Our Frozen Birthday Party

Sharing all the details from our DIY Frozen birthday party that we hosted for the girls. From the decor, party favors, party activities to the birthday cakes, here were all our Frozen party ideas.

a joint sister birthday party with a Frozen theme by Sugar & Cloth

Our daughters, Gwen and Luca have their own personalities and interests. But there is one thing that both kids love, and that is Disney’s Frozen!

So nailing down their joint birthday theme was easy. It was going to be all things and everything Frozen.

We typically keep birthdays low-key during off years so that we can go big for milestone years like Gwen’s first birthday party or if it’s for a great cause like the Birthday Party Project.

Luca was turning 3, and she has never really gotten a big party since we trying to be careful about social distancing when she was a baby. And Gwen was turning the big 5.

So we knew that we wanted to maximize the magic for this DIY Frozen birthday party.

For us, it’s about creating lasting memories. Which is exactly what we kept in mind when planning an evening worth melting for.

Gwen and Luca's DIY Frozen Birthday Party at the Juliana event space in Houston by Sugar & Cloth

Hosting a birthday party at the Houston event venue, The Juliana by Sugar & Cloth

Our Frozen Themed Birthday Party Location and Vision

We hosted the party at The Juliana and transformed it into an iridescent Arendelle fit for our two tiny princesses.

We wanted to stay away from all the branded Frozen decor and instead put our own pastel spin on things.

When it comes to decorating for a child’s birthday, you don’t have to stick with only branded character items. We love the idea of selecting items that can be reused for other parties or even later serve as home decor.

So instead pick a color palette that keeps in line with the theme, and put your own creative twist on things when hosting a girls’ birthday party.

We chose lighter pastel colors paired with iridescent touches to recreate Arendelle’s magic.

Luca's birthday dress idea for an Elsa inspired birthday outfit by Sugar & Cloth

Gwen's Elsa Birthday Dress

The Girls’ Birthday Outfits

The girls love Elsa so we dressed them in Elsa inspired dresses. We could’ve gotten them actual Frozen costumes, but we wanted outfits that they could wear to other events.

Let It Go Frozen Birthday Backdrop by Picnics in the City Houston

Our joint sisters birthday party idea by Sugar & Cloth

Our Frozen Birthday Party Decorations

For the party decor, we enlisted the help of our amazingly talented friends at Picnics in the City.

They provided the pastel castle, pink tree and iridescent tile wall backdrops. These generic backdrops fit perfectly with the fun Frozen theme. And they are versatile enough to be reused for princess or holiday parties.

Even the tile wall could work with any other party themes. And you could recreate a similar look with metallic tinsel streamers.

We then added our own touches by decorating the backdrop with balloons and these iridescent fans.

Frozen themed parties are popular so Picnics in the City already had a pre-made Let It Go arch too!

how we decorated the table for Gwen and Luca's Frozen birthday party

Snowflake iridescent Frozen birthday table decor for a DIY Frozen Birthday Party by Sugar & Cloth

Frozen Table Decor Idea

The tables and chairs were all rented from Picnics in the City.

We found these amazing iridescent table runners along with coordinating plates and wands that created the absolute perfect tablescape.

To create a winter wonderland, we used any opportunity to incorporate as much shimmer throughout to stick with our Frozen party idea of avoiding branded party supplies.

desserts for a DIY Frozen Birthday Party by Sugar & Cloth

how we spruced up a store bought cake to turn it into a Frozen birthday cake by Sugar & Cloth

DIY Frozen Birthday Party Cake and Cupcakes

For the girls’ cakes, we wanted to keep things simple. We did not order custom desserts, and instead spruced up grocery bought cakes and cupcakes.

We ordered plain white iced round cakes and plain vanilla cupcakes. Then, we lightly painted the base of the cakes with gel food coloring.

It’s quite easy to do, and our DIY watercolor cake tutorial gives you all the step by step instructions on how to do so.

Finally, we decorated the cakes and cupcakes ourselves, similar to how we decorated our Unicorn Cake.

Frozen birthday cake for a toddler by Sugar & Cloth

To add a touch of Frozen inspired flair, we added themed sprinkles, homemade edible confetti and edible snowflake toppers.

We were going for a “inside of a snow globe” look with all the colorful and different shaped sprinkles.

Everyone was in awe that they weren’t custom desserts.

our party favor ideas for the girls birthday party by Sugar & Cloth

Frozen Party Favors

We’ll be honest…the whole iridescent theme came together from these bags alone! The second that we saw them we knew that we had to have them!

They are the perfect party favor bags to fill up with treats like rock candy or popcorn. Both resemble snow.

We included these mini cameras inside that were a big hit with tiny party guests. 

DIY Frozen Birthday Party Bounce House

Castle Bounce House for a Birthday Party

Frozen Party Activities

We didn’t want to plan too much when it came to entertainment. Our past kids parties have taught us that the kids will just end up running around and playing with each other.

But we knew that there were some must-haves for our DIY Frozen birthday party.

Birthday Party Activity Idea with a ball pit

Castle bounce house and ball pit

Our friends at Unicorn Balloons HTX saved the day after our online purchase FAIL.

And because we were hosting 3-year old toddlers, we wanted something contained just for the little ones. Because a lot of times, older kids in a bounce house can be a bit too rough for a toddler.

We then found this amazing ball pit and filled it with pastel balls

Elsa and Anna from Frozen Guest Appearance

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna party character appearance

Elsa and Anna surprised the kids with some singing and dancing. Gwen and Luca’s favorite part of their appearance was when they took part in singing “happy birthday” during cake time.

Snow Day During Our DIY Frozen Party

Winter snow day

Another fun Frozen birthday party idea is to have snow! Renting a snow machine is quite affordable and well-worth all the giggles.

All in all, it was another birthday party success for the books!

Joint Frozen Birthday Party for Girls

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