How To Create an Easy Braided Updo

Sharing my secret (well maybe not so much anymore) on how style an easy braided updo that looks and is effortless.

braided updo tutorialSince I work in the restaurant business (just through school, thank the Lord) I have to wear my hair up basically 85% percent of the week.

Alas, I’ve gotten pretty crafty at finding ways to avoid getting incredibly bored with it, and this is one of my favorites.

Literally every time I wear my hair this way someone asks how I do it. So I thought I’d share a tutorial with you on how easy this really is (despite my better judgement telling me to keep letting people think I actually put effort into this).

braided hair updo tutorial how-to1 — Braid hair into one strand.

2 —  Begin twisting hair around the base of the braid. (kind of like cinnamon bun, which I could go for right about now)

3 — Tuck the end of the braid under and bobby pin into place.


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5 thoughts on “How To Create an Easy Braided Updo”

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  2. Where exactly do you put the bobby pin in? I’m not sure how to get the braid to stay up (I’m the type who needs diagrams with lots of explanations)

  3. I know people think complicated = good, but this kind of thing totally proves them wrong, huh? I wore my hair like this for a huge chunk of my junior year of high school, and I’d forgotten how cute it was until I saw a photo of it later on. I think I, too, forgot about it because it was so darn simple. Whoops. ;)

  4. Beautiful hair…Not only does the braid updo look classy, but I like the simple braid on you.

    For those of us who wake up looking like our hair has just been jolted by a shock of electricity, and spend endless hours trying to tame our mane, future tutorials on how to use a flat iron in creative ways(without damaging) would be awesome!


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