17 DIY Cake Toppers that Will Steal the Show at Your Next Celebration

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level with these fun and customizable DIY cake toppers.

DIY Cake Toppers DIY

A celebration is never complete without a show-stopping cake, and what better way to elevate said cake than with a unique and personalized DIY cake topper? 

Crafting your own easy cake toppers add a touch of creativity and love to your celebration, making it truly unforgettable and cute to look at too!

DIY cake toppers are easy to make but they will also steal the show, or as we like to say, take the cake (ba-dum-tish) at your next gathering. From whimsical to sparkly, there’s cake topper ideas for every occasion and every style. 

DIY Cake Toppers

1 – Balloon Arch Topper

DIY Balloon Cake Topper by top Houston lifestyle Blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Celebrate good times with this DIY balloon cake topper! Tie small balloons together in a cascading arrangement and attach to wooden skewers. This colorful topper leaves you with a finished cake that is sure to be the center of attention at any birthday partywedding, or baby shower.

2 – Paper Flowers Topper 

DIY paper flower cake topper - Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Florals are an easy way to elevate your cake. There are so many ways that you can tie in your colors and make an elegant and might we say tasty centerpiece for your party with these DIY paper flowers. These paper craft ideas can also work as cupcake toppers.

3 – Animal Ear Toppers

DIY animal ear cake toppers | sugar & cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

These cutest DIY animal ear cake toppers are perfect for a birthday gathering, Easter celebration, or any animal-themed party. From bunnies to kittens, there are endless possibilities as to what animal you can use. These ear-resistible additions turn your cake into a real party animal.

4 –  Fringed Love Cake Topper

DIY Fringed love cake topper - Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

We L-O-V-E this charming DIY fringed cake topper! While it’s perfect for Valentine’s day, it can easily be customized for any occasion or holiday. Hosting a Christmas gathering? Create a “Ho Ho Ho” topper. Or spell out a name or even their special number and customize with their favorite color for a super whimsical touch. 

They also pair well with our DIY fringe cocktail stirrers that we made for a New Years party.

5 — Berry Wreath Cake Topper

3 DIY Winter Cheesecake Toppers by Lifestyle Blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Here’s a cake topper DIY that’s edible! All you’ll need for this DIY berry wreath cake topper are sugared cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Garnish it with a few sage leaves to create the wreath effect.

6 — Edible Leaves Topper

Colorful Leaves Chai Spice Cake Recipe by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

This DIY cake decorating idea is actually edible! This tutorial shows you how to make DIY edible leaves with with paper wafer sheets and petal dust. It’s totally an unconventional yet creative way to spruce up any cake.

7 – Mini Paper Chain Cake Topper

This colorful and adorable DIY mini paper chain topper is easy to make as well as customize, which we always love! It’s the perfect topper for any celebration and let’s just admit that everything miniature is always extra cute!

All you need is construction paper, a glue gun and wood skewers. Cut, link and loop your way to cake topper glory. Life is too short for boring desserts!

8 – DIY Bunting Topper

DIY Bunting Cake Topper Printable
Photo by Art Bar

Get ready to raise the tiny flag of triumph with DIY mini bunting cake toppers! It’s the cutest way to declare, “This cake is officially a party zone!” Think of it as dessert diplomacy, one little flag at a time. Free templates are included with this DIY cake topper printable.

9 –  DIY Tassel Topper 

DIY Bunting Topper
Photo by Bespoke Bride

Prepare your cake for a tassel takeover because these DIY mini tassel toppers are here to turn your dessert into a full-on fiesta! It’s like giving your cake a mini makeover with a side of sass. 

Who needs a regular cake when you can have a dessert that’s ready to party with its own tassel entourage? Customize colors and add a phrase or name for your own personalized tassel twirling confection. Use pre-made wood cutouts or create your own Cricut design.

10 –  DIY Peg People Topper 

DIY Hand Holding Peg People Cake Topper
Photo by Capitol Romance

Time to marry your cake with some personality with DIY wooden peg people toppers, where even the cake figures say, “I dough!” These little wooden sweethearts are here to prove that love is not only blind but also totally splinter-free. Custom paint to each likeness and add to the cake for a rustic and whimsical look. 

11 – Honeycomb Paper Cake Topper 

Honeycomb Paper Cake Topper DIY
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Give your cake a buzz worthy makeover with a DIY mini honeycomb paper cake topper. This little topper is the bees knees of cake decor crafts, adding style and color to create a statement piece. Your cake will be the talk of the party that everyone will be buzzing about! 

12 – Sprinkled Number Cake Topper

Counting down to a sprinkle-filled celebration? Say it in style with a DIY sprinkled number cake topper. Because why settle for basic digits when you can have numbers that are both sweet and sassy! When it comes to cakes it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the sprinkles too! 

13 – Personalized Photo Birthday Cake Topper

Personalized Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers
Photo by Kelsey Bang

These personalized photo cake toppers DIY may just be the cutest things we have ever seen! Use your favorite snapshots and cut out the faces of the ones you are celebrating. Add a party hat and you are good to go! They add such a silly yet sentimental flare to your cake that makes it extra special.

14 – Shaped DIY Birthday Candles

Shaped DIY Birthday Candles
Photo by Aww Sam

Why settle for ordinary flames when you can top your cake with these shaped DIY Birthday Candles. They aren’t just here to burn, they came to steal the show! 

Use molds in the shapes of all your favorite shapes, letters, numbers and animals. Cluster them all together for a colorful and fun centerpiece that will surely be the hottest thing in the room. 

15 –  Balloon Animal Cake Topper

DIY Balloon Animal Cake Topper
Photo by Studio DIY

Get ready for a cake that’s ballooning with personality! These easy DIY balloon animal cake topper are here to turn your dessert into a whimsical extravaganza! These balloon critters are like the icing on the cake, literally! 

16 – Party Animal Cake Topper

Prepare for a cake that’s ready to party harder than you do. This DIY party hat animal cake topper is here to turn your cake into a party animal! These party hat-wearing critters are not just decorations. They’re the life of the dessert party. This is a super easy tutorial that only requires some wrapping paper or cardstock and mini pompoms.

17 – DIY Mini Mylar Letter Balloon Topper 

DIY Mini Mylar Letter Balloon Topper 
Photo by A Joyful Riot

We are absolutely smitten with these DIY mini mylar balloon toppers! The best part about this cake topper tutorial? They aren’t actually mylar balloons, and they can’t pop! Customize with any color metallic tissue wrap and use your favorite celebratory phrase for the perfect DIY birthday cake topper!

DIY Abstract watercolor painted cake | sugarandcloth.com

How to Create a Gorgeous Cake with No Baking Required

No bake? No problem. Listen, we know we aren’t all Betty Crocker when it comes to baking. Some of us lack the skills and that is totally ok. And sometimes, we are short on time with all the party preppring.

So purchase a plain cake from your local bakery or grocery store. We love a good “naked cake” from HEB. You can add homemade brushstrokes icing candies or even watercolor paint on cake.

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