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DIY // Sea Salt Hair Mist


DIY sea salt hair mist!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve wished I could bottle up the ocean and take it home with me specifically for the effortless beachy waves it leaves my hair with. Now, however, I can make my own faux ocean (minus the sun and surf) with this sea salt hair mist that I adapted from Projectville Rose. Here’s how to make your own–

how to get beachy ocean hair waves

photo Source design by Sugar & Cloth
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How-To: Braided Updo


braided updo tutorial Since I work in the restaurant business (just through school, thank the Lord) I have to wear my hair up basically 85% percent of the week. Alas, I’ve gotten pretty crafty at finding ways to avoid getting incredibly bored with it, and this is one of my favorites. Literally every time I wear my hair this way someone asks how I do it, so I thought I’d share a tutorial with you on how easy this really is! (despite my better judgement telling me to keep letting people think I actually put effort into this).

braided hair updo tutorial how-to 1. Braid hair into one strand.

2. Begin twisting hair around the base of the braid.

(kind of like cinnamon bun, which I could go for right about now)

3. Tuck the end of the braid under and bobby pin into place.

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