The Best Gifts For The Cool Kid Crafters In Your Life

We’re coming back at ya with another gift guide for the season. This one goes out to all the cool kid crafters out there. Or if you’re a cool kid crafter yourself, send this on over as a hint to your loved ones! Ughm…hey, hubby!

Here’s to crafting supplies that you won’t mind having lay all over the place. And let’s be honest, pretty much every crafting session ends with supplies all over the place, or at least that’s the case over here, haha…

The best gifts for the cool kid crafters by top Houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

1. Two words – Glammer Hammer!

2. The colorful storage solution for all crafting supplies!

3. These white and gold pencils are perfect for all the makers out there.

4. How cute is this unicorn tape dispenser?!

5. Some Montana pink spray paint can come in handy for pretty much any craft out there!

6. Loving this sticker set.

7. All my crafters out there can agree that glue guns are life!

8. The Circuit Cutter is seriously the gift that keeps on giving. Want to make sassy vinyl letter t-shirts or original holiday cards? This baby has got you covered!

9. Gold X-acto knife for the win!

10. Rainbow Washi Tape Set because this stuff can seriously be used for everything.

11. Love this cute pink and white string!

12. An Amazon or Jo-Ann’s gift card are always a great idea!

13. This photo printer is perfect for all those wall collages and scrapbook projects.

14. Gold scissors are always a good idea!

15. This Cacti Coloring Book is a relaxing way to pass the time.

16. What pairs perfectly with a pink glue gun? Pink wax sticks!

17. These Peach wireless Headphones are perfect for enjoying your favorite songs while still being hands-free!

Please note that we may earn a commission for some of the above affiliate links. However, products featured are independently selected and personally well-loved by us!

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  1. Hello, I really love this idea. It is so cute and different. I would like to do these as Christmas gifts this year. Is there any possible way you can make a gift tag saying I just want to TEAL you Merry Christmas in the same font in the teal color? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.

  2. OMG I practically need all of theeese! Such a lovely gift guide! I’m planning on creating several gift guides for my blog too, and thought about sending those to my friends, but you saved me – sharing this with them is way more subtle :) <3

  3. Ummmmmm… so is it ok that I want all of this stuff for myself !?!? I can’t wait till my baby girl is old enough to buy this kind of gifts for. Thanks so much for the cute ideas. Makers gonna make!! ❤️

  4. Awesome list, thanks for this! My girl and I love crafting together, this gives me some great ideas for gifts for her.

  5. I love a good gift guide! Funny, I just put the finishing touches on my crafter’s gift guide, coming out tomorrow! Yay! Happy holidays :)