Gifts For Kids: 48 Of The Best Toys For Kids

Gift For Kids — Shopping for presents for kids can be tricky, even if they’re a family member. We rounded up 59 of the best toys for kids to get you started.

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Updated November 2020

Kids love getting loaded with gifts and toys. So it is safe to say that they love Christmas and birthdays.

And what is better than an excited kid ready to open presents? Being able to pick that perfect present without spending hours and hours on it.

This guide showcases gifts ideas for kids that are much more unique than your average board game or typical action figure.

Here are the best toys for kids to help you with your holiday shopping.

Gifts For Kids: 59 Of The Best Toys For Kids

custom beanbag triangle grey kids chair

1. Custom Kids Chair

Whether it is for cuddling up on family movie night, their favorite game chair, or a pink room accessory, a custom name kids chair is the perfect modern gift. 


photo of kids digital camera

2. Kids Digital Video Camera

This super easy to use digital video camera captures memories from their perspective while being shatterproof with a dual-camera configuration.

photo of kids inflatable air fort

3. Air Fort

This inflatable air fort (under $50!) blows up in 30 seconds and yet will be played for hours to be the perfect gift for all ages.

photo of kids hover air soccer game

4. Air Soccer

Make indoor soccer possible with air soccer! The soccer “ball” hovers over all types of floors and will not damage anything inside the house so kids can kick it around without worrying parents.

photo of a young boy playing on a wooden wobble balance board

5. Wooden Wobble Balance Board

According to the local maker: Children can rock with this wooden wobble board, use it as a car track, bridge, slide, balance beam, stepping stool, resting or reading spot, tunnel, and doll cradle.

photo of rock and gem dig play set for kids

6. Rock and Gem Dig Kit

For kids interested in science, inspire their minds with a Rock and Gem dig kit from Smithsonian.

photo of a bluetooth karaoke microphone

7. Karaoke Microphone

Little performers who relish the spotlight will enjoy this wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone. It’s perfect for kids of all ages and even those who are kids at heart and makes for a very exciting stocking stuffer!

a rainbow themed bounce house with girl jumping

8. Bounce House

Compatible indoors and outdoors and birthday party approved, this inflatable bounce house features a slide and is the perfect idea for a family gift for several kiddos to share!

photo of a play cash register for kids

9. Cash Register

A fully functioning calculator, this pretend cash register with faux money is designed exclusively by IKEA and is available on Amazon.

photo of a kids play wooden railway set

10. Railway Set

A toy that constructed for many generations, this wooden railway set contains 130 pieces to construct their own railway adventure.

kids cooking play set with fake microwave

11. Kids Toy Cooking & Microwave Set

Allow your budding chefs to use their imagination with this cooking set that is as interactive as it is cute. 

photo of kids playing on gonge riverstones

12. Gonge Riverstones

Pretend the floor is lava or a wide river with a fast-moving current and these river stones will lead your only way across while improving coordination and balance.

photo of a girl on a yellow 2-in-1 scooter

13. 2-in-1 Scooter and Tricycle

The base of this 2-in-1 scooter and tricycle flips downward as a scooter (shown) and upward to be ridden as a tricycle.

photo of a kid learning with a smart globe

14. Interactive Globe

Functioning with the Shifu Orboot App, this interactive globe takes kids on an educational tour around the world. Recommended for kids 4-10.

photo of different shaped bean bags for kids

15. Beanbag Shapes

Colorful beanbag shapes provide beneficial sensory joy and a shape learning activity for young children.

photo of kids indoor basketball hoop set

16. Basketball Hoop Arcade Game

Kids can practice their hand and eye coordination skills with an arcade-style basketball hoop that’s easy to assemble.

kids play kitchen sink set

17. Kids Working Play Sink

This pretend play kitchen sink actually dispenses water while reinforcing helpful everyday tasks along the way. 

photo of ultimate slime kit kids toy

18. Ultimate Slime Kit

Formulate their own DIY glow in the dark slim for gooey entertainment! This ultimate slime kit comes with everything needed.

photo of a modern wooden play house for kids

19. Modern Wooden Playhouse

The coolest kids house on the market, this modern wooden playhouse features an attached picnic table and bench, outdoor grill, sink and mailbox.

photo of charades for kids game set

20. Charades for Kids

Challenge them with the classic Charades game that even non-readers can participate with friends or family. 

photo of a bag of kinetic sand

21. Kinetic Sand

Sensory play and imagination combine with Kinetic sand. It sticks to itself for easier cleanup than play doh, and molds perfectly to create various shapes. 

photo of clear magnet building tiles for kids

22. Magnetic Building Tiles

This set boasts 100 magnetic building tiles to create endless 2D and 3D shapes. Whether they’re pretending it’s Harry Potter’s castle, or a home fit for Cinderella, the sky is the limit!

