Family Costume Ideas: 39 Ideas For Family Halloween Costumes

Unique Family Halloween Costumes — It’s that time of year when everyone is trying to come up with the most unique Halloween costume ideas and we’ve got you covered with 39 ideas for easy family Halloween costumes…

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Updated August 2020

We’ve already brought you 41 Easy Ideas for Couples Halloween Costumes, 36 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids, Halloween wigs and lashes, and now we’re back with family Halloween costumes!

Haunted houses and horror films are not our idea of a fun Halloween, but a great costume definitely is! We love any excuse to get dressed up and socialize, and coming from experience, it seems like that happens less and less frequently once kids are in the picture.

Not to fear, these family Halloween costume ideas are meant to include every family member – so come on, parents, kids, and pets, this one’s for you!

No Harry Potter, video games, or Game of Thrones costumes this year, but these ideas are full of color, fun, and are perfect for family…

Family Costume Ideas | 39 Ideas for Family Halloween Costumes

1 — DIY Hungry Hippos Costume

photo of the family in their costumes inspired by the hungry hippo game
photo and project by Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth debuted their very first family Halloween costume in 2018 with this easy Hungry Hippos costume DIY featuring baby Gwen!

2 — DIY Pasta Family Costume

Photo of mom and baby in DIY pasta costumes
photo and project by Studio DIY

Since pasta is one of our top 3 favorite food categories (right behind pasta and more pasta), it’s no surprise that this DIY pasta family costume is near the top of our list. Yummy and cute – just how we like things!

3 — Bank Robbers Family or Group Costume

Photo of family in burglar Halloween costumes
photo and project by Happy Grey Lucky

Matching outfits are one of the easiest ways to go for costumes, and this family of bank robbers is a super cute costume idea for the whole family- even the family pup!

4 — Baby Donut and Officer Mommy and Me Costume

Family Halloween Costume: Photo of mom dresses ad police officer holding baby dressed as donut
photo by Chris Andre / project by Brit + Co

How cute is this DIY baby donut costume?! We could just eat them up. Bring in dad as another cop, and the other little ones as more donuts for a full family costume!

5 — Alvin and the Chipmunks Costumes

photo of three children dressed in Alvin & The Chipmunks DIY costumes
photo by Kurt Andre / project by Brit + Co

This sporty version of Alvin and the Chipmunks from Brit + Co is a very easy costume to put together last minute. This costume is perfect for siblings and friends, too!

Photo of family dressed in DIY robot halloween costumes

photo and project by Tell Love and Party

6 — DIY Robot Family Costume

Is this robot family costume spot on or what?! We’re super impressed with clever the DIY from Tell Love and Party. We love the colorful version, but you could always spray paint the costumes metallic silver if you’re going for a more classic robot look.

Photo of family in clown Halloween costumes

photo by Paulina Kania and Anastasia Borowka / project by Kickcan & Conkers

7 — Family of Clowns Halloween Costume

Kickcan & Conkers is serving up some serious vintage clown family costume inspiration with these costumes. We love all the whimsical pom pomps and the polka dot leggings. Bravo!

photo of family in DIY shark halloween costumes

photo and project by Shrimp Salad Circus

8 — DIY Baby Shark Family Costume

We’ll try to spare you the catchy tune, but we had to share this campfire song turned pop culture reference turned family Halloween costume! Family sharks doo, doo, doo, doo, do..

Photo of family in circus snack themed halloween costumes

photo by Kurt Andre / project by Brit + Co

9 — Circus Snacks Family Costume

That’s right, folks! This DIY circus-themed family costume is sans clowns, acrobats, and animals. Instead, the stars of the show are the sweet and salty concessions, otherwise known in Circus Lingo as “Abba Dabba”!

10 — Disneyland Tourists Costume Idea

Photo of family in Disneyland Tourist themed Halloween costume
photo by Ashley Thalman / project by Say Yes

This Disneyland tourists family costume has us cracking up! Instead of going as a classic Disney character, this costume is goofy, comfortable, and if you’re a fan of the entertainment conglomerate, you probably already have some of this gear.

This idea is awesome because a stroller actually adds to the costume, so feel free to bring it along – especially if you’re trick or treating!

11 — Lawn Flamingo and Cactus Mommy and Me Costume

Photo of mom in lawn flamingo costume and holding baby in cactus costume
photo and project by Studio DIY

Studio DIY put together this awesome Palm Springs inspired mother and child costume. She went as a lawn flamingo, and baby was a cactus. How cute!

12 — DIY Baby Croissant Mommy and Me Costume

Photo of mom dressed as French woman holding baby in DIY croissant costume
photo by Paul Ferney / project by Oh Happy Day!

