How to Use Dry Ice for Cocktails

Looking for a way to impress party-goers? Discover the secrets behind using dry ice in cocktails, creating mesmerizing visual effects while keeping your drink perfectly chilled.

Using Dry Ice for Cocktails

Take mixology to new heights by incorporating dry ice into your cocktail creations for that foggy smoky mysterious effect.

This unconventional ingredient has become increasingly popular in the world of mixology, allowing bartenders and home enthusiasts alike to create mesmerizing and visually stunning cocktails.

But what exactly is dry ice, and how can it be safely incorporated into your drinks? We’ll teach you how to safely use dry ice for drink effects like creating the illusion of fog for our last Halloween trick. It’d be a smoking hit.

Trust us, it really wowed our guests at our Halloween Mad Scientist Party.

Creepy Cocktails: The Shrunken Skull - Sugar & Cloth
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What is Dry Ice?

This unique property makes dry ice a popular choice for creating dramatic and visually stunning effects, especially in the world of cocktails.

Dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide that is frozen at a temperature of approximately -109.3°F (-78.5°C). Unlike regular ice, dry ice doesn’t melt into a liquid. It sublimates, turning directly from a solid into a gas.

Therefore, you must never directly touch it or you could suffer from frostbite. It’s commonly used when shipping produce or food to preserve its freshness. 

When mixed with liquids, it creates a bubbly and smoky fog effect which is perfect to use for Halloween cocktails or science themed parties!

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Advantages of Using Dry Ice in Cocktails

In cocktails, dry ice can be used to add a smoky, bubbling, or foggy effect. It still functions as regular ice to keep beverages colder. However unlike regular ice cubes, dry ice stays in its solid form and will not melt and dilute drinks. 

Plus, the great thing is that dry ice won’t alter the taste of your cocktail. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate dry ice into your cocktail presentation:

Smoky effect:

Drop a small piece of dry ice into the bottom of a glass before pouring the cocktail. The dry ice will create a captivating swirling smoke effect.

Bubbling brew:

Add a small chunk of dry ice to a punch bowl or pitcher of cocktail mix. The dry ice will create a bubbling effect, giving the impression of a magical potion.

Foggy atmosphere:

Place dry ice chunks in a separate container and set it near the serving area. The sublimating dry ice will release a dense, low-lying fog, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Glowing elixir:

If you have access to UV light, placing dry ice in a cocktail under the light can create a mesmerizing glowing effect.


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Types of Cocktails That Can Benefit from Dry Ice

 Here are some types of cocktails that can benefit from the use of dry ice:

Smoky cocktails:

Dry ice can be used to create a smoky effect in cocktails, adding a mysterious and theatrical touch. This works particularly well in drinks like smoky Old Fashioneds or smoked margaritas.

Halloween-themed cocktails:

For spooky or themed parties, dry ice can be used to create a witch’s brew effect in cocktails. This is perfect for Halloween-themed drinks and adds an eerie, foggy atmosphere.

Fizzing cocktails:

Dry ice can create a bubbling or fizzing effect in cocktails, which can add a fun and dynamic element to drinks like sparkling cocktails or Champagne-based beverages.

Fruity and colorful cocktails:

Vibrant, colorful cocktails like tropical drinks or fruit-based concoctions can be elevated with the addition of dry ice, creating a visually appealing contrast.

Sci-fi or space-themed cocktails:

For sci-fi or space-themed parties, dry ice can mimic the appearance of interstellar mist or fog, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

DIY Using Dry Ice for Effects and a little extra bit - Sugar & Cloth - Holiday - Halloween - DIY - Houston Blogger

Safely Guidelines

Purchase food-grade dry ice:

Ensure that the dry ice you use is specifically designated as food-grade. This is the most important precaution.

Handle with care:

Never ever touch dry ice! Always use gloves or tongs to handle dry ice. Direct contact with skin can cause frostbite.

Crush or shave it:

Before adding it to a cocktail, break the dry ice into smaller pieces or shave it to prevent large chunks from being ingested. Bust up the dry ice block by lightly dropping the plastic bag on hard ground a few times. We recommend wearing goggles just in case.

Use in well-ventilated area:

Ensure that the area where you’re using dry ice is well-ventilated to allow the carbon dioxide gas to disperse safely.

Do not swallow:

Remind guests that the dry ice is for visual effects only and should not be ingested. It’s not meant for consumption.

Provide cautionary instructions:

If serving cocktails with dry ice, inform guests about its presence and how to handle it safely.

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Where Can You Buy Food Grade Dry Ice?

Dry ice is generally sold by the pound. You won’t need much since a little chunk goes a long way. Most grocery stores and even Walmart and Costco carry dry ice.

You’ll most likely have to purchase it from the Customer Service department since dry ice is typically not stored with the regular frozen items.

Do not buy dry ice more than a few hours in advance as it would evaporate overnight. We highly recommend immediately transferring in a cooler to store dry, even in the car ride back home.


DIY Using Dry Ice for Effects and a little extra bit - Sugar & Cloth - Holiday - Halloween - DIY - Houston Blogger

Science Party Decor Ideas

For some eerie tabletop decor, we added dry ice to glass beakers.

And for those of you wondering how to make the colorful scientific flask, just fill it with mineral oil and sprinkles! We covered the top with press and seal paper and ribbon so no one would try and drink it!

You can also create this fog effect in some of our favorite Halloween drink recipes below —

mad scientist halloween party by sugar and cloth

DIY Using Dry Ice for Effects and a little extra bit - Sugar & Cloth - Holiday - Halloween - DIY - Houston Blogger

DIY using dry ice for fog effects

How to Use Dry Ice for Cocktails

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Dry ice adds a captivating visual element to cocktails, creating an impressive and memorable drinking experience.
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course DIY
Category Cocktails


  • Insulated gloves or tongs
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Hammer or mallet, or a heavy spoon for breaking down dry ice


  • 1 bag food-grade dry ice


  • Break up the dry ice block with a hammer, mallet or spoon. Or lightly drop the dry ice bag on a hard ground surface a few times. 1-2" inch chunks are ideal for cocktails. 4-5" inch chunks are idea for punch.
  • With a pair of tongs, drop in small chunks of dry ice for each beaker jar, cocktail glass or punch bowl. It will immediately begin to fog.
  • It's then safe to drink once the ice has completely dissolved, in about 5-10 minutes. Keep the remaining dry ice in a small cooler, and replenish the ice as the fog dies down. The warmer the liquid that you're dropping the ice into, the more fog that you'll get.
Cost: $8
KEYWORD: using dry ice for cocktails

Remember, while dry ice can add an exciting visual element to cocktails, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and responsible usage. ​​​​​​​Sugar & Cloth is in no way encouraging the misuse of dry ice. Though dry ice can be safe when used and handled properly, you are using it at your own risk.

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