photo of a kids play tent and tunnel system

23. Play Tent

Easy to set up indoors and outdoors, they’ll love playing in this modular play tent with tunnels.

photo of a magic moves want kids toy

24. Magic Moves Wand

Get the kids moving around with this interactive toy. The Magic Moves wand calls out various actions for the kids to follow and keeps them entertained while learning on the move.

girl carrying a custom backpack

25. Custom Name Backpack

Both stylish and functional, tote their favorite things in a custom backpack gift. Plus, they’ll surely recognize their bag amongst the crowd with this custom leather name tag.

photo of snow cone stand for kids

26. Vintage Snow Cone Maker

All that is required are ice for this snow cone maker to easily whip up frozen treats!

photo of a kids microscope

27. Kids Microscope

Gift them a microscope to inspect everyday things up close! And conduct their own scientific experiments.


photo of an indoor trampoline for kids28. Indoor Trampoline

Kids will jump out their energy on this indoor trampoline for kids. Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage, and perfect indoor entertainment on rainy days.

photo of a kids life size toy kitchen

29. Vintage Play Kitchen

Imaginations will run free with an adorable retro-inspired vintage play kitchen.

photo of a little girl jumping on a large floor keyboard

30. Jumbo Floor Piano

Skip and hop on a floor piano that rolls up for easy storage, plays 10 classical tunes and even allows you to compose and record your own musical pieces.

photo of 3 walkie talkies

31. Walkie Talkies

Suitable for all ages, walkie talkies allow kids to play spy, detective, or any other game while communicating across the neighborhood or just across the house.

photo of young girl in collapsible toy house

32. Modular Fort Kit

The architectural possibilities are endless with this learning exercise modular fort kit.

photo of kids cleaning rack with brooms and mops

33. Pretend Play Cleaning Set

For kid who love playing house or have a playhouse, purchase this adorable pretend cleaning set from Melissa and Doug.

photo of kids wearable vtech game watch

34. VTech Smartwatch

Ideal for the littles who love gadgets and technology. They’ll be able to tell time, take photos, and play games all on this kid-friendly smartwatch device.

photo of an indoor house tent with kids playing

35. Indoor Playhouse Tent

This cute cotton playhouse tent is available in different colors, great for indoor pretend play, is easy to assemble and lightweight enough to be moved easily.

a photo of the all of the contents from a kids art kit

36. Giant Art Kit

The Giant Art Jar showcases everything your little artist needs to make numerous arts and crafts projects and masterpieces. 

photo of kids wooden work bench

37. Workbench

This wooden workbench for kids fosters learning through play. And numerous wooden tools allow them to make and create just like a professional.

photo of rainbow scratch paper box

38. Rainbow Scratch Paper Notes

We might have to sneak these rainbow scratch papers for our personal usage. What starts out as a black square of paper magically then becomes a rainbow message or picture, simply by scratching the black away to reveal the colors underneath! 

photo of bath fizzie kit

39. Bath Fizzie

Bath Fizzie DIY bath bombs offer a personalized project to create together for bath time. The kit can also create lip balms, lip gloss, and soap. Ingredients are 100% all natural and use no harsh chemicals.

photo of two little girls playing with soft 1ft building cubes

40. Foam Block Playset

Soft yet durable and available in assorted colors, toddlers can stack foam blocks, throw or lay atop them.

photo of candy chemistry candy making set

41. Candy Chemistry

The Candy Chemistry set features a thermometer, tools, molds and wrappers to make delicious candy all while familiarizing kids on the subject of chemistry.


photo of kids bowling pins and ball

42. Wooden Bowling Game

The colorful set of bowling pins teaches children numbers, colors, interactive play and promotes motor skills, balance and hand-eye coordination.

photo of bubble making machine

43. Bubble Blower

Pumping out thousands of bubbles per minute, nothing can outpace a portable bubble blowing machine.

photo of kids guitar

44. Ukulele Guitar

 Teach your kids how to play with this starter ukulele guitar while fostering music skills.

photo of kids baseball tee ball set

45. Batting Tee

Practice bating skills with this portable batting tee. Adjustable heights allows to grow from teeball to baseball.

photo of gymnic rody horse

46. Gymnic Rody Horse

This whimsical Gymnic Rody Horse promotes balance for ages 3-5 years old.

photo of hopscotch kids runner rug

47. Hopscotch Game Rug

This runner rug doubles as a hopscotch game, suits any room, all while providing timeless entertainment.

photo of kids gaming tablet

48. Amazon Fire Tablet – Kids Edition

What is the secret to keeping your kids off of your tablet? You gift them a tablet for their own! An affordable kids device, the Amazon Fire Tablet fulfills its purpose to entertain and educate. It’s definitely the birthday present that keeps giving. 

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