Halloween Party Idea: A Mad Scientist Party

Sharing all the crazy DIY’s and gooey recipes from a scary spooky Halloween Mad Scientist Party for the holidays.

A Mad Scientist Party - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Halloween - Entertaining
Get your beakers ready my friends!

Because this week, I’m going to share all of the crazy DIY’s and gooey recipes from my Halloween Mad Scientist Party.

It’s just creepy enough for October, but not so creepy that you’re afraid to the eat anything from the chip table.

The Mad Scientist Party Invitations

DIY Scroll Test Tube Invitations - sugar and cloth

To fit the theme, we placed our Halloween invitations inside DIY test tubes, which can easily be purchased online in different sizes. 

A Mad Scientist Party - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Halloween - Entertaining

DIY Halloween Decor

DIY creepy animal ladle for halloween by sugar and cloth

Serve your drinks and cocktails with a DIY Animal Ladle

This is also the perfect time to use dry ice for a spooky beverage.

Instead of shot glasses, syringes make for a great shooter alternative. And instead of punch bowls, we opted for lab beakers.

A Mad Scientist Party - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Halloween - Entertaining

Halloween Dessert Ideas

These DIY Petri Dish Jello-O make for an easy but oh so cute Halloween treat or party favor for your festivities.

And your guests will surely love Monster Guts desserts made of cool whip, cookie crumbles and marshmallows.

monster guts recipe from sugar and cloth

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12 thoughts on “Halloween Party Idea: A Mad Scientist Party”

  1. GAHH you’ve done it again. i can’t wait to see the process behind all of this! absolutely adorable. and i have to say.. i just love how all of your projects are so YOU. i can totally tell that you did this.

    you rock.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! And I want to come to this party sooooooo bad. Please tell me there are shots in those syringes? That would be amazeballs.

    Love love love it :)


  3. Oh my goodness Ashley, you have set the bar high for anyone who is preparing a deliciously scary Halloween party!!! I studied this mad scientist party closely, enjoying every visual clue. What a super neat idea using large syringes, fingernails in a bowl, the blast of colors in the glass beakers, and the caution sign set behind a magnifying glass. Brilliant!

    This creepy mad scientist party should be showcased on front of a magazine cover!


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