Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Since store-bought isn’t really our thing, we are sharing our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids that are super easy to make at home!

Sugar & Cloth: DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

These DIY Halloween costume ideas are cute, quick, and easy to recreate just in time for your next Halloween party!

Maybe the little boy in his Harry Potter costume at the grocery store in mid-June was an exhausted parent’s lost battle.

Or maybe it was a display of his budding self-expression.

Either way, these DIY Halloween costumes for kids should bring you some dress-up inspiration!

It’s always heart-warming seeing kids dressed up, and there’s no better time than Halloween!

So we are sharing some adorably creative DIY Halloween costumes for kids that are super easy to make at home!

Store-bought costumes aren’t really our thing, we prefer homemade Halloween costumes around here.

We are a DIY blog at heart, after all!

That said, it’s time to make a quick trip to the store for some pipe cleaners, fabric glue, styrofoam balls, a needle and thread, a hot glue gun, and spray paint to make these kiddos some costumes they’ll never forget.

If you’re not crafty, it’s okay.

Do you remember the part in the movie “Big Daddy” when the little boy made up his own Halloween costume?

Here’s an amazing still shot for reference.

We think this is an awesome way to use what you have and let your kid design their own, unique costume that is authentically them for your next Halloween party.

I mean, you might not win the Captain America or Star Wars battle, but hey!

On the plus side, you can also easily repurpose some of these ideas for couples costumes, family costumes, or a baby costume too.

36 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

1 – DIY Hungry Hippo Costume

Cute Kids Costume - Hungry Hippo DIY Halloween Costume
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

We have to give the top spot to baby Gwen, the cutest Hungry Hippo we’ve ever seen!

See the full version of the Hungry Hippos for here!

2 — Crayons from The Day The Crayons Quit

Kids Costume Ideas - photo of 4 kids dressed as crayons
Photo by The House That Lars Built
photo and project by The House That Lars Built

The children’s book series written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers is a great group costume idea for siblings and friends!

Plus, the DIY by The House That Lars Built uses solid color, long sleeve and pant pajama sets as the primary base. Maximum comfort and a little warmth for those brisk Halloween nights. 

3 — Carmen Miranda

Sugar & Cloth: DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids-3

photo by Tony Lanz / project by Today’s Parent

Otherwise affectionately known as Chiquita Banana! We love the idea of fruit balloons as opposed to plastic fruit. This costume could be a great option if you’re looking to match with your child. For that, we suggest this 3-tier fruit hanging basket which could be hacked to be used for child, mom, and dad, ha!

4 — Birthday Candle Costume


Birthday Candle DIY Halloween Costume
Photo by Oh Happy Day

A birthday candle doesn’t exactly scream “Halloween”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great costume!

This customizable, super affordable kids costume from Oh Happy Day is as simple as a poster board, tape, spray paint, and cellophane.

It’s also an amazing way to celebrate your little one if their birthday happens to fall on or near the spooky holiday.

Optional addition: glitter.

Not an optional addition: cake!

5 — Lego Costume

DIY Lego Halloween Costume
Photo by Today’s Parent

Another great single-child or group Halloween costume idea that won’t break the bank.

This super simple DIY Lego costume uses cardboard a couple of egg cartons and paint. Voila!

6 — Madeline Costume

Madeline Halloween Costume for girls
Photo by Say Yes

Je ne sais pas how to say, “trick or treat” in French but I’m sure it sounds chic!

This adorable Madeline costume from Say Yes (based off the children’s book Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans) is an absolute classic. 

7 — Toddler Taco

DIY Felt Taco Halloween Costume for Toddlers
Photo by Wayfarer Family

Get your Halloween fiesta started with a toddler taco costume and an actual margarita for madre!

This no-sew costume is designed by the Waferer family, using felt for soft texture on baby’s skin.

8 — Moonrise Kingdom Character Costumes

Moonrise Kingdom DIY character costumes for boys and girls
Photo by Oh Happy Day

One of Oh Happy Day’s hipster Halloween costume ideas is this super cute boy and girl costume combo based off the characters from Wes Anderson’s film “Moonrise Kingdom”.

