40 White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas — Everyone loves a funny white elephant gift, and thankfully the season of gift exchange ideas is upon us! 

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Updated October 2020

It’s a tradition for us to throw an annual game night holiday party, and we’ve started adding a white elephant gift exchange to the mix! You know, instead of holiday beer pong… mostly kidding!

Before we get started with the funny gift ideas, here’s how to a host a white elephant gift exchange…

How to Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange

There’s really no right or wrong way to play a white elephant gift game. You might have also heard it called “dirty santa game” or “yankee swap”. 

They’re essentially all very similar gift exchange games, and the rules can be as strict or as loose as you want them to be! Guests can bring any type of gift — family-friendly gifts, regifted gifts, funny gifts, or even old items from home. 

White Elephant Game Rules —

  • Everyone brings a wrapped gift and places it in the center of the room where everyone can see
  • Players draw a random number to know when it’s their turn to pull a gift from the pile
  • The person who draws the number one will be the first to select a gift from the pile, then person number two will choose, and so on
  • Person number two and every one after can either choose a gift from the pile or choose to steal an already opened gift 
  • Each gift can only be stolen 3 times. On the third steal, it’s officially claimed and can’t be in rotation any longer. 
  • You can also only steal from a single person 3 times before they’re exempt from being stolen from
  • The game continues until all the players have had a turn, the player that drew the number one now gets a chance to steal a gift back from someone else as long as the gift hasn’t already been stolen 3 times. 

Of course, there should always be an honorary best white elephant gift trophy for whoever brings the best Christmas gifts!

1 — Funny Adult Coloring Book

things I want to say at work but cant funny coworker gift idea

If you can’t say it at work, just color it with this funny Things I Can’t Say At Work coloring book.

2 — Shot Roulette

best white elephant gift- photo of a drinking roulette game

Another fun game to play during the white elephant shindig is shot rouletteIf you’re not a fan of straight liquor shot glasses (we aren’t either) then try making mini old fashioned cocktails in them instead! 

3 — Funny Kitchen Towels Gift Set

best white elephant gift - funny kitchen towel gift idea

Everyone needs kitchen towels, so why not make them funny, too?! 

4 — Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

photo of a pizza sliver shaped like a saw white elephant gift idea

This circular saw pizza wheel is a hilarious and practical gift! We think anyone would trade their regular pie cutter for this version.

5 — Toilet Golf Funny White Elephant Gifts

photo of on the potty put put game white elephant gift idea

Also known as “potty putter,” this game of mini golf is a great alternative to traditional toilet entertainment.

6 — Holiday Spirits Calendar White Elephant Gift Box

best white elephant gift -photo of the holiday spirits box set

It’s the 12 days of booze! Customize each surprise with mini bottles of liquor or wine for this alcohol advent calendar. This is an all-around awesome gift that even doubles as a secret Santa idea!


7 — Funny Balloon Gift Idea

funny balloon gift set

Shove them all in a giant box or wrap the deflated funny balloons and have the recipient blow it up in front of everyone, without looking at the words first!


8 — Burrito Blanket Funny White Elephant Gift

photo of giant tortilla blanket for a funny white elephant gift idea

Who doesn’t need a burrito blanket?! This is the perfect blanket to roll up on a cold day.


9 — Beer Belt

photo of beer can or soda tool belt funny white elephant gift

Your gift recipient will be party-prepared with this 6 pack beer or soda belt. Also available in camo print!


10 — Yourinal Funny White Elephant Gift Box

a yourinal personal urinal funny gag gift idea

Prank your friends with this Your Urinal gift box to catch them off guard with another gift inside!


11 — A Funny Face Mask

funny 2020 face mask gift idea

2020 was quite the year, so why not make it extra memorable with this funny face mask gift idea?


12 — Set of Beer Packs

photo of a six pack holder that says it's the most wonderful time for a beer white elephant gift pack

Bringing a six-pack of beer to your white elephant party? Do it with one of these 6 pack greeting cards so you can share a funny note inside.


13 — Novelty Pump Beverage Dispenser White Elephant Gift

photo of a wine bottle with extinguisher hose attached funny white elephant gift

The best white elephant gifts are the ones the whole party can enjoy – like this beverage tube that dispenses as you pump. We suggest pairing this with a bottle of booze, you know, for demonstration purposes.


14 — Squatty Potty

photo of a poop better potty foot stool funny white elephant gift ideas

If you haven’t heard, the squatty potty is designed to keep your body at the optimal alignment when you use the restroom. This gift may be silly, but it might actually come in handy!


15 — Birthie Stick Funny White Elephant Gift Box

photo of a birthie stick as a funny white elephant gift idea

Get ready for the crowd to cringe in unison, and then laugh with relief! This Birthie Stick gag box is another great way to disguise your actual white elephant gift or gift card.

16 — Tipsy Tubes Secret Flasks

photo of sunscreen, liquid bronzer, and hair gel tubes funny white elephant gifts

Whoever receives this white elephant idea will be the life of the party next summer with these Tipsy Tube flasks!


