My Current Favorite Baby Sunglasses for Gwen

One of my favorite things about Gwen is how much she LOVES her sunnies! If we take her outside without her sunglasses, she gets very dramatic with her facial expressions, haha. We already have way too many pairs for her just because it’s my favorite pastime to dress her up.

Since we’ve been sharing a ton of photos of her in sunnies on Instagram and on IG stories, so many of you have asked where we get them from! We’ve even gone as far as to start a #smithsgoneshady hashtag to round up all of them haha. We’re shameless.

Most of them I’ve picked up at small boutique stores here and there, so I’ve done my best to round up as many of my favorite baby sunglasses as I can, plus added a few extra that are for toddlers and older kids too…


  1. Turquoise geometric baby sunnies
  2. Round tortoise baby sunglasses
  3.  Gold frills roundbaby glasses
  4.  Mattebaby sunglasses in coral
  5. Round pink baby sunglasses with pink lenses
  6. Gold aviators with rainbow lenses
  7. Geometric tortoise shell baby sunnies
  8. Hipsterkid tortoise shell baby sunglasses
  9. Pink cat eye baby frames
  10. Clear blue sky cat eye baby glasses
  11. Pink and gold baby sunglasses
  12. Turquoise matte baby shades
  13. Retro Ray Bans (create your own!)
  14. Tortoise frames with hot pink lenses
  15. Pink matte sunglasses
  16. Clear frames with pink arms
  17. Hipsterkid white and black shades
  18. Heart eye tortoisebaby sunglasses
  19. Hipsterkid clear pink baby frames
  20. Orange boxy sunglasses

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