Nothing better than a buttery baby croissant! Mom (or dad, or both) can sport this chic French look and roam freely with baby croissant cozy and comfy in their carrier.

Catch the full DIY croissant costume from Oh Happy Day.

13 — Chiquita & Baby Banana Costume

Photo of mom dressed as Chiquita Banana holding baby in DIY banana wrap: Halloween costume
photo and project by The House That Lars Built

A yellow wrap is all you need to keep baby banana tight and secure on Mamacita Chiquita. Grab a matching yellow cap and tape on an enlarged banana sticker to complete baby’s look.

Mom, layer some bright beads and flowers over a flow-y skirt and off the shoulder ruffled top. See the same costume a la Sugar & Cloth for more ideas.

Photo of family of four in Retro Space Halloween costumes

project by Tell Love & Party

14 — DIY Retro Space Family Costume

Retro vibes! We love how Tell Love & Party’s designed this DIY space family costume using a simple hack. Head over to the link for the full how-to!

Photo of mother and toddler dressed as gardener and gnome Halloween costumes

photo and project by Live Free Creative Co

15 — DIY Garden Gnome Costume

This costume gives us the LOLz. We love this idea for several reasons: 1. it’s adorable, 2. it’s hilarious, 3. you can never have too many gnomes! So, if you’re a family of two or ten, this DIY gnome family costume is simply perfect.

Photo of family wearing DIY school supply themed costumes: pencil, paper, and eraser

photo and project by Studio DIY

16 — School Supplies DIY Family Costume

Studio DIY cleverly personified school supplies with this cheery, themed family Halloween costume featuring a pencil, paper, and baby eraser. So unique!

Photo of mom an toddler in Grease inspired Halloween costumes

photo Kurt Andre / project by Brit + Co

17 — “Grease” Family Costume

There are so many good characters to choose from for Halloween costumes, and Grease characters are definitely a popular choice. Instead of the couples costume version, though, we love the twist of baby Danny!

Head to Brit + Co for the mommy and me Grease family costume.

Photo of parents and child in League of Their Own Halloween costumes

photo by Brittany Griffin / project by Brit + Co

18 — “A League of Their Own” DIY Family Costume

Be a league of your own with this cute and sporty family costume from Brit + Co. This costume also works for friends and couples!

Photo of parents in gardener costumes holding baby in garlic costume

photo by Ashley Thalman / project by Say Yes

19 — Gardeners and Baby Garlic Family Costume

This beautiful family halloween costume has mom and dad as gardeners, and baby as garlic. Say Yes has the how-to and excellent ideas for making this Halloween costume adaptable to different family sizes.

Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire the little ones to come around to some more veggies!

Photo of 3 siblings in Little Red Riding Hood inspired Halloween costumes

photo and project by Pink Pistachio

20 — Little Red Sibling Costume

Pink Pistachio put together this sibling costume based on “Little Red Riding Hood” and it’s so cute. If you’re a family of three, mom and dad can step in as the wolf and the wood cutter!

Photo of family of four in outer space themed Halloween costumes

photo by Brittany Griffin / project by Brit + Co

21 — Space Themed DIY Family Costume

The moon, stars, a UFO, and a little green man make up this stellar space themed family costume. Head to Brit + Co for the DIY tutorial.

Photo of parents and child dressed in Peter Pan character Halloween costumes

photo by Ashley Thalman / project by Say Yes

22 — Peter Pan Family Costume

Say Yes put this Peter Pan family costume together from some thrift store items and a few pieces from Amazon. It’s a great last minute family option if you’re in a pinch!

Photo of mother holding young child dressed as Picasso. Mother is dressed as a masterpiece.

photo by Jane Merritt / project by The House That Lars Built

23 — Baby Picasso and Masterpiece Family Costume

We don’t know if it’s the colorful outfit, the face paint, or Baby Picasso himself, but this costume is a masterpiece in its own right and one of our favorite costumes ever! The clever Picasso and painting mommy and me costume is by The House That Lars Built.

Photo of family dressed in Marry Poppins character Halloween costumes

photo and project by In Honor of Design

24 — Mary Poppins and Chimney Sweeps Family Costume

In Honor of Design released their easy DIY rendition of a Marry Poppins family Halloween costume and they totally nailed it. We love that the Mary Poppins role was filled by the daughter. Way to go, IHOD!

Photo of family and dog dressed in futuristic space costumes

photo and project by Betsy Gantt for Hallmark

25 — Futuristic Family DIY Costume

It’s not the first space themed looks we’ve shared, but you’ll never guess what items were used to make the DIY Futuristic family of six costumes.The color palette is pretty far out, too! It’s reminding us of Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” but a little more refined.

