41 DIY Halloween Couples Costumes Ideas

Looking for unique or DIY couples costumes ideas for your upcoming Halloween parties? We’ve put together a list of over 40 of our favorite couples costume ideas!

DIY Halloween Couples Costumes Ideas by Sugar & Cloth

It’s officially the season for Halloween parties, my friends!

We’re helping you pick out the perfect costume to wow your friends all night long… and hopefully, still be recognizable by the end. 

We’ve got your token power couple, funny costumes, Stranger Things, love stories, and a few hipster costumes mixed in.

Basically, we have everything and a sense of humor mixed in. 

Okay, okay, so there’s no Fred & Wilma or the Walking Dead here, but you get the idea.

Don’t forget to check out our Halloween costumes for kids right here, and a slew of our favorite Halloween entertaining ideas at the bottom of the post!

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas | Easy Ideas for Couples Costumes

1 — Pantone Color Combo

Pantone Couples Halloween Costume Idea by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Our Pantone color combo is of our favorite costumes of all time!

We love the idea of being a color for Halloween, but being a pantone color is legit.

It’s also super simple. This colorful hipster costume also works with singles, families, and groups!

2 — Netflix & Chill

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Netflix and chill
Photo by Chris Andre for Brit + Co

We hope you won’t be Netflix and chill-ing at home Halloween evening.

Grab your partner and be punny in the ultimate millennial couples costume!

3 — Peter Pan and Shadow Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Peter Pan and shadow
Photo by Trisha Zemp / Project by The House That Lars Built

Peter Pan and Shadow is such a clever Halloween costume for couples!

The House That Lars Built put these costumes together perfectly.

Head over to see their full DIY tutorial.

4 — Safari Couple Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Safari Couple
Photo by Jessica Attie | Project by Jennifer Rose Smith for Camille Styles

Let the adventures begin!

Inspired by well-known explorers, Martin and Osa Johnson, Jennifer Rose Smith put together this almost-glamorous safari couples costume for herself and her beau. 

5 — ’80s Andre Agassi and Tennis Ball Costume

Man and Pregnant Woman in DIY Couples costume: Andre Agassi and tennis ball
Photo by Brit + Co

This fun 80’s throwback couples costume could work with just Andre.

But we do love the addition of the tennis ball bump, and the mama.

See how Brit + Co cleverly came up with the pregnant belly costume. Hint: It’s not a real tennis ball.

6 — John Lennon and Yoko Ono Power Couple Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Photo by Brit + Co

Spread peace and love this Halloween as the iconic duo John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Round yellow-tinted glasses are a must for John’s look.

John and Yoko costume image found on Brit + Co.

7 — Party Animals Group or Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Party animals
Photo by Brit + Co

Get it?? We’re suckers for simple and clever Halloween costumes like this party animals costume from Brit + Co.

To make it your own, choose your spirit animal and your beverage of choice!

8 — Baby Driver Characters

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Baby Driver film characters
Photo by Brit + Co

A super easy couple’s costume is characters from the 2017 film, “Baby Driver” starring Ansel Elgort and his love interest, Deb, played by Lily James.

We found this great bomber jacket to kick things off for (your) Baby, and Brit + Co has the full guide to Deb’s sweet diner dress.

9 — A Couple o’ Bandits

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Burgaler bandits
Photo by Say Yes

Considering the fact that we practically live in this outfit (sans face mask, gloves, and dollar sign tote), we have to say that this is one of the easiest last minute costumes ever. 

Head over to Say Yes to get all the sources used for this bandits couples costume.

10 — Easy DIY Cactus Costume for Couples or Groups

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Cacti
Photo by Brit + Co

Cute cacti couple alert! Get the super easy, no-poke cacti costume DIY via Brit + Co.

Fun fact: Most saguaro cacti grow between 30 and 50 feet tall!

Of course, we don’t expect you to recreate that. But hey, pom poms are a fun accent for this idea instead.

11 — Camp Counselors Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: camp counselors
Photo by Say Yes

Okay, campers, trick, or treat?! Grab your flashlight and gather ’round the fire, it’s time for spooky stories!

Camp counselor costume idea courtesy of Say Yes.

12 — Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper
Photo by Extra Petite

America’s favorite home television network stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, make for an excellent couples costume.

Both are easy costumes that most of us already have — blue jeans and a button down plaid or chambray shirt.

