23 Clever & Creative Money Gift Ideas

Tired of the same old cash or gift card presents? Check out these creative money gift ideas that will add a personal touch to your next gifting occasion!

creative money gift ideas for any occasion by sugar & cloth

We typically try to avoid gifting cash or gift cards.Because we love going all out with our presents (especially our DIY gifts) and even our gift wrapping.

But let’s be honest, giving cold hard cash can be very practical, especially if your recipient is saving up, impossible to shop for, or already has way too much stuff.

Don’t you want to just hand cash or a gift card in a boring ole envelope? Here are fun and creative ways to give money for any special occasion!

Money Gift Ideas

1 — Money Gift Box

Money Gift Box
Photo by 3 Little Greenwoods Creation

Pull on the card, and a flow of money comes out of the box! All you need is a tissue box and birthday, holiday, or any gift wrap that matches the occasion.

2 — Money Roll

Money Roll
Photo by Crafts a la mode

This DIY is reminiscent of party poppers or English Christmas Crackers. Constructed from a toilet paper roll, it’s also a fun way for someone to pull out their cash. If this cash present is for a birthday, you could even enclose dollar bills to pull out for every year of their age.

3 — Coke Cash Tree Gift

Coke Cash Tree Gift
Photo by Passion for Savings

Give the gift of cash and a tasty beverage with this Coke cash tree. You can also sub out the soda for beer or hard seltzer. Or if you want to make it look like a Christmas tree, opt for lemon-lime soda cans. This money gift idea is perfect for a White Elephant exchange. 

4 — Play “Dough” Money

Play "Dough" Money
Photo by What Mommy Does

We love this creative play (pun intended) on Play-Doh. This DIY (which honestly is more like an easy hack) also features free printable gift labels. Kids will get a kick out of this fun money gift idea.

5 — Gift Card Bouquet

DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquets for Gifting by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Have a special someone in your life who loves flowers? (And who doesn’t?!?)

Gift them with an oh-so-pretty DIY Fabric Wrapped bouquet that you can slip a gift card in or a card enclosed with cash.

6 — Chocolate Box of Money

Chocolate Box of Money
Photo by Life as Mom

The only thing better than a box of chocolate is a chocolate box of money. A cute idea would also be to include some chocolate coins for additional sweetness with your cash gift.

7 — Tissue Box

Tissue Box
Photo by Home & Kind

If you find yourself scrambling for a gift, then grab a tissue box. An already open box even works best for this money idea.

8 — Paper Bag Pocket

Paper Bag Pocket
Photo by Michelle Wooderson

Dress up a paper sack with some twine, ribbon, clips, stickers, and more, and you’ve now got yourself a thoughtful gift.

9 — Money Tree

Money Tree
Photo by Skip to my Lou

There are only so many #1 teacher mugs that a teacher can have, so why not gift them a money tree?

And this creative idea is suited for not just teachers but anyone, especially someone who loves plants.

Use a decorative tree form, or an easy option would be to use a prefabricated tree with clips.

10 — Money Balloons

Money Balloons
Photo by Sugar & Charm

Roll up some bills and place them inside confetti balloons for your gift recipient to pop. Just make sure to hold on tight to those balloons!

11 — Light Bulb Cash Holder

Light Bulb Cash Holder
Photo by Happy Mothering

This clever idea is perfect for college students or high school graduates who will need extra cash for books, food, and dorm room essentials.

12 — Money Confetti Popper

Money Confetti Popper
Photo by Studio DIY

If it’s one thing we love, it’s confetti. And this confetti popper is perfect if your gift recipient is celebrating a special occasion.

13 — Money Wallet

Money Wallet
Photo by What Mommy Does

If you’re going to give cash, then it’s only fitting that it’s gifted in a wallet for safekeeping.

14 — Graduation Gift Money Jar

Graduation Gift Money Jar
Photo by Craft Box Girls

This money jar is so easy to recreate. All you need is a mason jar, yarn, a button construction paper, and other common craft supplies you probably already have at home.

It’s the perfect gift for a high school graduate.

15 — Money Pizza

Money Pizza
Photo by Daily DIY Life

Here’s another fun play on “dough” for the pizza-lovin’ loved one in your life.

16 — “In an Emergency Break the Glass” Money Frame

"In an Emergency Break the Glass" Money Frame
Photo by Sendo

This frame works with cash or a gift card. Just find a frame and print out the free graphic template.

17 — Money Topiary

Money Topiary
Photo by Make it Fun Crafts

This topiary is proof that a monetary gift can still bring the wow factor as much as a physical gift.

And you don’t need any fancy origami skills to achieve this look. You’re seriously just pinching folded bills and wrapping them in a wire and then filling it up around a foam ball.

18 — Money Book

Money Book
Photo by Martha Stewart

Here’s another money gift idea from none other than the queen of crafting, Martha Stewart.

This DIY book is the ultimate present for any bookworm in your life.

19 — Money Cake Topper

Money Box for Cake,Surprise Money Cake Pull out Kit,Cake ATM Money Box with Happy Birthday Cake Topper Giltter Heart,Food Contact Safe for Wedding Birthday Graduation Party Congratulations

Every special occasion calls for cake. Surprise your gift recipient with this festive topper that allows you to hide money, gift cards, and even a letter inside a cake.

20 — Piggy Bank Money Gift

Personalized Large Wooden Kids Letter Piggy Bank Custom Name Coin Piggy Bank, ( Laser Engraved Name ) Wood Alphabet Letter Bank Money Box Birthday (H)…

custom piggy bank will make gifting money more personal. This handmade bank is constructed from high-quality walnut and a laser engraved name of your choosing. So they’ll get an actual present (with a bonus perk of money inside).

21 — Birthday Cash Holder

Famsoule 4 Pack Birthday Cards, Birthday Money Card Holder for Gifting Cash, Checks, Variety Colors Design of Money Gift Card with Plastic Cover and Adhesive for Birthday

This birthday cash holder is a more unique money gift idea than enclosing cash or a check in a card.

22 — Printable Taco Gift Card Holder

Taco Gift Card Holder
Photo by the Craft Patch

Transform your gift-giving with a taco gift card holder, a charming and interactive way to present taco-themed delights for any occasion. Simply print out the free printable template for a fun way to give gift cards!

23 — Tea Bag Money Gift Holder

Tea Bag Money Gift Holder
Photo by Crafti Staci

Surprise them with this cute money gift idea with this DIY tea bag holder. Your cash is cleverly hidden into a faux tea bag.

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  1. With a little imagination, you can create a personalized and exciting experience that showcases your thoughtfulness. While these ideas can undoubtedly spark joy, it’s essential to remember that money isn’t always the sole answer. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks and requesting, “can someone write my assignment for me,” it’s crucial to seek reliable academic help that ensures quality and timely delivery.

  2. Oh, the Money Roll idea brings back fond memories! I actually tried this for my nephew’s 10th birthday, and the joy on his face as he pulled out ten crisp bills one after the other was absolutely priceless. It’s a fantastic way to make giving money feel both fun and meaningful.

  3. I am thrilled with these creative money gift ideas! As someone who struggles to come up with unique gift concepts, especially for those who seem to have everything, this list has inspired me to be more thoughtful with my gifts in the future. I can’t wait to try the money balloons for my friend’s graduation party, and maybe even the coke cash tree for my family’s white elephant exchange this year. Thank you Sugar & Cloth for taking the time to put together such a well-curated list of gift ideas!


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