DIY Coasters Using Cricut Infusible Ink

It’s safe to say that a cute set of coasters is a household staple. Not to mention DIY coasters are also a great housewarming gift in case you’re tired of the regular old candle idea!

While there are a TON of coaster tutorials floating around, this one is a little different than the usual. I’m actually showing you how to make coasters using Cricut infusible ink!

I’m explaining more on what the heck infusible ink is below, but needless to say YOU WILL WANT THESE! They seriously look store-bought once you’re finished!

I originally made these as part of my fall table decor post and combined them with this DIY runner and these DIY placemats...

text image as a header for diy coasters made with infusible ink by sugar and cloth
photo of the DIY coasters at a fall table setting by sugar and cloth

How To Make Easy DIY Coasters

  • Cricut coasters that are compatible with Infusible Ink, available in square or round
  • Cricut Infusible ink sheets in the color of your choice
  • Cricut maker
  • Cricut fine point blade
  • Regular card stock, laser inkjet, or scrapbook paper
  • Cricut EasyPress 2
  • Cricut medium grip mat

1- Connect your Cricut Maker to your computer and place your fine point blade into side B of the machine.

2- Design what you would like on your coasters in the Design Space page. We chose a grid print that we easily designed in Photoshop to upload to DesignSpace, which you can download to use below!

Click here to download the custom grid print pattern for these DIY coasters!

3- Once you are pleased with your final coaster design in the DesignSpace maker page, click “Make It” in the top right corner to begin your project.

3- Select your material which would be “Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets” in this case. Since we wanted a fall vibe for our table decor, we actually used the burnt orange transfer sheets from the Cricut animal print pack for a golden orange grid print on our coasters.

4- Now you should place your ink sheet onto the medium grip mat and make sure it is aligned well. Then load your mat into your Cricut Maker by pressing the double-sided arrow.

5- When your design is finished, remove the excess paper from around the pattern so that only the grid print that will be infused into your coaster is left.

You’ll need to cut enough patterns for each of the coasters that you’ll be making. The downloadable design above is designed to be for one coaster at a time. In which case, you’ll need to cut four different designs to create a set of four DIY coasters.

photo of the cricut easypress layering for infusible ink
photo of the cricut easypress layering for infusible ink

6- Turn on your Cricut EasyPress 2 to 400°F (205° C) and wait until the Cricut symbol turns green, which means it has now heated to the correct temperature. You’ll also set time the to 240 seconds for the EasyPress.

7- Next place a piece of card stock onto your EasyPress heat resistant mat to prevent any ink from messing up the mat over time. Place your design onto the porcelain side of coaster and then place the coaster face down onto card stock.

photo of the cricut easypress layering for infusible ink

8- Put a piece of butcher paper over the back of the cork side of the coaster (butcher paper comes with infusible ink transfer sheets. This will serve as an additional safety barrier for your coaster, but do not reuse the same piece of butcher paper in between coasters or projects.

9- You may now place your EasyPress onto your coaster, let it rest on your coaster for the full 240 seconds with no added pressure.

photo of the cricut easypress with the settings needed for infusible ink
photo of the cricut easypress stamping for infusible ink

10- After the time has run out remove your EasyPress and let the coaster cool all the way before handling. The coaster will be VERY HOT so please use caution!

10- After the coaster has completely cooled, simply peel off the clear sheet and ink transfer sheet to reveal your design.

11- Repeat this process for the remaining number of coasters that you need for a full set.

A general tip for making your own coasters with Infusible Ink:

  • You can also use the Infusible Ink pens to hand paint or draw your own design to be printed directly onto the coasters as a fun twist on photo coasters or printed photos applied to tile coasters.
a single cocktail photo on top of DIY coasters by sugar and cloth

Why Is Infusible Ink a Great Idea for Your DIY Coasters?

While the idea of making your own DIY coasters is limitless, a lot of times they don’t hold up very well over time. Even with a giant layer of mod podge or acrylic sealer, they can still look less than stellar as a finished project if you’re going for craft store-bought quality.

The Cricut Infusible Ink process is permanently infused into your base material (as long as it’s a Cricut approved infusible base!). Acrylic paint isn’t archival, so having a permanent ink is a definite win!

The Cricut coaster bases also have a cork coaster/a cork board so that you don’t need felt pads to keep your coffee table safe. The bottom of the coaster is literally as soft as wine corks.

Plus we all know how easily those felt pads can come off over time (hello, hot glue!), which is just frustrating in general.

close up photo of a cocktail and DIY coasters made with cricut infusible ink by sugar and cloth
photo of finished verticla styled DIY coasters made with cricut infusible ink by sugar and cloth

How to Clean Your DIY Coasters

On account of the fact that these are made with Infusible Ink, they automatically have a permanent design that will withstand wear and tear. That’s definitely a major bonus compared to most DIY coasters!

If you do find yourself needing to clean them up a bit, all you have to do is use a damp cloth and little vinegar and water to sanitize them without using harsh chemicals.

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