Best New Pool Floats for Summer 2018

It may be spring but things are already heating up here in Texas and we couldn’t wait to get a head start on summer. Since 2015, it’s been an annual tradition of ours to share our favorite water flotation devices and we have to say, some of these posts have been quite popular!

With the pool float trend increasing each year, new players are emerging and are creating floats that we’ve only dreamed of (let’s just say we’re big fans of rosé, color spectrums, and even certain body parts). Lucky for us, some like-minded people out there have designed and produced these things so that you and I can relax on top of them, on top of water.

So in the spirit of sun and tans, the best new pool floats for summer, 2018 edition is here!

We have a feeling that these are going to sell out quickly, so grab ’em while you can!

Red lips pool float // rainbow candy pool float // hand pool float // floral swan pool float // rainbow cushion pool float // blue eye pool float // champagne bottle pool float // rainbow and cloud drink float // green leaf pool float //  chill pill pool float // “Be Nice” pool float // rosé bottle pool float // golden pineapples pool float // cloud and rainbow pool float // pink flamingo pool float // pink flamingo ring toss float // boob pool float // pink “Drinks” drink float // color wheel drink float

Plus a few more not pictured that we can’t help but love, too!…

baby bottle pool float / unicorn beach balls / bendy straw pool noodle / llama pool float

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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  1. These floats are best suitable for kids. Last week my partner told me to pool floats from Float Naked as they have good collection of floats at reasonable prices.

    1. Hi Cooper! Don’t worry! We have some of them so they’re for adults too! We’ll totally also check out Float Naked though. Thank you for the recommendation. XOXO

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  3. Every kid loves water. My kids also like water. I am worried about kids safety when he is in the water. To ensure kids safety I am searching best baby float for my little one. Thanks for helping best baby float for my kids. Really helpful guideline.