The Weekly Edit: An App for Making Mom Friends, Verdict on Galentine’s + More

It’s been an eventful week to say the least! Gwen turned one, she got her first tooth (I know, it’s insane she walked at 10 months and was still gumming things!), and we’ve been packing up the studio to move it into the new house soon.

All of the chaos of house renovating, parties, and general sanity saving things like sleep have really put a hindrance on my thinking that I was going to get ahead on writing a few personal blog posts and ideas for ya’ll. Ha!

I swear I have good intentions! We’re just running a mile a minute over here. Obviously very figuratively, if that was literal I’d be insanely happy about my post baby weight haha!

For now, we’re actually going steady again with our weekly edit posts and this one even has an app for making Mom friends! Say what?!…


  1. Is this what online dating feels like? We just discovered a Tinder-like app to connect with other local likeminded mom’s, but we haven’t made the jump yet. It’s nerve wrecking writing a witty bio & uploading the right photos. 
  2. Eyeing these and convincing ourselves that they’re a bargain since technically, you’re getting 2 (loafers and mules) for the price of 1.
  3. Yes, we have an addiction, but these planters don’t require any soil! 
  4. It’s been a month & the memes keep on coming. Are you still rolling up your t-shirts & should we get on board?
  5. We literally just mentioned Marie Kondo so it doesn’t feel right following it up with something we don’t need and just really really want. There should be a rule that if you are coveting anything for a year, you’re allowed to splurge without feeling guilty.
  6. Our favorite 90’s boy band just dropped a surprise album. Nope, it’s not *NYSNC.
  7. Y’all informed us on Instagram that Galentine’s Day was created by Parks & Recreation’s Leslie Knopes. The episode highlights just gave us an excuse to start a traditional brunch with our gals. Be on the lookout for a Galentine’s Day gift roundup!

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2 thoughts on “The Weekly Edit: An App for Making Mom Friends, Verdict on Galentine’s + More”

  1. OMG: Those Planters!! Do I smell a possible DIY? (they are soo cool!) On a separate note:The documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix has definitely curbed my shopping addiction (along with learning more about environmental consequences). If you have time I definitely recommend it. Have a great day!

    • We love the planters too! They’re from a Japanese brand. No, we have not watched “Minimalism” yet but we’ve heard great things. We have seen “The True Cost” though and it made us more of believers on eco-friendly brands. Hope you have a great day too!


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