Backyard Trick or Treating + The Weekly Edit

Happy Sunday! We spent the weekend celebrating our own little backyard Halloween!

Since we don’t feel comfortable with trick or treating this year, we decided to host a super small backyard pretend trick or treat instead. 

I bought the cutest polka dot play tents and we let a few kiddos pretend to knock on our “doors” for candy. It was small, but Gwen had THE BEST time! It was worth it to her little face light up!

She’s currently obsessed with Cinderella so we made it a family affair. Dad was Prince Charming, Gwen was Cinerella (naturally), and Luca and I was mouse besties, Gus Gus and Jaq…

Gwen almost cried over how excited she was about her Cinderella dress that Cuteheads made for her. She said she was “a dream come true”. Then I almost cried, haha! 

Our backyard has been a construction zone lately with our DIY tank pool and paver situation happening, but we were able to pull it together to make this cute food setup for the night!

We got the CUTEST Halloween bites from our friends at A Fare Extraordinaire.

You get a ton of goodies in their Halloween catering party pack like this cemetery cupcakes, guts guacamole with the spewing pumpkin, blood orange margaritas, spider pizzas, witches chicken fingers, mummy dogs, and more. It’s a really good deal!

And of course, our resident cat known as Aunt Cait! She helped us with passing out candy to the littles from our tents!

The Weekly Edit

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  1. Love this. What a creative way to celebrate Halloween! I love the food you created, The pumpkin with guac was the best!!

    1. Thank you, Laura! We wish we could take credit for the food but it was from a catering pack from A Fare Extraordinaire! It made hosting the party so less stressful!