DIY Animal Leg Ladle

DIY Animal Leg Ladle — This DIY Animal Leg Ladle costs $5 and takes all of three seconds to make. An easy DIY for a Halloween Party!

DIY creepy animal ladle for halloween by sugar and cloth

My favorite parties are the ones that make you think “no way?!” (but in a good way). Normally, this is a result of some stunningly pretty scenery or genius DIY decor.

But in this instance, it happens to be a DIY Animal Leg Ladle. Not necessarily cute, but as long as were working with a little shock and awe factor then we’re okay.

To give it a few more brownie points, this ladle costs $5 and takes all of three seconds to make.

mad scientist halloween party by sugar and cloth

Materials Needed To Make A DIY Ladle

DIY animal leg ladle for halloween

Halloween Party Decor | How To Make A DIY Animal Leg Ladle

The octopus tentacle from Paper Source was already open ended. So all I had to do was shove it over the end of the ladle.

If you want to use a different rubber animal, just cut the leg off and do the same thing!

Since the leg just barely covers the ladle, it’s tight enough to not fall off and it’s still food safe because it doesn’t touch the punch!

DIY creepy tentacle ladle


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  1. LOOOOOVE this. The tentacle link just takes you to the home page of paper source. I have searched high & low on the site for the tentacle. Can you give a more direct link?
    Thanks so much!

  2. I love this! Super cute, something I would totally do because that octopus is tentacle give me both smiles and chills.

  3. No way? I thought from looking at the photos yesterday that the octopus leg was just laying against the bowl, not actually function-able. I hope everyone pays attention to the DIY’s this week. Your imagination is “genius” creating this mad scientist party!