She Shed It – Modern Tool Organization Ideas + Gift Guide

Our urban version of a She Shed It without actually having a backyard (yet) or a real shed for modern tool organization ideas.

photo of a She Shed Tool Organizer

In case you didn’t know, the she-shed trend is alive and well, my friends!

And this is basically like my urban version of one without actually having a backyard (yet) or a real shed. Instead, I present to you my she-storage!

Admittedly the name is still a working title, but you follow right? Basically, it’s a super fun tool organization idea that doubles as a workbench.

So it began, my love affair with this tool cabinet from Lowe’s. Not even kidding, the soft close cabinets are literally nicer than the cabinets in our townhouse, and it’s cute enough to be a kitchen island, haha!

But getting back on topic, not only did I put together some modern tool organization ideas for you, but I’ve also rounded up our most used tools for DIY’ing to fill your cart with while they’re on sale for the holidays.

Why? Because you’re not an adult until you own your own drill and hammer at the very least. So here it goes…

How to Recreate This Storage Station

While I’m only sharing links to what we use for DIY blog posts often, most tools are up to 40% right now, so you definitely have a lot of options!

For remaking a storage cabinet station like mine, you can use pegboard sheets that Lowe’s will cut in half for you.

The, grab paint samples in various colors for adding stripes to the pegboard, a pegboard kit for attaching it to the wall and having hooks, and cute yellow buckets for storage…or for succulents because you’re extra like me.

One tip before you get started, try to keep in mind one power tool family. It’s much easier to switch gears in the middle of a project if most of your power tools take the same cordless battery! Like this Kobalt kit.

My Tool Gift Guide and Modern Tool Cabinet She-Storage/She-Shed

  • The cutest, most amazing modern tool cabinet ever!
  • White pegboard for hanging all the things!
  • DEWALT Cordless drill set with two batteries, but we have about a bazillion batteries
  • DEWALT sander makes every wood project so, so much easier
  • Jared’s favorite toy is this circular saw. He actually asked for a new one for Christmas haha!
  • Funny story about this leather toolbelt: Jared’s Mom actually gifted it to us at our baby shower and it was full of diapers, earplugs, and wipes lol. It’s actually very cute and useful though!
  • We also have a ton of Kobalt products, and this starter kit is an amazing deal if you’re needing to cover the power tool basics!
  • This folding table saw is AMAZING for those of us with limited storage space.
  • Another budget-friendly drill set if you want to stick with the Kobalt family!
  • You will not regret having a folding sawhorse set, it makes for the perfect pop-up work table
  • The perfect complete household tool set with it’s own rolling storage case for getting to and from you projects around the house.

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  1. Really good tools and tips, thank you for sharing! Everything is so much easier to find now that the tools are all organized! I’m the fix-it person in my house, too, so it really makes my life easier.


  2. Amazingly beautiful, I think I’m in love. When I see my husband tools I immediately feel so overwhelmed. I can only dream of organization like this.

  3. These are some brilliant storage solutions for modern tools. Not only is it functional but it all looks really nice too. So often we tuck away our DIY tools into a dusty cupboard. So nice to see you displaying them proudly!