DIY Printable Fruit Wall Art

DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & clothDIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

As we’re adding the last few touches to the new studio, I knew I wanted to add a simple pop of color on the wall near the kitchenette area. It was a little too plain to leave it empty, but I wanted to keep it simple since the kitchen shelves already have so much going on with them. To create a little nod to kitchen ingredients and staying on trend with the busy patterns and colors that are popping up everywhere, I made this DIY printable fruit wall art.

I was able to create really fun and quirky fruit photos by scanning them with our new Sprout, which would have been nearly impossible (or super, super time consuming!) without it. Since I know not everyone has access to a Sprout we’ve created several different sized downloads for you to save and print to have one of your own!DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & clothwallpaper fruit wall art download | sugar & cloth


DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

To create the wall art, you literally just have to save and print the artwork from the link below and trim to the size of your frame, easy peasy! If you want to create a pattern of your own, here’s how I made mine–DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & clothDIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

The HP Sprout actually has a built in scanner, projector, and 3D camera (among many other things!), and the image quality for scanning is legit! To create the individual fruit images, I laid them on the touch pad and scanned each one. Of course I had to take it a step further by eating some of the fruit for variation, but you know…

The computer automatically cuts out the image to be on a transparent background, so from there I just created a new project on a pale pink background and drag and dropped fruit into place to create a giant fruit pattern. It was a tiny bit time consuming because I got a little carried away with how detailed the pattern was, but hey, I had fruit to keep me company.

DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & clothDIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

I couldn’t resist including my awesome new polka dot shirt in the action whilst hanging my print, how cute is this thing?! This just solidifies that it literally goes with everything. Including your home decor? Ughm.. DIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & clothDIY printable fruit wall art | sugar & cloth

Is this fruit print too while and crazy for your home decor, or is it something you’re willing to roll with?! Be sure to let us know if you have any trouble with the downloads, and be sure to tag your prints with #mysugarandcloth so we can see them online too!

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  8. I love the fruit but my inner geek says “OMG LOOK AT THE SPROUT!” You’ll have to do a review on it sometime! My wheels are already turning :)

  9. Loving the fruit print! It looks fun and I like the colours too – so pretty!

    Thank you for sharing these. I’m going to download this design and put it up in my studio :-)

    Emma Jayne x

  10. How do you suggest we print 19×19 if we don’t have a wide printer and stores like staples refuse to print this for us?

    • I got mine printed at a local Fedex! Also, don’t let them charge you for a 24×36 and only print the middle, they price printed projects by the foot, so just have them print on whatever size it needs to be for 19×19 and have them cut it down : )


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