Helping Houston: Storm Update + Hosting a Harvey Relief Donation Drive

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it breaks my heart to see the devastation happening in Houston right now during storm Harvey. It’s so surreal to see it all unfold literally right outside our bedroom window.

We’re happy to report that we’re safe at home (though surrounded by flood waters making transportation near impossible), and only have minimal damage to the studio as of Monday evening. Thank you all so much for the messages and emails checking in to see how we’re doing!

With heavy hearts, we’re sad to say that a lot of our friends, family, and fellow Houstonians didn’t fair as well. We’ve seen countless photos of friends homes flooded, people stranded on the roofs of their homes, and even Jared’s parents were evacuated from their home by boat before flooding got worse. There are numerous cars stranded on flooded roads and newly homeless animals that got left behind.

In an effort to help fulfill the needs of local families directly, we’re hosting a Harvey Relief Donation Drive this Thursday, 8/31 from noon-6pm at The Space HTX (who have graciously donated their space for us to use!) — 2001 Commerce Street. Below is a list of some of the items we’ll be collecting and personally delivering to those in need.

General Supplies — new underwear, socks, and t-shirts of all sizes, general toiletries, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and wipes, formula, baby bottles, towels, hand sanitizers, deodorant, first aid supplies, medical gloves, new pillows and blankets.

Food Supplies — Any and all canned foods and fruits, pasta, quinoa, brown rice, salt-free seasonings, granola bars and/or quick bites, unopened cereals and oatmeal, canned or bottled milk, Ensure, Pedialyte, and bottled water.

Animal Shelter Supplies — Animal beds, cat litter, unopened cat and dog treats, pet toys, puppy pads, animal crates, leashes, and bagged or canned food.

** UPDATED! 9/5 Due to the overwhleming response of love, we’re no longer accepting applications to sponsor a family — We’ve received many emails directly from families that are victims of the flood with specific needs for clothing sizes for their children, household items, etc. If you’d like to be directly matched with a family in need to sponsor, please fill out this form and we will match you!

** UPDATED! 9/5 Due to the overwhleming response, we’re no longer accepting applications for additioanl families in Need — If you’re a victim of Hurricane Harvey with immediate needs, please fill out this form so we can match you to sponsors both locally and across the country!

If you happen to be a family or individual affected by the storm with a specific need or know someone in need, please contact us at harvey(at) to coordinate how we might be able to help get supplies or helping hand directly to them. Additionally, if you’re a brand, company, or Houston local wanting to volunteer your time or talents in rebuilding also let us know!

For those that aren’t local that would like to help in the disaster relief, you can donate to the below organizations! Even $5 in lieu of your morning coffee is enough to provide a day’s worth of meals to someone in need!

— Greater Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

YouCaring Fundraiser with proceeds directly benefitting the city + victim relief

NVOAD to volunteer

To give you an idea of the crisis happening here, below are a few photos from scenes around the city…

Drone photo by Dan Joyce

People being rescued by fellow Houstonians via boat, photo by Adam Buzz

Animal rescue centers across the city are in need of dire support, photo via Dallas Doggrrr of Tall Tales Rescue in Houston

Lost dog carrying his food around flooded streets, via Houston Chronicle

Flooded senior citizens home with people waiting to be rescued, via Fox 8

Please help spread the word on donating supplies, time, and money for rebuilding our city and the lives of those hurt by the storm! Again, feel free to send need requests to in an effort for us to connect you with additional resources.

Sending all of our love, Ashley + Jared

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  1. I got your link from a friend who is sponsoring a family. I’m a lularoe consultant and would love to host a fundraiser. I can also donate some leggings as well. Please email me with information such as who would receive the donation from myself and Lularoe’s match. Also, a contact person name and number if it’s yourself. I can fundraise for animal shelter help and donate leggings per items sold in my group. I’d love to help in some way. I’m from the coast of VA on the water and completely understand what they are going through.

  2. I have new packed clothes from my dad’s old business….kids and men mostly..we are in southern California…can youaccept these and how do i get them to you.

  3. Oh, these images just break my heart. I’m so happy that both of you are safe, but as you said, sadly that’s not the case for most. I love that you all are hosting a drive, I so wish I could be there to lend my support. While I’ve been donating to charities now, please continue to give us updates as the weeks and months go by on what is needed. xo

  4. Hi! I work for an organization called @directrelief and we specialize in the delivery of donated medicine. We are working with healthcare providers on the ground to ensure they have all the necessary medical supplies required to treat patients affected by Harvey. We have over 70 years of experience in responding to emergencies and only deliver specifically requested, essential medicines & supplies. Check us out!

  5. Ashley & Jared,
    Thank you for helping. As a Houstonian I have spent the last several days in tears, it’s sad to see family, friends and colleagues struggle and lose everything. What’s great is that we have all come together to build this city back. Thank you. #hoUStonSTRONG

  6. I’m so heartbroken for these people, I can’t even imagine just having to sit and wait for help like that. So so devastating.

  7. So sorry for all of the devastation in your City. It is truly awful. It is great of you all to host the event this weekend. I will donate to the organizations mentioned. We are supposed to receive rain from Harvey on Thursday – but of course will be just a small fraction of what you all have had to endure. Stay safe and may you have the gift of patience as the flood waters recede.