DIY Simple Paper Flower Backdrop

Sharing a simple DIY Paper Flower Backdrop that you can easily make for parties, events and photo booths.

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Wedding - Backdrop Ideas

While this backdrop tutorial project is definitely time-consuming, it definitely gives you a good bang for your buck!

We think most of us can agree that we have a special place in our hearts for pretty backdrops.

And working at Smilebooth, we have no shortage of these in my life.

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Wedding - Backdrop Ideas

We created this DIY Paper Flower Backdrop for a bride here in Houston a few weeks ago.

And we thought we’d share with you how we made it.

The cool thing is that you can easily customize it to fit any color scheme.

It’s all built onto a canvas backing so you can easily pin it up for a simple backdrop for a party too!

The idea can be used at birthday parties and even at tropical garden parties.

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Wedding - Backdrop Ideas


Materials and Tools Needed to Make a DIY Simple Paper Flower Backdrop

Hot glue and hot glue gun

Large construction paper in color of your choice — We opted for white since this particular backdrop was for a wedding.

Tissue paper in the color of your choice — Optional for additional texture. Tissue paper is more delicate so we do recommend that your backdrop consists mainly of construction paper flowers.


Clear tape


Backdrop in the size of your choice —  Ours is 8′ x 8′. We opted for a canvas sheet since it’s a heavier fabric. However, you can use any piece of fabric or even a bedroom sheet. 

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Wedding - Backdrop Ideas


How to Make a DIY Simple Paper Flower Backdrop

All you have to do is fold various styles of paper flowers using the paper color of your choice.

Then, hot glue the finished flowers onto your fabric.

It’s easiest to hang the fabric first and then glue it to the flowers afterwards.

This way, you can see the placement of the flowers for the finished product as you go.

We used a few different styles of paper flowers to complete this look and added in some tissue paper flowers to give it a more textured look.

These are a different styles that you can fold paper flowers. 

And these blogs off a few similar step-by-step tutorials — one, two, three, four.

You can also fill in the empty spaces with these folded paper crepes that we originally made as cake toppers.

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop - Sugar & Cloth - Houston Blogger - Wedding - Backdrop Ideas

Other Places to Hang This DIY Paper Flower Backdrop

There are many other places where you can hang your simple paper flower backdrop. Here are some ideas:

— On a door as part of a decorative wreath

— On a wall as part of a simple yet elegant home decoration

— Sized down inside a frame

— As a banner or garland for a party or event

— As a backdrop for a statement wall

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DIY paper flower backdrop by Sugar & Cloth

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop

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Looking for a fun and inexpensive party backdrop? Learn how to create your own paper flower wallpaper!
Active Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour
Course DIY
Category Entertaining Decor


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape


  • Large construction paper any color of your choice
  • Tissue paper optional for additional texture in any color of your choice
  • Backdrop large sheet or fabric in your desired size


For different ways to fold a flower, check out these tutorials: onetwothreefour.


  • Fold various styles of paper flowers using the construction paper and tissue paper.
  • Hang your backdrop.
  • Hot glue the finished flowers onto your backdrop.
Cost: $10
KEYWORD: diy paper flower backdrop

Don’t forget to share your DIY Flower Backdrop with us on Instagram using the hashtag #sugarandclothloves. We always love seeing all of your creations! Looking for more interior design inspiration? You can find them all of our home decor tutorials and ideas right here!

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  1. I really liked this DIY! It’s such a great alternative to some of the other high-priced photo booths available and would look great at a wedding or even summer party! Thanks for sharing! x5 stars

  2. Love it Ash! I know, all too well, how long these photo booth backdrops can take to make and I am so impressed with this one. Love the way it looks in the Smilebooth photos.5 stars

  3. This goes on the top of my list of projects you have amazingly created!…elegant , elegant, elegant5 stars

  4. Oh this is lovely! I’ve been super into paper flowers recently so this is right up my alley.

    Ladyface Blog5 stars