Gwen Turns One + Her First Birthday Party Ideas

We celebrated Gwen’s birthday with a family colorful, family only party here in Houston, and these were her first birthday party ideas…

I may not be a lot of things, but at least I’m consistent when it comes to not knowing when to stop on a birthday party! In this case, Gwen’s first birthday party ideas seem a lot more than “a chill party with family” that I was going for, but in my defense, I can basically just shop the things we already own from the Sugar & Cloth studio and still be over the top. A perk of the stylist trade, I guess?!

The cafe we rented for her party also played a pretty big role in making it seem like I tried a lot harder than I actually did. Honey Art Cafe is full of colorful rainbow walls, cute cushions, paint palettes, etc so really all we did was move some crafting supplies (you can order food and craft here on the regular!) out of the way.

We also had no cutesy theme for her party, just all things colorful!…

Here’s what I actually got/bought for her party:

Everything else we brought for the party came from what we had at the studio. And yes, the Chick-fil-A nuggets are casually displayed in a gold bingo bin that I already owned because I clearly have hoarding problems.

Considering how you look at, this is super chill for a Mom who makes a living by throwing parties right?! And thanks to our friend Alyssa for all of the pretty photos, you’re the best!…


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8 thoughts on “Gwen Turns One + Her First Birthday Party Ideas”

  1. Dying over the beautiful balloon arrangements and the cake! Who knew a shag cake could be so chic! I cringed when it dropped, but the silver lining is that it’ll be a fun memory to share when she gets older. Can’t believe you put all of this together so quickly. That’s amazing!

  2. I absolutely love my mom, but if you want to adopt a slightly older (32) kid I would love for you to throw all of my parties and pick out my clothes! I don’t even mind if you drop my cake on the floor 😁

  3. THANK YOU for this resource list. Planning my daughter’s first birthday soon and definitely pulling from your blog for inspiration. :) Hope Gwen had a great birthday.

    • No problem! First birthdays are always hectic because you want it to be “perfect”. Hopefully, the next ones aren’t too crazy. Good luck planning yours!


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