Our Sunday Plans, 10 Storage Ideas + The Weekly Edit

Happy Sunday!

We’ve had a weekend filled with cleaning house, putting up Christmas decorations, and all the usual chores. I’m breaking away from the life to-do lists a little bit today to take Gwen to see this live performance, which should be so interesting ha!

It’s her first “live show”, aka we’ve never watched anything not in our living room before, so wish me luck on keeping her corralled! Feel free to watch on IG stories to see how it unfolds while I’m flying solo on a friend date with her!

In the meantime, below are some of our favorite weekly links, behind the scenes photos, and recent buys…

photo of a giant white bottle brush tree
photo of jumbo bottle brush trees

This is what our giant sisal trees looked like before we DIY’ed them for this blog post

photo of jumbo white christmas bulbs decor

The Weekly Edit

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  1. You have so many great ideas! Those trees are so pretty and I’ve bookmarked your article on kids storage tips – so helpful!

  2. I always love these posts you do, and we just started doing the artwork and homework stations and it has been working out really well. Thanks as always for the great ideas.

    1. Thanks, Billy! We have fun doing them since it’s a nice change from the usual posts. Plus, we do it to let everyone know that we are just like everyone! Our lives need a lot of organization too. :)