16 Tres Chic Paris Theme Party Ideas

Looking to bring a touch of je ne sais quoi to your next celebration? Get inspired by these stunning Paris theme party ideas that will leave your guests feeling like they’re strolling along the Champs-Élysées.

When we think of Paris, we think of elegance, glamor and love. So that’s why a Paris theme party is not only très chic, but the perfect way to celebrate someone special. (Not to mention that it’s quite an easy party theme to plan.)

Whether it’s a birthday celebrationbridal showerbaby shower or just an excuse to indulge in French cuisine and culture, a Paris theme party is sure to have your guests cheering “Oui, oui for ole’ Paris”! 

From iconic landmarks, staple French food to chic decorations, these are some of our favorite Parisian theme party ideas. So get inspired on how to host an unforgettable soirée that captures the essence of Parisian style and sophistication.

16 Paris Theme Party Ideas

1 — Pink Paris Party

Transport your guests to the romantic streets of Paris with a pink Paris party, dreamt up by Picnics in the City and hosted at our very own venue, The Juliana. Think charming pastel decor, a French fries and chartecurie station, a pink Eiffel Tower centerpiece.

However, our favorite part about this Parisian birthday party were the beret and quilted purse walls for party favors for the guests.

2 — Eiffel Tower Theme

eiffel tower gingerbread house - paper flour ink - sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

The iconic Eiffel Tower personifies Paris so it’s essential to incorporate this landmark into your Paris theme party decor. You can easily make your own DIY Eiffel Tower backdrop. And if you aren’t looking for a photo booth eiffel tower, our gingerbread version is a showstopper dessert to display AND eat.

We also love these Eiffel Tower party strawsgoodie bags and cupcake toppers.

3 — French Patisserie Kid Party 

French Patisserie Kid Party 
Photo by 100 Layer Cake

Indulge your little ones in a sweet adventure of a French patisserie party! And quite frankly, this idea of setting up your own bake shop in your backyard could work for an adult party too. 

From decorating your own aprons and mini cakes to a whimsical atmosphere filled with pastel hues and faux awnings, it’s a delightful day of hands-on fun and culinary creativity. Watch as your guests become budding pastry chefs, all while savoring the authentic flavors of a charming Parisian patisserie!

4 — Emily In Paris Inspired Dinner Party

This American in Paris themed party is absolutely Emily Cooper approved. The enchanting tablescape with the bright blues and pops of color in the florals are the epitome of elegance and grace. Pair with a sophisticated cocktail like our floral rose champagne and you’re living la vie en rose.

5 — Madeline in Paris Themed Party

Madeline in Paris theme party
Photo by Catch My Party

Inspired by the classic book series, this Madeline themed party is fit for a petite princess. We love the idea of setting up a “boutique”  where each kid has their own cape and hat (Madeline style for the girls and Pepito style for the boys). 

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, you have pin the bow on Genevieve. Plus, you can’t host a French theme party without French pastries. Some Paris theme party food ideas include chocolate croissantscream puffs, and macaron towers (which you could easily DIY yourself with our foolproof macarons recipe.)  

6 — Tour of Paris Party

tour or Paris theme party
Photo by Kojo Designs

Transport your guests to the romantic streets of the City of Love. The Tour of Paris party starts off with a plane ride where guests are given invitations that resemble plane tickets. Then, add all your favorite spots. 

For this particular French themed party, the birthday girl included her favorite cafes where guests could lunch. There was also a French market to house party favors for guests to take home like scarves, berets and macarons and souvenirs. And finally, a Parisian flower stand with DIY paper flowers.

7 — Coco Chanel Bridal Shower

Photo by Justine Milton

Nothing says glamor quite like Coco Chanel. This elegant Paris themed party is the epitome of the legendary fashion maven’s elegance. Our favorite feature is the stunning build-your-own perfume bar that serves as an interactive party activity and customized party favor. 

And of course, you can’t throw a Paris theme party for adults without champagne. Serve guests the classic French 75 or French 76 if you want a non-traditional twist.

8 — Pastel Paris Tea Party

Pastel florals take center stage at this Pastel Paris tea party. The vintage vibes and custom cake make for the most stunning Parisian party decorations. And the French love flowers so don’t forget to deck your space with lots and lots of florals.

9 — Paris Cafe Party

The planner of this precious garden cafe party drew her inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and the magical mood Paris creates. Guests enjoyed French sweets in a custom cafe named after the birthday girl. We’re obsessed with the fun travel themed favors like custom luggage tags. For an activity idea, attendees were given a mini painting lesson.

10 — French Painting Party

Another Paris party theme idea is to focus on the French flag’s color scheme of red, white and blue as done with this adorable painting party. A giant French flag served as a photo backdrop while mini French flags topped chocolate Madeleines and mini donuts.

At the painting station, guests received their own personalized palette, brushes, apron, canvas, and (of course) a beret. We especially love the DIY flower stand as a party favor idea for attendees to pick and take home their own buds.

11 — Picnic in Paris Bridal Shower

Pastels, papillons and a Parisian punch make up this Paris themed bridal shower. So like this picnic party, use a color palette inspired by French aesthetics, such as soft pastels like lavender, pale blue, and blush pink, or classic combinations like black and white.

12 — French Parisian Market Party

All good things are wild and free is the theme of this Parisian market birthday party. Touches of lavender are placed throughout the bouquets, food and party favors for a cohesive look. 

For foodies, this is the perfect theme since the party focuses on highlighting French food and drinks. So wouldn’t a crepe station be a grand idea too?

13 — Paris Play Party

Photo by Pizzazzerie

Looking to throw a Paris theme party for a child? This play party focuses on the element of play making it extra fun for all your tiny guests. From the Parisian play market with cardboard design cutouts to the DIY cookie decorating station, there is an event for everyone to enjoy. 

Plus, we love how the event really focuses on making sure the kids have a fun time because that’s essentially what any kid party should be all about. If you’re looking for some outdoor toys to entertain your little guests, check out our outdoor toys guide.

14 — Laduree Paris Theme Party

Ladurée Paris theme party
Photo by Bounjour Fete

When you think Paris, you think Ladurée. So what’s more fitting than a Ladurée themed celebration. From the decor, floral centerpieces and glassware, there’s nothing like touches of gold for a Parisian chic look. If you also want to go with a Ladurée inspired party, simply follow the patisserie’s green and pink pastel color scheme, and you’ll be ready to create memories as sweet as the world-famous macarons!

15 — A Day In Paris Party

Floating pink umbrellas, white and gold paper lanterns, wreaths and hanging pomander bouquets  create a très magnifique backdrop for this A Day in Paris party. France is known for their great painters and street artists. So guests were treated to caricature portrait sketches and also painting kits.

16 — Parisian City Square 

Photo by Max King Events

This Parisian City square truly looks like Paris was teleported directly to Florida. I mean, we had to do a double take! The vendor carts, the tiered fountain and mimes…it is all seamlessly Parisian and embodied everything Paris is known for. Park style lamps made the indoors feel like the outdoors.

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