Cottage Bedroom Reveal

​​Sharing our cottage bedroom reveal and the before and after photos of how we were able to make it cozy and light to a once dark room.

photo of a how skylights can bring in natural light to a room by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

New house, new room reveal!

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared an update on our little cottage in the Heights.

We closed on it in September of 2021. But a whole lot of life has happened since. 

Our original plan was to move in, live in the space for a bit to get a feel for how we wanted it to evolve with our lifestyle.

And then, renovate little by little. But that quickly escalated. As it seems to do around here!

We packed up to stay with family during a three-week construction whirlwind to vault some of the ceilings and install VELUX Skylights.

cottage bedroom - photo of our bedroom corner by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

cottage bedroom - our cozy cottage bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

cottage bedroom - the before photo of our Heights home by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Like a lot of older homes, the primary bedroom was generally pretty dark and felt tight with the low ceilings.

Add that to a lack of architectural interest and my undying love of natural light, we knew we needed a major change. 

Lucky for us, the attic above this room was an unused portion of space that didn’t require too much reinforcement with headers, beams, or relocating pipes.

We absolutely loved the VELUX No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights from our last house

So we were dead set on having them again.

cottage bedroom - how to install skylights in a bedroom by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Choosing Our Skylights

VELUX offers virtual design consultations. So you can actually explore skylights and ask questions with a daylight designer without leaving your home.

Simply, schedule a time online to talk with a daylight designer. This can either be audio only or video chat.

The consultant will help you understand what rooms are good candidates for skylights.

They’ll also answer questions about the products and recommend an installer in your area. 

Based on the east and west direction of our house, we decided to do two skylights right above each window for a symmetrical feel that optimized light.

graphic of the before and after cottage bedroom makeover with VELUX Skylights from Ashley rose of sugar & Cloth

cottage bedroom reveal - modern but cozy bedroom styling by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

cottage bedroom - photo of our decor accessories to warm up the bedroom Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Benefits of Having Natural Light in Your Home

From a design perspective, natural light from above brings out the best in a room’s decor.

Colors show true and dark corners are eliminated.

Natural light transforms a space in a way that other design elements don’t. And I absolutely love how it brought this space to life!

Plus, fresh air ventilation is a bonus wellness benefit.

Being able to open up the skylights and windows creates airflow throughout the house. So the stale indoor air is able to escape and be refreshed with outdoor air.

This is an incredible (and rare) advantage to have in an older home now.

cottage bedroom makeover - photo of bedroom artwork by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

I feel like the soft, natural light combined with the newly vaulted ceilings made an incredible difference in modernizing this older home. 

It allowed us to still keep the original charm of having an older cottage while making it feel much like us. 

More Makeover Reveals 

For more ways on how natural lighting has completely transformed our home, check out a few of our favorite renovations below —

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  1. I love the chair in the corner- where did you find that! I also love the light you added. I did a tubular sky light in a previous house where you had to have a light on all the time and it was life changing. Enjoy the space!

    1. Hi Katie! It’s from High Fashion Home. Unfortunately, it’s now discontinued so we don’t have a link. We have a couple of pieces from there though and love the store!

    2. Hi Katie! It’s an old chair from High Fashion Home. Totally agree with you how much of a dramatic difference it makes after the sky lights! XOXO

    1. Hi Kristy! Thank you so much! The wall lights are a custom combo. We just used old swing sconces that we had from our previous home. And then, we added the rattan shade from IKEA GOTTORP Pendant lamp shade. Hope this helps!

  2. Love it! This blog post was really helpful!!! I’ve been wanted a sun tunnel for forever in our hallway, it gets so dark. I definitely want to reach out and see if I can get an idea of what it would look like in our hallway!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! We’ve installed skylights in our hallway before also because we had the same issue with it being really dark. We have no regrets and so glad we went for it.

  3. Love the way you decorated!! But how do you handle not having a ceiling fan in Houston lol? I live in Waco and couldn’t sleep without my ceiling fan!!

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! Lol. We are big fan sleepers so we’ve have been okay without one in the bedroom so far! We didn’t have one in our last house so didn’t feel like we needed one this time… even though it does get really hot and humid in Houston. Thankfully, it’s not hot and humid in our bedroom.

  4. It’s beautiful! You have such lovely taste and you’ve sold me on the skylights! If we can ever work them in to our home we definitely will.