Handmade Gifts Ideas for Your Family & Friends

DIY Gifts — There’s nothing as special as a handmade gift. Show your friends and family you love them with 23 of our best and easy DIY gift ideas!

photo of 20 easy diy gift ideas by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Having a hard time finding a gift for someone who already has everything? Or are you just looking for great gifts that are of a kind and not gift cards?

There’s nothing like a homemade gift to show your loved ones that you took the time to make them something unique rather than store-bought. We’re always compiling our favorite easy DIY gift ideas that are perfect for birthday presents, Christmas presents, or hostess gifts.

And don’t worry, these aren’t your expected mason jar or arm knitted handmade gift list ideas.

These DIY projects are the perfect homemade gift and seriously easy to make. You don’t need crazy craft skills or fancy tools, either…

Homemade Gifts – Easy DIY Gift Ideas


1 – DIY Mid Century Modern Planter

photo of an easy DIY gifts Mid Modern Planter on a table

This cool sculptural DIY Mid Century Planter is perfect for the minimalist plant lover in your life. It’s an inexpensive and quick DIY project. And can you believe that’s it’s simply made by gluing together two stacked bowls?!?


2 — DIY Flip Photo Album

gift ideas - photo of a DIY Flip Photo Album for your Desktop

Polaroids have long made a comeback, and their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This DIY Flip Photo Album is equal parts easy and classy. (Hello, marble and gold!)

This is perfect for any home or office. You can make it even more personable by gifting your own set of photos. Or even pair it with a new camera for an extra special occasion!


3 — DIY Decanter Tags

Gift ideas - DIY ideas Decanter Tags tutorial on a styled tablescape

For the mixologist in your life, gift them with some custom DIY Decanter Tags. They’re like jewelry for the bar cart and will take the guesswork out of which liquor is which. Though made of clay, you won’t be needing a kiln.

For more DIY bar gift suggestion: DIY Clay Decanter and  DIY Leather Bar & Drink Tags.


4 – Ikea Hack: DIY Rag Rug Storage Baskets

Gift ideas - DIY Rag Rug Storage Baskets

These DIY Rag Rug Storage Baskets are made from an inexpensive Ikea rag rug.

They’re perfect for storing everything from craft supplies to linen closet toiletries, and can even collapse flat when not in use. And you can use any rug to recreate this easy DIY.


5 — DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art

DIY gifts - photo of a DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art as a great diy gift by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Have a friend who loves art? Or searching for a housewarming gift?

This DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art project is the perfect modern piece for that forgotten blank wall space! Plus, it takes no drawing or painting skills what so ever to recreate.

Other easy DIY art gifts: DIY Canvas Print Wall Art, DIY Watercolor Printable Wall Art, and DIY Gold Foil Wall Art.


6 — DIY Fresh Floral And Herbal Incense Bundles

DIY gifts - photo of DIY Fresh Floral and Herbal Incense Bundle

Bring the wonderful outdoor garden smell indoors with some DIY Fresh Floral And Herbal Incense Bundle. This is a creative handmade gift idea for someone who loves flowers!

They also make for great gift box toppers and you can use any year-round florals and herbs of your choice. 


7 — DIY Door Handle Tassel

DIY gifts - DIY Decorative Door Handle Tassel

Inspired by the camel swag trend, this colorful DIY Door Handle Tassel is the perfect detail to add texture and color any home!

You can easily customize this fun gift with your own colors and patterns too. And honestly, we would personally love this just to hang on the wall. 


8 — DIY Tassel Throw Pillow

DIY gifts - photo of DIY Tasseled Throw Pillows

We created these DIY Tassel Throw Pillow out of tea towels. So they’re definitely one of a kind! And there’s nothing as fun as tassels!

For more DIY pillows: DIY Shirbori Dye Throw Pillow, DIY Yarn Fringed Throw Pillow, and No Sew DIY Envelope Pillows.


9 — DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquet


If you want to gift flowers, then take it up a notch with a DIY Fabric Wrapped Bouquet paired with cute gift tags or note cards.


10 – DIY Minimal Beaded Blanket Holder

DIY gifts - DIY Minimal Beaded Blanket Holder in a living room

We’re all about functionality. Besides being an alternative storage option, this DIY Minimal Beaded Blanket Holder can also work alone as a wall art piece. It’s perfect for any nursery and in any living room, too.


