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Do you guys feel like I start off the weekly edit post the exact same way every week, or is that just me? I blame the fact that Thursday evenings are my version of a giant sigh of that it’s almost the weekend, so every post has something to do with “surviving”, “holy smokes”, or “where’s the ice cream?!”. You know how it is.

This week we’re pretty much completely surrounded by boxes or random crap that doesn’t have a home in our house or studio during renovations. I keep asking myself why I decided expanding the studio and renovating our entire house at the same time was a good idea, but then I’m all “oh yeah, we have a firm nine-month baby deadline.” SO, that’s keeping things very interesting.

I’m also using my travel miles verrrrry wisely and making sure we can soak in a few more beach trips before I can’t fly anymore. I also solemnly swear that I’m going to get better at sharing our travel recaps during a timeframe that’s actually relevant instead of five months later.

Doubly exciting is that we’re going to find out the gender of the baby this weekend! So, so pumped! Be sure to check back next week for that news!

Until then, we’ve got weekly edit links —

Do any of you have this baby bag? This is definitely the cutest one I’ve found!

Interesting to read the list of traits that make workplace teams the most successful

I’ve been living in these blush pink slip ons

Me almost every time I get a phone call that isn’t related to work or my parents

Just got some of these for the studio

Featured photo from our DIY acrylic flower holders

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7 thoughts on “The Weekly Edit”

  1. I have a Fawn bag. It’s as beautiful in person as it is over the internet. I love that you don’t feel like you’re carrying a diaper bag. My husband is in love with it, which is also handy. Bonus: it’s completely leather inside and out, so totally wipeable — the beauty of this can’t be overstated, I say as someone frequently carrying chicken nuggets and opened packages of snacks in her diaper bag. And as someone who once ruined a Storksak bag by spilling a sippy cup of milk in it. The negatives for the Fawn are that it is pretty heavy (see above: two layers of leather) I have found the side pockets not large enough for bottles (although the newer versions may have remedied this?) and it doesn’t come with a changing mat. It’s so pretty though.

    • Thank you so, so much for the in-depth advice Kristy!! One more Q for you, do you ever switch out diaper bags, or too much work? I’m wondering if one backpack version and one tote version of a diaper bag would be good to have?

    • Yep, I have probably 5 or 6 total…I’m on my last baby (number 3) and I just went a little crazy with the diaper bags this time. So yeah, I definitely switch them up!! He’s going on 2 now, so it’s getting harder to justify my collection, haha. My greatest love has been the Ju-Ju-Be BFF. But I’m trying to figure out how to convince the husband I need a Nena and Co. bag now…

  2. Please tell me you are getting the pink one!!! :) I had a new baby bag for every baby, the first one was from Skip Hop, military green and both the hubs and I loved it. The next one was not a baby bag but a generic tote bag that I didn’t invest much on since I’m not very careful with my bags and the third was by this one in silver: SO fun! I wished I would have started blogging when I had babies, I found SO many awesome products – maybe I should do a recap of what worked and what didn’t ;) hugs!!!

    • Haha leaning towards the brown, but the pink is adorable! That is such a cute bag, and how fun with each little one to change the baby bag up! You totally should do a recap of your favorite products, it would be amazing to read! xo

  3. Get the most lightweight baby bag you can, in cotton so it’s washable. By the time you get all the “stuff” in it you need, and lug the baby and the carrier—you will be happiest with something very soft and lightweight.


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