Being huge Wes Anderson fans, we actually created a Grand Budapest Hotel costume for ourselves which can easily be modified so for your kids too!

9 — Rain Cloud Costume

DIY Rain cloud halloween costume for kids
Photo by Today’s Parent

A rain cloud costume is a humorous solution for those cold, rainy Halloween nights.

Plus, rain boots and a rain jacket are probably already in your kid’s closet.

If rain is predicted in your area during prime trick-or-treating time, we recommend using poly-fil, a lighter, water-proof, less expensive alternative to cotton batting.

10 — Pineapple Cape Costume

DIY pineapple costume for kids
Photo by Delia Creates

Delia Creates made this awesome DIY pineapple costume using felt, a marker, a little stuffing, and just a few stitches of the needle.

This easy and fun costume would work great on smaller kids, and babies too!

11 — Bubble Bath Costume

Bubble bath DIY costume
Photo by Today’s Parent

Rubba dub dub, everything but the tub!

This bubble bath costume is cuteness overload.

Add-on idea: Use a bathtub friendly toy basket, add a couple of bathtub accessories like a few toys and a loofah, and use it as the candy basket when trick-or-treating.

12 — Care Bears Costumes for Kids 

DIY Care bears halloween costume for kids
Photo by Say Yes

The Care Bears are such an iconic and nostalgic part of childhood and we love this idea for a group of siblings or friends.

Thanks, Say Yes for the awesome Care Bear costume DIY!

13 — Campfire Costume

Campfire DIY Halloween costume
Photo by Today’s Parent

The campfire costume from Today’s Parent uses a clever object for the logs.

Can you guess it before clicking the link? Hint: it’s primarily used during summer months.

14 — Smiley Face Costume

DIY Smiley Face Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Oh Happy Day

No frowns here! This is the happiest costume on the list.

Get the smiley face costume how-to from Oh Happy Day!

This costume could easily be converted into an emoji for a modern twist.

15 –Road Racer Costume

Road Racers DIY Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Today’s Parent

This is a fun one for toddlers and kids who love cars. Check out the road racer costume from Today’s Parent.

If you don’t have a checkered flag already, this tutorial will show you how to make one with black and white felt.

16 — Strawberry Baby

Strawberry DIY Halloween costume for babies
Photo by Say Yes

Are baby costumes a must? We don’t think so, but they’re definitely cute!

Just look at this baby strawberry.

This costume uses a red onesie, some white felt for the seeds, and green felt for the topper, which is a great way to keep baby’s head warm. 

17 — Happy Rainbow Costume

Rainbow DIY kids Halloween costume
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Fun and bright rainbow costume for kids from Oh Happy Day.

We love the use of white balloons as the clouds at each end!

18 — Grape Vine

DIY grape vine halloween costume for boys and girls
Photo by Today’s Parent

A grape vine makes an awesome costume for kids (or adults) and can of course be done in green or purple.

Side note: Any costume that has balloons or fruit involved has our seal of approval! 

19 — Circus Lion

Circus lion diy halloween costume for toddler boys and girls
Photo Style Me Pretty

We love this circus lion costume idea for two reasons.

And one of on them because it features a wagon.

Not only can your wild animal (we’re keeping them in character here) be “caged” (for safety reasons, of course), but also, they can be wheeled around the neighborhood if they start to get sleepy while trick or treating.

The other reason is because the circus is a great theme for a group or a family!

20 — Frida Kahlo Costume

Frida Kahlo diy halloween costume for girls
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Frida Kahlo is a common halloween costume for women.

But we’re digging this adorable look as a girls costume.

Bright colors, big flowers, and of course, a few extra facial hairs brings the Frida Kahlo costume for kids together perfectly.

21 — Bon Bon Candy Costume

piece of candy diy halloween costume for kids
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Putting the treat in “trick-or-treat!”, this bon bon candy costume DIY is a little more advanced since it uses paper maché.

But we have full confidence in your abilities!

This costume idea is very similar to our cute Halloween front door candy decor idea too!