11 — DIY Patterned Paper Leather Tote

photo of a DIY Patterned Paper Tote made from paper on a rug

A versatile gift, the DIY Patterned Paper Leather Tote a great toting books or used as a reusable bag for grocery and errand runs.

It’s constructed from paper BUT it has the strength and look of leather with the washability of fabric. This DIY Pom Pom Tassel Circle Bag Is another great gift idea.


12 — DIY Color Glazed Stacked Vase

DIY Color-Glazed Stacked Vases with floral stems

Another one of our favorite ideas is to stack dishes to create a vessel for greenery. This time you can stack mismatched glasses to make this pretty DIY Color Glazed Stack Vase or Mini DIY Plant Pots.


13 — DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin

DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin by a chair

Who doesn’t need storage? This DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin is a great gift on its own, but feel free to fill it up with goodies. A bin (especially this DIY bin) is a unique way to package up little gifts.

Not to mention, it’s reusable and more eco-friendly than a throwaway gift box. This is a fun DIY alternative to an Easter, baby shower, housewarming gift, or bridal basket.


14 — Modern Sculptural DIY Wind Chime

DIY sculptural wind chime by a plant

In feng shui, wind chimes bring good and positive energy to a home. This DIY wind chime project is deceivingly easy.

It basically involves stringing and tying materials onto a piece of cording. It’d make a great addition to anyone’s yard, patio, balcony, or even hung indoors.


15 — Rose Marbled DIY Incense Holder

DIY Clay Rose-Marbled Incense Holders on a desk

Can you tell already that we are fans of polymer clay? It’s so easy to manipulate and creates wonderful patterns like this Rose Marbled DIY Incense Holder.

You can’t go wrong with a scented home gift and an incense holder is way more unique than a candle holder.


16 — DIY Knot Pillow

DIY knot pillow on a black chair

Our DIY Knot Pillow is a reader favorite! We’ve seen knot pillows retail from $50 to over $100. And this project will only cost you about $30!


17 — Faux DIY Stoneware Salt Cellar

photo of Faux DIY Salt Stone Cellars for the kitchen

Gift the cook or baker in your life with a Faux DIY Stoneware Salt Cellar. It’s all-around chic and handy for decanting specialty spices. And it basically just entails speckling a plain cellar to create a stoneware look.

More DIY kitchen gift ideas for someone who loves to bake: Hanging DIY Marble Serving Board andDIY Cheese Knives.


18 — Rosemary & Grapefruit DIY Candle

photo of DIY Floral and Herbal Candles by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

This Rosemary And Grapefruit DIY Candle is a classic go-to for Christmas gifts and Mother’s Day gifts because you can make a huge batch. Perfect fpr coworkers, teachers, moms, white elephant parties, you name it!

And as with any candle, it’s a pretty general gift also that can fit any occasion for any age and any person. Pair it with some bath salts, and you’ve got your ultimate spa day gift package.


19 — DIY Reed Diffuser

photo of a diy essential oil diffuser with reeds

This DIY Reed Diffuser takes only 5 minutes to put together and cost only a budget-friendly total of $20 to make. You can’t beat that!

The diffuser would go nicely with an essential oil gift set. Besides the health benefits to this DIY aromatherapy gift, it simply will make any home smell good.


20 — Speckled DIY Clay Keychain

The cutest DIY speckled keychains to give your keys a colorful makeover! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger

Give your friends’ keys a cute upgrade is with this Speckled DIY Clay Keychain! This is perfect for anyone who’s constantly digging around their bottomless pit bag or for your loved one that’s always misplacing their keys. (We’re guilty of both.)

You can personalize it even more by making a DIY Clay Letter Keychain too.


21 – DIY Floor Table

photo of a styled and set dining table with floor seating ideas

If you’re feeling particularly giving, this DIY floor table will really wow, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Trying to gift wrap it might be another thing…


22 — Easy Printable Scattergories

DIY Printable Scattergories Game Night by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth #diy #printable #entertaining #games

Have a friend that loves a good game night? You can create your own customized, free printable Scattergories lists for them as a personalized best friends gift


23 — DIY Desk Organizer with Memo Board

photo of cute desktop organizer with a geometric design cork board by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your bestie coworker or school pal, this DIY desk organizer always comes in handy. 

For more creative ideas for gifts your loved ones with love to receive, you can see more of our gift ideas here! —

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