms since it gives your design a playful textured touch. 

And if you have any leftover pom poms, use them to make a DIY pom pom scarfDIY pom pom bin, or DIY pom pom wall art.

24 — Plate Charger Christmas Wreath

DIY Plate Charger Christmas Wreath
Photo by Taryn Whiteaker

This DIY plate charger wreath idea utilizes an inexpensive unfinished wood plate charger. We love how a message is painted at the base of the plate. Then, creatively adorn the rim with festive elements such as faux greenery, ribbons, and ornaments. 

25 — Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath
Photo by Town & Country

Fashion a whimsical DIY embroidery hoop wreath by combining small animal ornaments and festive Christmas ribbon. Secure the ornaments within embroidery hoops, intertwine these handmade Christmas wreaths with colorful ribbons.

26 — Boxwood Wreath

How to Preserve Boxwood
Photo by Julie Blanner

Craft a timeless and fragrant DIY boxwood wreath with a touch of preserved fresh evergreen that will last year round. This natural wreath requires little maintenance. You can embellish it with festive holly berries or ornaments or just keep the boxwood simple and minimal.

27 — Ice Wreath

DIY Nature Ice Wreath
Photo by Artful Parent

This outdoor DIY ice wreath is more for the birds than it is for decor. Arrange and freeze berries, fruits and flowers and other nature items in a Bundt pan with water. Then, hang it outside for your feathered friends to enjoy!

More Easy Holiday DIYs

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