Photo of family in Halloween themed costumes: ghost, black cat, mummy, and skeleton

photo and project by Pink Pistachio

26 — Classic Halloween Theme Family Costume

We’ll admit, this is about as “scary” as we like things to get. The simplicity of the black and white (and the absence of red) is what earns this classic Halloween theme family costume a spot on our list.

Photo of mother dressed as sriracha bottle costume holding baby dressed in taco costume

photo and project by Brit + Co

27 — Sriracha and Taco Mommy and Me Costume

Hot mama! Even though the dress was bought, this costume and the DIY taco are surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Brit + Co tells you how to make this awesome Sriracha and Taco mom and baby costume.

Photo of family in Star Wars character Halloween costumes

photo by Ashley Thalman / project by Say Yes

28 — “Star Wars” Family Costume

Nerd out with this “Star Wards” family costume from Say Yes! Given its significance and world-wide fandom, it’s no surprise that “Star Wars” is a common group costume idea, so grab your lightsaber and join in for Halloween!

Photo of mother dressed in scuba gear carrying baby in star fish costume, in strap on baby carrier.

photo by Paul Ferney / project by Oh Happy Day

29 — Starfish and Scuba Diver Mama and Baby Costume

This cutie mom and baby scuba diver and star fish costume is a great way to keep up with the bigger kiddos if you plan on trick or treating. Make it a group costume with a jellyfish!

photo of family in weather themed halloween costumes: sun, rainbow, rain

photo and project by Studio DIY

30 — DIY Family Weather Costume

100% chance of fun in this DIY family weather costume! This costume could also work for siblings or a couple (sans rainbow and cloud). See the tutorial at Studio DIY!


Photo of parents and child in DIY superhero halloween costumes

photo and project by Damask Love

31 — DIY Superhero Family Costume

Another Halloween costume idea for any size family or group! We love the idea of creating custom super hero costumes based on your child’s (and your) chosen super powers, colors, and super hero name. Awesome idea, Damask Love!

Photo of mother and child in DIY costumes based off the children's book "The Giving Tree"

photo by Lindsay Graviet / project by The House That Lars Built

32 — “The Giving Tree” DIY Parent and Child Costume

The House That Lars built made a really great DIY tutorial for a parent and child costume based on ‘The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. Click to get all the costume details for you and your little.

Photo of parents and baby in Top Gun Halloween costumes

photo by Chris Andre / project by Brit + Co

33 — “Top Gun” Easy DIY Family Costume

If you’re a “Top Gun” fan, and you own a green jumpsuit and a pair of aviators, you’e 80% there. Check out Brit + Co’s source for the remaining pieces to this “Top Gun” DIY family costume.

Photo of parents, baby, and dog in DIY bath time Halloween costumes: Bubble bath, loofa, man in robe, rubber ducky

photo and project by Studio DIY

34 — DIY Bubble Bath Family Costume

Who would have thought that bath time could be a Halloween costume? Not us, but we’re so glad that Studio DIY came up with this clever DIY family costume!

Photo of mother and daughter in DIY Troop Beverly Hills Halloween costumes

photo by Kristen Kilpatrick / project by Camille Styles

35 — “Troop Beverly Hills” Mother and Daughter Costume

We shared Troop Beverly Hills characters over on the couple’s Halloween costume ideas post, but they make a great mother and daughter costume as well! Camille Styles shares her how-to. 

Photo of parents and two children dressed in Where's Waldo costumes for Halloween

photo and project by Happy Grey Lucky

36 — “Where’s Waldo?”Easy Family Costume

You’ll have no problem finding your little Waldo’s with this matching “Where’s Waldo?” family (or sibling) costume.

Since the jeans and boots can be worn year-round and the red and white striped long sleeve shirts can totally be repurposed for Christmas pajamas, we’re going to say that this Halloween costume is practically free. See what we did there?

Photo of parents and child dressed as Winnie the Pooh characters for Halloween

photo by Chris Andre / project by Brit + Co

37 — Winnie The Pooh Family Costume

Winnie, Christopher, and Piglet are the perfect Halloween trio. A quick trip to a local thrift store, a little felt, and a hot glue gun make this a great last minute option as well!

photo of family in outer space themed costumes: rocket, planets, astronaut

photo and project by Studio DIY

38 — DIY Space Family Costume

To round out the list, we’re sharing just one more DIY outer space family costume featuring a rocket ship, the universe, and a baby astronaut. T-minus two months until Halloween! You could also easily make this into an entire solar system as a group Halloween costume!

photo of a fruit snacks food costume idea for halloween

39  — DIY Fruit Snacks Food Costumes Family Costume Idea

We all know how much our kids LOVE fruit snacks, and we made this DIY fruit snacks family or group costume idea as an ode to our daughter’s favorite treat!

And you can see more of our other DIY Halloween costume ideas that we’ve made in years past, right here! —

Halloween Costume Ideas

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