To top off the look, print a photo of a house and cut it in half like as shown by Extra Petite!

13 — Cookies and Milk Couples Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Milkman and cookie
Photo by Studio DIY

Name a more delicious combo, we’ll wait!

Kelly and Jeff of Studio DIY made this awesome couples costume that will never go out of style – or taste.

Check out the full tutorial here.

14 — Steve and Robin Costumes from Stranger Things

Man and Woman in Couples costume idea: Steve and Robin of Stranger Things

Steve and Robin may not be a couple, but they are besties.

So that doesn’t mean that you and your boo can’t pretend to sling some Ahoy ice cream in adorable matching sailor outfits.

Stranger Things have happened, right?

15 — Magician and Rabbit Easy Halloween Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Magician and white rabbit
Photo by Say Yes

Abra-ca-cuties! This magician and white rabbit couples costume from Say Yes is timeless and simple.

Bonus points if you get extra creative with your safety pin boutonniere. 

16 — Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own Costumes

Two Women in DIY Couples costume: baseball players from A League of Their Own
Photo by Camille Styles

Camille Styles and team came up with a great DIY costume for the ladies of the Rockford Peaches from the classic 1992 baseball film, A League of Their Own

17 — Dentist and Tooth Fairy Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Dentist and tooth fairy
Photo by A Sparkle A Day

Combat the Halloween candy cavities together!

Grab a set of scrubs and a mask for dentist, and some wings and a wand (or giant toothbrush) for the fairy or snag all of A Sparkle A Day’s costume goodies here!

18 — Pencil & Paper Unique Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Yellow pencil and lined paper
Photo by Studio DIY

Kelly and Jeff nailed this school supplies themed DIY pencil and paper couples costume.

The best part? It works as a family costume too! 

19 — The Grand Budapest Hotel Couples Costume

Hipster Halloween: DIY The Grand Budapest Hotel couples costume idea - Sugar & Cloth - Mendl's
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

DIY costume for characters in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, made and modeled by Sugar & Cloth! 

20 — Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Mike and El from Stranger Things
Photo by A Beautiful Mess

True love knows no age.

So it’s perfectly acceptable for adult significant others to be Mike and El for Halloween.

Plus, she’s total bad-you-know-what, and he’s adorable.

So we’re here for it… Eggos and all.

21 — Forrest Gump and Jenny Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Forrest Gump and Jenny
Photo by Mary Costa Photography

Melt our hearts, Forrest and Jenny! Another costume that is most likely in your closets already.

If you need a flower crown, though, we’ve got you.

22 — Milk Shake & Soda Jerk Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Milk shake and soda jerk
Photo by Studio DIY

Order up! We love this cute and sweet milkshake and soda jerk couples costume from Studio DIY.

The cherry on top? It’s so easy!

23 — Retro Tomorrowland Space Age Couples Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: characters from Tomorrowland
Photo by Keiko Lynn

We aren’t the biggest fans of space stories, but this Tomorrowland space age couples costume still earns a spot on our list.

Keiko Lynn perfectly put the looks together and we have to say, we’re really into it!

24 — Sandy and Danny from Grease Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Dany and Sandy from Grease
Photo by Say Yes 

Grease characters Sandy and Danny are a great Halloween costume for any couple.

His and hers all black outfits are almost enough to pull of these looks.

Just don’t forget the red heel and lips, Sandy! Your Danny can opt for a white tee and leather jacket, if he prefers.

This hot (but not too hot) couples costume comes from Say Yes! 

25 — Lars and the Real Girl Hipster Couples Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Lars and The Real Girl
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth totally nailed this Lars and the Real Girl couples costume.

Seriously, though, Ashley’s plastic doll gaze and pose are perfect!

26 — Bananas in Pajamas Costumes

Two women in DIY Couples costume: Bananas in Pyjamas
Photo by Brit + Co

Goofy costume for a goofy couple (or in this case, goofy besties)!

Bring the LOLz to your party with this comfortable matching pajama set inspired by the Australian children’s TV series, Bananas in Pyjamas.

See how Brit + Co put the full Bananas in Pyjamas costume together.

27 — Troop Beverly Hills Costume

Two women in DIY Couples costume: Troop Beverly Hills
Photo by Studio DIY

If you were already thinking of being a Beverly Hills trooper, Studio DIY has the complete source list you’ll need to totally nail the costume whether you’re flying solo, as a couple, or with your troop!

