The Sugar & Cloth Studio Tour

sugar and cloth studio toursugar and cloth studio tour

photos by Kimberly Chau

If you’re an avid follower of my Instagram or Facebook then you probably already got the chance to see some of these photos (I threw in a few unseen ones, too), but for the rest of you, I’m excited to share the final Sugar & Cloth Houston studio tour! It’s been a loooong time in the works, but there’s nothing like a good feature on Glitter Guide to motivate you to get it all in tip top shape. I meant to announce the reveal and interview all in one go last week, but hey, life happens.

Now for the juicy details! The number one question I get asked by people who see the studio in photos is “How do you keep it so clean and white!?” Well the honest answer to that is I don’t. I mean, it is bright and white, but photos can be verrrry forgiving when it comes to hiding the spots where I learned the hard way that hot glue doesn’t like painted cement floors, and all you have to do is so much as look at a bottle of craft paint the wrong way and it will spill everywhere. Add all of that in with my not-so-graceful tendencies and it’s basically a recipe for an off-white studio disaster. We also spend a lot of time wiping down surfaces…

sugar and cloth studio tour

sugar and cloth studio tour

When it comes to styling essentials, I do much better when I can pull inspiration from my bag of styling tricks quickly, and adding a few open shelves made that way easier. I’ve already concluded that I’m a super hero for surviving my previous craft room at home and still managing to have any cute props in photos whatsoever before the studio came along. It’s night and day easier!

Funny story about these shelves, as it turns out I invited my brother over to help “clean up” the studio just before everything was getting photographed and it accidentally turned into 2.5 hours of him trying to find a way to drill through the thick metal studs in the walls to install the shelves just where I wanted them and patching the mistakes. Basically he loved every minute of helping me “clean”.

sugar and cloth studio tour

I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite DIY projects I’d made before into the space, and the Ikea hack bar cart had to be one of them. I use it as another way to house props and add a bit of color and personality to the blank slate.

sugar and cloth studio tour

Now let me introduce Jared if you haven’t already met, he’s the guy behind the camera for most projects you see here on the blog as of lately, and one of the few people I know that stays as calm as an award winning poker face when I have accidental meltdowns over cupcakes and crafts here and there.

He also has a tough time acting natural in front of the camera, so you should all feel honored you get the chance to see him hold a frilly honeycomb while remaining calm. It’s kind of the equivalent of capturing an image of a dressed up, endangered snow leopard.

sugar and cloth studio toursugar and cloth studio tour

A few other fast facts you may not know:

-I get overly concentrated when it comes to DIY’ing and styling, which in turn comes across like I’m just seriously rude and unfriendly which isn’t actually the case (though that’s personal opinion I guess)!

-This is the one dress I’ve ever splurged on, but it’s MY DREAM summer white dress and it was on super sale, plus I’ve worn it everyday since. Okay, not everyday, but really close.

-The first photo in this post is an accurate description of my belly laugh.

For some more scoop and how started Sugar & Cloth and lots of other details, you can read my full interview over on Glitter Guide!

Studio source list: 

desks and tables – Ikea Houston // window treatments – Hunter Douglas by Decorview //retro Crosley iPhone dock – Wayfair // mint green retro fridge – Smeg USA // hanging planters – DIY from Sugar & Cloth // white marquee ampersand – Oh Hello Friend // white and gold lamps – Ikea Houston

white metal desk chairs – Ikea Houston // gold trash bins – Wayfair // gold and white wheeled cart – DIY from Sugar & Cloth // white shelves – Ikea Houston // white and wood desk chairs – Wayfair // couch and cover – Ikea Houston // pom pom pillow – Anthropologie // retro floor lamp – Anthropologie // watercolor artwork – Painted by Ashley Rose // mint and gold couch legs – Pretty Pegs

bar cart – DIY from Sugar & Cloth // white storage cabinets – Ikea Houston, with custom added handles // laser cut artwork – Designed and painted by Ashley, cut by Post Studio Projects // geometric gold picture frame – Wayfair // retro glassware and striped ice bucket – Bombshell Bar Goods // sequined ampersand – DIY by Sugar & Cloth // colorblock cake domes – DIY from Sugar & Cloth

photos by Kimberly Chau


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  6. I love how clean it looks! You did great!
    Just wondering where you store all your props and unsightly mess.
    I have a hard time finding cute storage for my ‘junk’ , and any inspo might be awesome ;)

  7. Beautiful studio! Happy to know that you’re in Houston producing such great content!

    Pickles and Palmtrees

  8. Your studio is absolutely beautiful! I love the light airy feel and soft colours.

    Jennifer Ashley

  9. Love the Studio!!! Super super cute and bright. I just moved to Houston a few weeks ago and I have already discovered Tout Suite because of your instagram and I couldn’t be more excited.

  10. Your studio is beautiful, Ash! And I love that photo of your and Jared together. You guys are the cutest. Also, I have a similar concentrating face when it comes to DIYing. Though, yours looks more friendly than mine. So kudos on that.


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