DIY Patterned Matches Vanity Tray

DIY Patterned Matches Vanity Tray — A DIY Patterned Matches Vanity Tray to light your morning routine on fire and keep your small little things all organized.

DIY patterned matches vanity tray | sugar & cloth

When all of this DIY madness comes to an end someday, I wonder what I will be known for. I hope it will be as the girl who used weird objects for completely opposite purposes. Because I love creating things other than what they’re actually made for.

I’m definitely not going to be known for my shining use of original one-liners. Yes, I know. It’s a bit tragic that all I could come up with for this DIY Patterned Matches Vanity tray was “light your morning routine on fire”.


DIY patterned matches vanity tray | sugar & cloth

Lucky, for you I’m elaborating even further on this matches discussion over on Designlovefest. Check out the full scoop there on how to make your own! Best of luck!

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  1. All my matches are red tipped! But I loved the idea of painting a vanity tray. Bought a cute bamboo one and painted it turquoise. If I ever come across pink matches I’ll do this DIY.

  2. We’re twinsies today with DIY jewelry trays. Ha. Seriously though… Those matches! So clever to create a pattern with them, Ash. I love it.