22 — Superhero Kids Costume

DIY superhero halloween costume for boys and girls
Photo by Brit + Co

Calling all super heroes! Boys, girls, parents and pets!

Wear your super power loud and proud with this DIY superhero costume from Brit + Co.

23 — Side Salad Costume

DIY salad halloween costume for kids
Photo byThe Kitchn
photo and project by The Kitchn

The side salad a.k.a. baby greens. Jokes not aside, this salad costume for kids is hilariously cute.

Check out the full tutorial from The Kitchn.

24 — Soft and Sweet Bunny Costume

DIY bunny costume for halloween
Photo by ImaginaryTail

Get the instant download for this cute, sweet, DIY Bunny costume.

The seller notes that it works for children 1-5 years old and the whole costume is made of felt, making your sweet little one the perfect cuddle bunny!

25 — Mondrian Painting

DIY Mondrian painting Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Talk about a work of art!

This costume was made out of a paper bag and paint! Simple, modern design, folks.

This Mondrian Painting kids costume idea brought to you by Oh Happy Day, who also shares a fire truck costume using the same paper bag base. 

26 — Rosie the Riveter Girls Costume

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume DIY for kids
Photo by Today’s Parent

Another costume that defies age!

This kids version of a Rosie the Riveter costume comes to us from Today’s Parent.

27 — Starfish Baby Costume

Baby starfish DIY halloween costume for babies
Photo by Oh Happy Day

We love how adorable and functional this costume is!

Catch the DIY for this gender-neutral baby starfish costume by Oh Happy Day.

28 — Lucky Ladybug Costume

Ladybug DIY Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Better Homes & Gardens

According to Better Homes & Gardens, this DIY ladybug costume is super simple and is made mostly out of cardboard.

Personally, we’d probably skip the glitter and opt for a matte red version.

29 — Woody from Pixar’s Toy Story

Toy Story Woody Character costume diy for kids
Photo by Hair to Dream

Hair to Dream shows us how to turn a plain white t-shirt into Woody’s iconic cow print vest.

The rest of the Toy Story costume also pulls from the famous animated character — denim, a bandana, and of course, a cowboy hat.

30 — Jar of Sprinkles Costume

Sprinke jar DIY Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Oh Happy Day

Using long, skinny balloons as sprinkles is such a great idea for this fun and colorful halloween costume!

Thanks, Oh Happy Day! How do they always come up with so many great DIY halloween costumes for kids??

31 — Ice Cream Vendor

Ice cream vendor DIY Halloween costume for boys and girls
Photo by La Maison De Loulou

La Maison De Loulou shares this adorable ice cream vendor costume for kids using downloadable ice cream templates to decorate to your taste.

32 — Corn Costume

DIY Corn costume for boys and girls
Photo by Today’s Parent

Horror films are not our thing.

So we’re skipping right over any similarly-themed Halloween movies and going straight to the corn costume how-to from Today’s Parent!

33 — DIY Swan Princess

Swan princes DIY Halloween costume for girls
Photo by MerMag

We love this DIY swan princess costume from MerMag.

It’s a wonderful tutorial for a beautiful princess and her swan.

34 — Whimsical Harlequin Clown

Harloquin Clown Halloween Costume
Photo by Babekins

Nothing scary about this harlequin inspired clown!

All that’s needed for this look is face paint, tulle skirt, hat, and red lipstick to create the non-spooky clown costume for kids.

35 — Rainbow Unicorn

DIY Rainbow unicorn Halloween costume for kids
Photo by Shwin and Shwin

Rainbow unicorns for the win!

Shwin and Shwin shares exactly how to make this magical rainbow unicorn costume at home.

36 — Jellyfish Costume

Jellyfish DY Halloween costume for boys and girls
Photo by Today’s Parent

Another great costume for trick-or-treating, rain or shine!

Despite being monochromatic and one of the easiest on our list to make at home, this jellyfish costume for boys and girls makes quite a statement!

More Halloween Ideas

We hope these 36 DIY Halloween costumes for kids (and babies) gave you some great ideas for your little one’s costumes this year.

For more ways to get ready for Halloween, check out some of our favorite features below —

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Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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