Crazy & Funny Drink Names

Saying the name aloud is half the fun of ordering a naughty named cocktail. Here are some of the crazy and funny drink names you can dare to order.

Pouring the mixture into the shot glasses

Out and about around town for a bachelorette party or girls’ night out? This list of funny drink names is cheeky, clever, and NSFW. And they’re so fun to order (if you can say it with a straight face).

Crazy and Funny Drink Names

1 — Adios Motherfucker Cocktail

best Blue motorcycle cocktail recipe
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Its PG name is the Blue Motorcycle. But this cocktail is widely referred to as the Adios Motherfucker (AMF) as a way to say “goodbye” (in Spanish). Because once you have one, you’ll surely be headed for a blackout.

2 — Pink Panty Dropper Punch

best Pink panty dropper recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Featuring beer, vodka, tequila, and pink lemonade, the Pink Panty Dropper is easy to whip up and great for large gatherings. It may look sweet, but it’s potent. As its name is a reference to the crazy things, you may wanna do after consuming one too many.

3 — Liquid Marijuana Drink Shot

best liquid marijuana drink shot recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Contrary to its name, the Liquid Marijuana Drink Shot doesn’t actually contain marijuana.

It’s a fruity cocktail with four different types of tropical liquors.

4 — Duck Fart Shot

Duck fart shot recipe by sugar and cloth | Crazy Named Shots Series
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Who would’ve thought that such an immaturely named shot would turn out looking so elegant?

The Duck Fart Shot is a pretty layered shot with tiers of coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and whiskey.

5 — Blow Job Shot

best blow job shot recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

A classic, the Blow Job Shot is a saucy named cocktail that’s sweet and creamy and not too alcohol heavy.

It literally tastes like you’re drinking a coffee bonbon thanks to the Amaretto, Kahlua, Baileys, and whipped cream.

6 — Red Headed Slut Shot

best Red headed slut shot recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Be warned.

The Red Headed Slut is quite strong due to the presence of Jägermeister.

7 — Brain Hemorrhage Shot

best Brain Hemorrhage shot recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

The Brain Hemorrhage Shot is made with a base of peach schnapps and a layer of Bailey’s that quickly curdles and forms the “floating brain.”

A dash of grenadine then makes it look like the brain is hemorrhaging.

8 — Liquid Cocaine Shot

best Liquid cocaine shot recipe by sugar and cloth | Crazy Named Shots
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

With a combination of Jagermeister, 151 overproof rum, and Fireball, it’s no doubt going to be strong.

Liquid Marijuana is also known as the Liquid Crack Shot or Stone Cold Stinger Shot because it’s designed to wake you up and punch you in the face with its flavor profile.

9 — Chuck Norris Shot

best Chuck Norris shot recipe by sugar and cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Named after the infamous action hero, this unexpected Chuck Norris Shot is sweet, spicy, and packs a punch.

It sounds like the oddest combination (raspberry vodka, whiskey, grenadine, energy drink, and hot sauce).

But it’s delightfully delicious.

10 — Buttery Nipple Cocktail

best Buttery nipple cocktail
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

The Buttery Nipple is a sweet, creamy drink composed of two main ingredients, Butterscotch schnapps liqueur, and Baileys Irish cream.

11 — Pornstar Shooter

Pornstar Shooter
Photo by Bevvy

The Pornstar Shooter only calls for two ingredients: Blue Curacao and raspberry liqueur.

It’s just as easy to drink as it is to make.

12 — Slippery Nipple Cocktail

Slippery Nipple Cocktail
Photo by Bevvy

Another visually appealing drink, the Slippery Nipple, layers Irish cream on top of Sambuca with grenadine sinking below.

13 — Slap Your Mama Cocktail

Slap Your Mama Cocktail
Photo by Easy Cocktail Recipes

The Slap Your Mama is equal parts Mountain Dew, orange juice, and spiced rum.

No one really knows its name origins. Either way, you’ll surely get some LOLs while ordering it at the bar.

14 — Big O Cocktail

Big O Cocktail
Photo by Andrea Meyers

The PG-rated version of the Big O Cocktail name meaning is that it is an orange-flavored mixed drink due to the orange vodka, orange juice, and orange bitters.

The R-rated version is because it is known to be a highly satisfying alcoholic drink.

15 — G-Spot Cocktail

G-Spot Cocktail
Photo by Ann’s Entitle Life

The G-Spot Cocktail hits the spot with its sweet and tart combination of Chambord, G’Vine Floraison Gin, simple syrup, lime, and lemon juice.

17 — Shit on the Grass Shot

Shit on the Grass Shot
Photo by The Nosey Chef

There are so many things the Shit on the Grass resembles.

And yet the creator came up with the most unattractive one.

Made of Kahlua and Midori, we swear it tastes better than it sounds.

18 — Blood Clot Shot

Blood Clot Shot
Photo by This Worthey Life

A popular Halloween request, the Blood Clot Shot contains Jack Daniel’s, hard apple cider, apple liqueur, and orange bitters.

Torched marshmallows add the finishing sugary touch.

19 — Sex on the Beach Cocktail

Sex on the Beach Cocktail
Photo by Fit Foodie Finds

You’ll feel like you’re on the beach while sipping a refreshing Sex on the Beach Cocktail.

Orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka, and peach schnapps lend to its tropical flavors.

20 — Blue Balls Shot

Blue Balls Shot
Photo by Tipsy Bartender

Relieve all your stress with a Blue Balls Shot.

Made of coconut rum, Blue Curaçao, Peach Schnapps, and sweet and sour, this shot is also easy to make at home.

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