Speckled DIY Clay Keychain

Speckled DIY Clay Keychain — A proven way to give your keys (and your friends key’s) a cute upgrade is with this DIY Clay Keychain! An easy DIY that’s perfect for gifting!

The cutest DIY speckled keychains to give your keys a colorful makeover! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of oversized bags. I love how cute a compact shoulder bag or clutch looks, but when it comes down to it I want to be able to cart my whole world around with me/prepared for anyyyy occasion.

This makes finding my keys somewhat of a challenge. Rooting around in my bottomless pit of a bag is often followed by emptying the entirety of the contents on the floor just to find my keys to open the door.

My solution? —  size-able Speckled DIY Clay Keychains. They’re easy to spot and easy to get your hands on, but of course, it has to look pretty too, so I, Teri, made this cute DIY for you!

My age-old love affair with polymer clay comes back into play here, but what can I say?! I love it!…

A DIY speckled polymer clay keychain to give your keys a colorful makeover! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger #accessories #polymerclay #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Materials Needed To Make A Speckled DIY Clay Keychain

Polymer clay

Rolling pin

Greaseproof paper

Round cutter

Masking or washi tape

White spray paint

Colored acrylic paint of your choice

Paint brush

Black ink


Clear clay glaze (optional for a super durable finish)

Key chain or plain ring

The DIYspeckled clay keychains perfect for gifting! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

How To Make A Speckled DIY Clay Keychain

Follow the clay packet instructions for preheating the oven and start by rolling some of the polymer clay into a ball.

On a sheet of greaseproof paper roll this out with the rolling pin until it’s roughly 

Step 1 : DIY Speckled Polymer Clay Keychains - sugar and cloth - houston blogger Ashley Rose #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Use the cutter to make the circular shape and remove any excess.

Step 2 : The cutest DIY speckled clay keychains to give your keys a makeover !- sugar and cloth - houston blogger #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Make a hole near the top using a pencil, pushing it right through.

Step 3 :DIY Polymer Clay Keychain that's perfect for gifting! - sugar and cloth - by houston blogger Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Transfer the greaseproof paper onto a baking tray. This way you don’t have to lift the clay itself up and risk misshaping it.

Bake for the recommended time and then leave to cool fully afterward.

Step 4 : A cute key ring make over with a Speckled Polymer Clay DIY! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Step 5 : Speckled Clay Key rings DIY to make give your keys an extra boost of cute ! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger by Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Make a geometric shape in the corner of the clay, blanking out anything you don’t want colored by covering it with tape. Now apply a few thin layers of white spray paint, allowing it to dry in between.

Once totally dry, use a paintbrush and ink to splatter black all over the white. Leave this to dry completely.

Step 6 : Colorful Polymer Clay Key Ring DIY - Easy Gift Idea - sugar and cloth - houston blogger by Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

Remove the tape to reveal the speckled white shape and then repeat with more tape to create a triangular shape overlapping the white speckled area.

Use this as a guide to paint on the color you want in acrylic paint. Do a few lights coats and leave to dry fully. When it’s dry glaze the area to seal and give a luxurious shine. 

When it’s all dry remove the tape and attach the chain / ring and your keyring is ready for action! 

Give your keys a makeover with this DIY Speckled Clay Keychain DIY- sugar and cloth - houston blogger by Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift

A perfect easy Clay Keychain DIY to make your keys look chic! - sugar and cloth - houston blogger Ashley Rose #doityourself #diy #keys #keyring #keychain #speckled #gift


photo of how to make a Speckled DIY Clay Keychain by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Combine it with your keys and hopefully, it’ll be a lot easier to retrieve from the dark recesses of your bag, ha!

You can even glaze the whole keyring to make it extra durable. Why not make a whole batch and give some away as gifts? Get busy adding some pizzazz to numerous sets of your keys! 

If you love this project, be sure to pair it with our DIY clay letter keychain that makes for a perfect DIY gift idea!

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  1. I’m so glad I found these!!!They are so precious & I can’t wait to try it out 🧡 thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Shalom! We would recommend sticking with the polymer because it is more durable after you bake it. It is easier working with air dry clays but they do shrink a bit in the drying process. It also doesn’t dry as hard as polymer. If you do decide to try the air dry clay, we do recommend applying a glaze because it’s not as heat resistant or waterproof as polymer. Hope this helps! XOXO

  2. I love love this idea! How practical are these/how well do they hold up? I’m interested in making them as gifts but wouldn’t want them to last only briefly!

  3. Hey. Someone is using your images to sell their version of this on their website. https://www.emberandivory.com/products/leighton-keychain As a heads up.

  4. Love these!!!! I have been playing around for ages with tassles and pom poms to try and make a diy keychain to give as xmas gifts. Nothing has wowed me yet. But now i think i’ve found the style that will work and be loved the most. Thank you teri! Can’t wait to start making + gifting them!!

  5. Hi there! ThEse key chains are wOnderful and i was wondEring if you’d be okay with mE selling The ones i made at my House on etsy or Just to friends to make pocket money. The ones i would make and sell Will have a different Design theN the ones you made. I just wanted to see if i Could gEt your permission and if i am noT allowed to sell them, that is totaly UnDerstanDable. Thank for your time!


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