28 — Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
Photo by Brit + Co

Harry and Hermione may be an obvious choice for a couples Halloween costume.

But that doesn’t make it a bad one! Brit + Co explains all the necessary items for this magical couples costume.

29 – Tropical Drink and Pool Boy Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Tropical drink and pool boy
Photo by Studio DIY

Tropical drink and pool boy is such a fun concept for a couples Halloween!

It may not be the most “fall” costume, but it’s always summer in our hearts anyway.

Any guesses as to what the lemon is made of?? Find out the clever hack by clicking the link!

30 — Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe painting
Photo by Brit + Co

This “couples” costume is super creative!

While classic Marilyn is a great costume, we love the idea of a colorful pop-art version of Marilyn, based off of the series by famed artist, Andy Warhol.

31 — Jack and Jill Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Jack and Jill

Any couple can pull off this Jack and Jill costume for Halloween.

The nursery rhyme is practically universal so it requires little to no explanation, especially with the name tags.

Don’t forget the pale, and watch your step, you two!

32 — Kissing Sailor Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Kissing Sailor and woman
Photo by Say Yes

You may have seen the famously romantic photograph of a sailor returning home from war, victorious, and kissing a woman in a white dress.

But did you know that the two were total strangers?

Here’s the original photo, taken in Times Square in 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Say Yes and hubby recreated the Kissing Sailor look for Halloween, and you can too! Swoon! 

33 — La La Land Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: La La Land film characters
Photo by Brit + Co

If you were a fan of the film and like to put on a show with your partner, we suggest dressing up as the characters from La La Land this Halloween!

Full costume broken down by Brit + Co.

34 — Don and Betty Draper from Mad Men Couples Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: The Drapers from Mad Men
Photo by Say Yes

The show, the era, it’s all so good!

We love Say Yes’s Don and Betty Draper couples costume so much, it’s definitely on our short list this year.

35 — Moonrise Kingdom Characters Costumes

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Moonrise Kingdom film characters
Photo by Keiko Lynn

Wes Anderson is widely acclaimed for his highly artistic visuals in his films.

So it’s no surprise that his film characters often become popular choices for Halloween costumes.

We included these particular Moonrise Kingdom characters on our Kids Halloween costume list this year.

And our very own Ashley and Jared have dressed up Wes Anderson characters from another film. 

Scroll back up if you missed it!

36 — The Game of Operation Couples Costume Idea

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: The Game of Operation doctor and patient
Photo by Brit + Co

Childhood nostalgia is a great resource for fun and recognizable Halloween costume ideas.

And the doctor and patient from The Game of Operation are just that! Bzzz!

37 — Palm Tree and Beach Ball Couples Costumes

Two women in DIY Couples costume: palm tree and beach ball
Photo by Studio DIY

Keep the summer beach vibes alive this Halloween with Studio DIY’s beach ball and palm tree costumes!

38 — Paris and Nicole Best Friends Couples Costume

Two women in DIY Couples costume: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life
Photo by Brit + Co

Grab your bestie, some heels, and anything handy to pull off this amazing and hilarious Simple Life inspired friends costume.

We’d love to see you and your best friend channeling Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

That’s hot, y’all!

39 — Pushing Daisies Hipster Couples Costume

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Pushing Daisies film characters
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Ashley and Jared strike again! We love this Pushing Daisies Halloween costume idea for couples.

Ashley’s dress was vintage, but we were able to find not one, but two great lookalikes on Amazon!

Snag the rest of the look on the full post.

40 — Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite Couples Costumes

Two women in DIY Couples costume: Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite
Photo by Do it Yourself Divas

Heading to a Halloween party with your other half?

Turn up the “Canned Heat” and bust your best Napoleon moves! Also, don’t forget: Vote for Pedro!

Pedro and Napoleon Dynamite costumes brought to us from Do it Yourself Divas.

41 — Salt and Pepper Couples Costume Idea

Man and Woman in DIY Couples costume: Salt and Pepper
Photo by Evite

Clearly define your couple-dom with this super easy Salt and Pepper couples costume!

Also great for anyone who prefers a more understated costume that’s already in their closet.

More Costume Ideas

And in case these 41 couples costume ideas didn’t catch your fancy, here are a few of our other favorite Halloween costume ideas —

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