Our Fruit Snack Challenge Video + The Weekly Edit

little girl smiling with a bowl of candy

Happy Sunday, ya’ll! Man, this week has been a weird one here. 

Texas is slowly opening back up but it’s a very strange vibe and we’re still staying home. The girls haven’t been to a store or restaurant or anywhere in between since March 15th! Crazy. 

Not going to lie, some days are feeling VERY long trying to entertain a toddler and a more and more active 5 month old, but we’re hanging in there. 

For kicks and giggles, we had Gwen try out the #fruitsnackchallenge with peanut butter M&M’s and you’ve got to check our her video on my Instagram to see how she did! She cracks us up! 

Now for your weekly links…

The Weekly Edit


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  1. Such a fun video and post! Love the recommendations for Netflix and the tips on celebrating a quarantine birthday! I need all of the ideas!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! We celebrated a quarantine birthday so we felt like that article would be fun to share!