DIY Gold Wreath & Gold Garland

This DIY Golden Wreath and Garland is perfect for hanging on your door or wall all year round to add a little sparkle to your home!

DIY Golden Wreath

DIY Gold Wreath and Garland by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

This DIY Golden Wreath and Garland is formed by a magical alchemy of craft store materials, namely artificial plants and gold spray paint! 

The tiny faux leaves transcend their craft store tackiness and become delicate golden flora. I, Jessica love bringing botanical elements into my home and I’m excited to have a wreath that I can display year round.

The original inspiration was this modern interpretation of a Victorian era Dresden wreath made from pressed metal. However, I wanted to make one out of a more accessible material and process for a fun DIY Christmas wreath idea. Once you get the hang of it, these are very easy to make. And I think you’ll love the result.

photo of the DIY Gold Wreath and DIY Gold Garland being hung up o the wall

Materials and Tools Needed to Make DIY GoldWreath and Gold Garland

10” metal ring

24 gauge wire

Maidenhair Fern leaves — We purchased ours from Joann. However, you can find Maidenhair Fern leaves at other local craft stores or online.

Mini leaf plastic bunch

Gold spray paint — I used Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Bright Gold.

Floral tape



How to Make a DIY Gold Wreath

1 — Cut about 34 2 ½” pieces of wire and 34 pairs of leaves.

2 — Use floral tape to attach leaves to wire pieces. To make floral tape stick, you need to stretch it gently while wrapping and warm it with your fingers. Continue until you have 34 pairs of leaves.

3 — Wrap the metal ring in floral tape. Floral tape sticks best to itself so having this base layer will make attaching the leaf pairs much easier.

4 — Bend leaf pair around ring.

5 — Use a small piece of floral tape to secure leaf pair to ring.

6 — Continue around the ring, alternating the different types of leaves.

7 — Spray paint finished wreath, bending leaves as needed to cover every side. Paint outdoors and wear the correct respirator because spray paint fumes are very dangerous, especially metallics. 

8 — When dry, bend leaves so that the central ring isn’t visible.

  DIY gold wreath

How to Make a DIY Gold Garland

1 — For the garland, cut a long piece of wire (about 5’), create a loop at either end, and wrap it in floral tape. 

2 — Use small pieces of floral tape to attach the leaves, staggering them on either side of wire. We used 38 of the Maidenhair fern leaves.

Tips On Making a DIY Gold Wreath

— Don’t use too many garlands or large leaves for one area: It can look cluttered. Use smaller flowers instead, to dress the design up a bit. 

— An alternate way to make a leaf wreath is to start by making a wire circle or buying a pre-made wire circle: Fold the garland in half, then loop it through the wreath frame so the ends meet. Twist each end securely to each other, making sure leaves are even at the center, and you have your leaf wreath!

— Use clear thread/fishing line to attach hook if needed.

photo of the DIY Gold Garland

Other Easy DIY Wreaths and Garlands

photo of the DIY Gold Wreath DIY Golden Wreath and Garland by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth

DIY Golden Wreath And Garland

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Photography by Claire Thorington

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  1. Love this wreath, so I made two to go on each side of an old gold mirror above my bed. The gold paint called for turns out to be a very pink rose gold color, not a yellow gold like on the original Pinterest post. Unfortunately I ordered 4 cans of this paint. I’m in search of a gold more to my liking. Still love the wreath though. Great step by step.


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