17 — Raining Men Umbrella

photo of clear umbrella with raindrops and men on it funny white elephant gift

Cheer everyone up with this Raining Men umbrella. Bonus points if you can get the party-goers to sing the tune!


18 — Pizza Pocket

photo of a plastic pizza pocket pizza slice holder on lanyard as a funny white elephant gift idea

Unfortunately, a pizza pocket is not exactly practical, but we can dream.


19 — Wine Condoms

photo of a box of wine condoms white elephant gift

Practice safe drinking with wine condom bottle stoppers! These latex bottle savers serve to protect your wine from spilling and spoiling.


20 — Breakfast Sandwich Maker

photo of a 4-in-1 breakfast grill appliance funny white elephant gift idea

This breakfast sandwich maker will be a party hit and a morning favorite! 


21 — Baseball Glove Oven Mitt Funny White Elephant Gift

a baseball funny oven mitt gift idea

It may be a quirky oven mitt, but it will surely get people talking.


22 — Silicone Wine Glass Holder

photo of a glass of wine hanging in a suction wine glass holder

We know a lot of people would be grateful to unwrap a silicone wine glass holder, so snag this bath time bestie and head to the party!


23 — Grilled Cheese Toaster

photo of a grilled cheese toaster as a white elephant gift

A warm gooey grilled cheese is always a crowd-pleaser, so gift the toaster that will make perfect grilled cheese every time.


24 — Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug

funny shakespearean insults coffee mug white elephant gift idea

Give the gift of having the last laugh. Your receiver will be able to roast their friends with any of these Shakespearean insults on their coffee mug.


25 — Desktop Cornhole

desktop corn hole gift idea

Desktop cornhole is the perfect gift for a white elephant idea with coworkers!


26 — Printable Fortune Cookies

photo of deconstructed fortune cookies with silly fortunes as funny white elephant gifts

This set of FREE printable fortune cookies lets you fill in the blank with your own funny fortunes!


27 — Beer Belly Fanny Pack

photo of hairy belly fanny pack funny white elephant gifts

You can carry large items in this head-turning beer belly fanny pack. We think the receiver should have to try this on in front of the group!


28 — Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

a fishing pole camp fire roasting stick gift

A “S’more to love” fishing pole campfire roaster the camping lover.


29 — Adult Award Ribbons

photo of four ribbon awards with jokes on them funny white elephant gifts

Congratulate your recipient an award ribbon for an everyday accomplishment


30 — Sassy Scented Candle

funny scented candle

Hopefully, the person who opens this sassy savage candle loves it as much as we do!


31 — Kind of A Big Dill White Elephant Gift Bag

photo of tote bag that says 'kind of a big dill' over a dill pickle white elephant gift bag

This tote is a gift in itself, but if you feel so inclined, this “kind of a big dill” tote makes a great gift bag too.


32 — Selfie Apron

photo of apron with custom selfie print all over as a funny white elephant gift ideas

Surprise your friends with a silly custom selfie apron with your face, celebrity crush, or a pet!


33 — Baguette Slippers White Elephant Gift

photo of two baguette shaped slippers

These baguette slippers will keep feet toasty and make everyone giggle. Hooray for warm feet and belly laughs!


34 — Cash Cannon

toy cash dispensing gun that says 'make it rain' funny white elephant gifts

Bring the rain with this cash cannon Pulling the trigger releases a rainstorm of fake dollar bills! 


35 — Funny Scented Candle White Elephant Gift Idea

photo of a Trump scented candle with an orange toupee on the lid

“Make America Smell Great Again” with this hilarious scented candle that will bring the lol’s to the party!


36 — Bears vs Babies Card Game

photo of Bears vs Babies game white elephant gift

We’ve never played Bears vs Babies, but the description notes that it works with 2-5 players and only takes 20 minutes, so if your white elephant party is small, why not go for a round after the gift exchange for some extra fun! The winner gets to steal a gift…


37 — White Trash Cooking by Ernest Matthew Mickler

Photo of 'White Trash Cooking' book by Ernest Matthew Mickler

We’re not entirely sure what constitutes a white trash delicacy, but this cookbook by Ernest Matthew Milker, $18 is full of them. 


38 — Mostly Wine Tote to House Your White Elephant Gift

photo of tote that says 'mostly wine'

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t? Fill this “Mostly Wine” tote bag, $15 with an unwrapped gift or few bottles of vino for a complete gift!


39 — From Crook to Cook by Snoop Dogg

photo of book 'From Crook to Cook' by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is not the first celebrity with a cookbook, $14 but he definitely seems more fun!

40 — People of Walmart Boxed Calendar

photo of people of Wal-mart boxed calendar funny white elephant gifts

People of Walmart is one of the funniest websites on the internet, so it makes perfect sense that the people behind it turned their concept into a calendar

In case gag gifts aren’t really your thing, you can find all of our other gift ideas here —

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