Colorful Front Door Christmas Decor

No matter the holiday, you can pretty much bet our holiday door decor will be colorful! This year, I decorated on our front porch with a few custom Christmas door decorations.

double pink door front door christmas decorations

While our pink front door makes quite the statement on it’s own, it’s also the perfect backdrop for an extra pop of color! In this case, that comes in the form of a flocked outdoor Christmas garland, jumbo sisal trees, and life-size gold nutcrackers. 

I mean, if this front door Christmas decor doesn’t say happy holiday season, then I don’t know what does!

photo of double pink doors with wreaths for Christmas

bottle brush tree christmas front door wreath

DIY Rainbow Sisal Trees Wreaths

Admittedly, the double pink doors with Christmas wreaths makes us soo happy! I originally planned to use wreath forms to make a custom front door wreath.

Instead, I opted for the easier route and added colorful mini sisal trees to flocked wreaths from At Home. So this Christmas wreath idea is more of a hack than a DIY because I am simply adding on to a store-bought wreath.

Here’s how I made these:

1 — With a hot glue gun, attach fake snow fluff and bottle brush trees onto the branches of a flocked or green wreath.

2 — Rather than a big tradtional bow on each wreath, I tied an extra-long piece of red ribbon onto the bottom of each for an extra pop of color. And you’ve got a custom door hanging! I love them SO much!


Christmas wreath on a pink front door

gold nutcracker front door decoration

photo of a front entrance decorated for christmas with a pink door

Colorful Front Door Christmas Decor Ideas 

I got giant nutcrackers from At Home and spray painted then solid gold to match our sconces.

Since we’re doing an unconventional color scheme, I like that they feel classic in gold but can be mixed and matched. You could easily paint them to go with any of your holiday decor. 

jumbo light up ornament and christmas lights

These giant light-up Christmas lights were a lucky find when I was out buying spray paint! They originally had dark green tops on them, but I primed them with shellac and spray painted the tops gold to match the nutcrackers. 

They come with a hook for easy hanging on garland wreaths, and I just used a piece of colorful ribbon to complete the look.

jumbo gold nutcracker at front door

jumbo bristle brush trees

Our DIY Sisal Trees

By far my favorite part of our whole outdoor setup are the giant sisal trees! I almost fell over when I spotted them in Hobby Lobby! They don’t have them listed online. But they only come in black and white with a black metal pole and base.

We actually cut the poles down so that they could be staggered at different heights. And we spray painted the white bristles in different colors. Honestly, I wish I would’ve bought more for a massive spread of giant bottle brush Christmas trees, haha!

To tie in the colors of the jumbo sisal trees, we spray painted sets of shatterproof ornaments in matching colors for the garland. We made a mixture of teal, yellow, pink, and red ornaments to stand out on the flocked garland. 

Since there is ice, snow, or reason for ice skates in Houston, I added my own snow fluff. I tucked it into the tops of the sisal trees, around the garland, and on the door wreaths for added texture. 

pink door front door christmas decor

giant gold nutcracker front door decor

Front Door Sources 

And because someone always asks, our front door color is “Pink Mimosa” by Behr! As for our front door Christmas decor, I love that it gives a perfect holiday vibe without being your token Christmas color combination. What do you think?! 

side angle view of a pink door with christmas decor

a pink door with front door christmas decor and giant bristle brush trees

More Holiday Decor Ideas

In case you’re looking for other Christmas decor ideas, here are few of my favorites —

Front Door Christmas Decor Ideas & DIY’s

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37 thoughts on “Colorful Front Door Christmas Decor”

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve Googled your door – it led me down the path to giant X-mas decor and I can’t thank you enough for kickstarting that obsession! I couldn’t get away with that pink door on our cedar shake siding, but I’ve pinned it for a future life :D. We don’t have a HL anywhere near us and I’ve never been able to find giant sisal trees, but I won’t give up! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful inspiration! -Ali

    • Thank you for the kind words, Ali! Typically giant sisal trees can be found at other retailers but this year’s supply chain issues are totally throwing a wrench into things because you can usually even search for them online!

      • I love your style–and it is so well put together! I have been searching EVERYWHERE to try and find similar trees. Do you happen to know the dimensions on the ones you got? They look really big compared to the ones I have been finding, but maybe I am expecting too much.

        • Thanks, Aprille! They’re really big. Our nutcracker was 48″ so there were taller and shorter trees that we used from At Home.

    • Hi Monica! No, we did not spray paint the bulbs but just the attachments from green to gold. It looks like some of the colors are available but for in-store pickup only. Perhaps they are still be restocked? You might have some luck contacting your local Home Depot or corporate about future restocks. Unfortunately, there is a supply chain issue this year because usually these bulbs are restocked every year. Good luck!

  2. I have been on the hunt for these tall trees ever since you made this post and I still haven’t had any luck. Any suggestions where I might find some? Hobby Lobby doesn’t seem to carry them anymore.

  3. Hi! I live nearby and regularly pass your home on my school pick-up route. Your home and these pink doors are so gorgeous! I love how colorful and creative this Christmas setup is. It was super fun seeing this pop up in my Pinterest feed. Cheers!

    • Aww! Thank you so much! We always love decorating the house for the holidays. We’re glad the everyone in the neighborhood enjoys it! XOXO

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  5. This has got to be the cutest front door decor I’ve ever seen! I’m a believer that you can do seasonal decor in the colors you love most, and you did that here. So cute!

    • Hi Simone! Thank you! We just laid them on a drop cloth and spray painted them. Nothing special but so easy! We used Krylon Spray paint gh Shimmer Metallic. We purchased them through Amazon here. Hope this helps!

  6. Probably the most perfect display, ever. Do you remember how much the giant sisal trees were? I’m almost scared to ask but they look so cool! Just wondering how much my hubby is going to freak out 😉

  7. WOW this is the prettiest christmas front door i have seen in a looong time…i love those wreaths and how you just added strips of ribbon to the bottom, so simple but so clever

    • Thanks, Paige! It’s been fun trying to decorate the front door for the holidays with the door. Halloween was a lot harder to get creative compared to this one!

  8. Oh my gosh — I love this SO much! I don’t have nearly as big of a front porch as you, but I’m going to incorporate some of these elements into our decor on a smaller scale.


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