20 Creative Stair Riser Ideas

If you’re looking for some stair riser ideas, look no further! We’ve got creative ways to decorate your stair risers that are sure to inspire.

Stair Riser Ideas

One of the most overlooked spots in homes are the stairs, which is ironic considering that they are in most houses and can be a great focal point for decorating.

So we compiled our favorite stair riser ideas. Some are subtle, some are bold and some are even temporary for those who can’t commit!

The Best Ways to Decorate Stair Risers

1 — Add a subtle pattern.

photo of a chevron pattern stair riser idea
Photo by Garrison Street Design Studio

This DIY Modern Stair Treads & Riser project is the perfect upgrade from carpet. The subtle chevron pattern differentiates this DIY from regular white stairs renovations.

2 — Use peel and stick wallpaper.

Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper for stair riser idea
Photo by Sprucing Up MamaHood

Accomplish the look of painted stairs without all the labor by using peel and stick wallpaper. We love how this DIY Stair Riser with Wallpaper makeover features a bold statement print.

The best thing about using peel and stick? It’s temporary so you can easily change it out, and it’s great if you’re in a rental home!

3 — Hide storage in your stairs.

photo of how to hide storage in your stairs
Photo by Family Handy Man

A home can never have too much storage! This DIY Hidden Drawers Staircase cleverly stows away items that you do not want your guests to see.

4 — Create your own removable decals.

photo of how to Apply Removable Decals to your stair riser
Photo by Tool Box Divas

If you want to design your own pattern, you can easily do so yourself with a Cricut by following this Removable Stair Riser Decals tutorial.

You can then use the same design to create other fun things on the Cricut like matching DIY Coasters and a matching DIY Table Runner.

5 — Stencil in faux tile.

Star Riser Stencil

Most stair risers are made of wood so if you prefer tile, there’s no need to learn how to tile. Just purchase a stencil and a can of paint to give your staircase a DIY faux tile upgrade! We love this intricate Sahara tile stair riser stencil or you can go a more modern and geometric route with the Kepler tile floor stencil.

6 — Opt for an ombre stair risers idea.

The New Sugar & Cloth Color Wall & Launch Party Recap (+ Video)! by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar and Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

Here’s a throwback to our Sugar & Cloth ombré stairs. We painted a gradient of multiple colors, but you can even stick with one hue to compliment stair treads and risers!

7 — Install tile.

photo of how to install tile
Photo by Love & Renovations

If you are looking for a more permanent stair makeover, check out this post on how to tile backsplash. This technique can be applied stair risers.

8 — Tape a design.

photo of using painters tape to create a pattern as a stair riser idea
Photo by The Home Stud

Another way to achieve a one of kind design is to simply use tape. This painted stairs and treads DIY accomplish the clean lines though painter’s tape!

9 — Add rug runners.

photo of using rug runners for stair risers
Photo by Wit & Delight

Pick out a runner of your choice and start stapling! This stair riser idea is a great way to add in a touch of textile. Plus, it prevents those scary slips and falls.

10 — Rip off the existing carpet.

photo of a staircase makeover
Photo by Sand & Sisal

Carpet can get dirty so easily. So rip it off, add a coat of paint, and a Seagrass Runner makeover for a timeless look! We especially love how durable woven seagrass is.

11 — Try faux wood vinyl.

photo of faux wood vinyl
Photo by Flipping the Flip

No need to stop your home renovations when it does not exactly fit into the budget this month. This Faux Wood Vinyl revamp is durable alternative to actual wood and cost only $45!

12 — Display quotes to the stair riser.

photo of motivation stair decals
Photo by Home Art Stickers

Give your stairs a refresh with some motivation stair riser decals. You can even customize your own colors.

13 — All you need is a can of paint.

photo of painted black stair risers and stair treads
Photo by Style It Pretty Home

If you are looking for low-cost decorating ideas for your stairs, chose a paint color of your choice and start brushing! We love this sleek black look from this DIY stair project.

14 — Add a touch of copper.

photo of copper stair risers with wood treads
Photo by Frugal Family Times

Unique home decorations are the ones your guests will remember! This DIY Copper Stair Risers and Wood Trees is a balance of classic and modern.

15 — Apply a complete picture.

photo floral removable stair riser decals
Photo by Design Stickers Store

We’ve seen stair riser ideas with their each own individual design per riser, but we also love the idea of having each stair riser as part of one complete picture or design.

Once you finish applying this floral stair riser decal, it looks like one complete painting. Opt for a more subtle and vintage design this sketch peonies decal.

16 — Update your outdoor stairs.

photo of outdoor stairs idea
Photo by Jojotastic

This outdoor stairs makeover is a great reminder to not forget about your outdoor stairs. They are used everyday and viewable to everyone so why not make a statement?

Go for a timeless pattern and a bold color to draw your guests into your home! And while you’re at it, give your front door a makeover too!

18 — Use adhesive floor tiles.

photo of a garage apartment makeover by Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

In our garage apartment renovation, we utilized adhesive floor tiles for the kitchen backsplash. They’re waterproof and so easy to install and can also be used for an easy stair riser makeover!

19 — Add in texture details.

photo of pattern overlays
Photo by Home Talk

Design our own pattern overlay to add texture to your staircase! Simply glue it down and apply a couple coats of paint. Beauty is in the details and this DIY will definitely add a creative touch to your home!

20 — Go for no stair risers at all.

a picture of the finished DIY basket light by Sugar & Cloth
Photo by Sugar & Cloth

At our old house we had floating stairs and loved how they kept our space so open! They were also so much easier to clean than traditional stairs!

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