Yes, I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed

Yes, yes I did! Actually I got my eyebrows microbladed back in October, and then the standard touch ups done in December, so I’m now officially all healed and finished!

I shared some of the process on Instagram stories at my first appointment, and a TON of you have been asking me about it since!

To show you the cold hard difference that good eyebrows make, I’m sharing my no-makeup, non-edited, horrible iPhone photo before and after shots. You’re welcome in advance.

I had mine done here in Houston by Theresa at Chic Lash Boutique, and had such a great experience. It hurt like trash (some say it doesn’t hurt at all), but apparently my pain tolerance is at a CAT 5 low.

For reference, if you’ve ever had a shaded tattoo, that’s what it feels like. I have three tattoos, but all are small and I thought this hurt worse.

I’m also notoriously resistant to numbing treatments, which is also important to note. Clearly I’m weird in more ways than you even knew, haha.

Do I absolutely love the results and would I do it all over again? Yes! Which I will do eventually. It’s only a semi permanent tattoo, so it will wear off within two years on average (more or less) of having them done, but it all depends on your skin type and how you care for them.

As for why I got them done: I really liked the idea of feeling more “put together” on days I don’t wear makeup, which is often these days. #Lazy. Plus the less makeup I buy or wear while still feeling confident, the better!

Now for the juicy details–


Above is me sans makeup and two hours before my appointment with numbing cream slathered on my brows.

At this point I also started getting nervous, so I drank two glasses of wine. Turns out that’s a no-no because of the amount you’ll bleed. Ha! I’ve never been one for reading the fine lines.

Below is me right before my appointment with no makeup, no numbing cream, and trying to pump myself up. You can see in this photo that though my eyebrow hair may be lengthy, but it’s definitely not full!

I blame my parents for letting me near tweezers in middle school, and I’ve never fully recovered. That’s a sob story for another time though.

Yes, I got my eyebrows microbladed! by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

Despite my being super nervous, I totally trusted Theresa. We actually met a DIY event that I hosted a few months ago in Houston. She introduced herself while I stared directly at her and commented on how perfect her eyebrows were. Twas’ fate, because one look at her beautiful brows was enough to convince me, ha!

Kayla went with me to the appointment to A) document everything and B) laugh hysterically when I was trying to play it cool when I actually wanted to cry. We also both got our eyelashes tinted and lifted by Theresa (more on that below!), so she made herself comfortable in the corner with my phone while I got bladed.

This is me right before getting cozy on the bed with a chenille blanket. Clearly acting very calm, cool, and collected…

Yes, I got my eyebrows microbladed! by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

I decided to spare you the video of mine in action, mainly because it was horrible IG stories/snapchat quality that I saved to my phone, but also because I didn’t want my lack of bravery to deter you from getting yours done.

Why? Because even though I have wuss tendencies doesn’t mean you will! Plus the two glasses of wine before hand made the bleeding look scarier than it was, haha.

If you want the nitty gritty details and FAQ’s you can read them on their site, or watch video examples on Youtube!

Yes, I got my eyebrows microbladed! by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

After my microblading was done, we went for the lash tint and lift. Even though this is totally separate from microblading, I felt the need to show you the process because the no-makeup, after photo of my eyebrows below looks even more impressive when you see my lashes.

Yes, I got my eyebrows microbladed! by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

This is me after my first appointment with no eyebrow filler and no mascara. A CRAZY huge difference, right?! Granted the lashes only last 8 weeks-ish (but they’re my natural lashes, thanks for the good genes Dad!).

The tint and lift is just natural vegetable dye and perming basically. Would I get the lash lift regularly? No, but I definitely would for a vacation, long beach trip, or before an occasion like a wedding.

Once my first appointment was over, I had to keep ointment on my brows constantly for 10 days, plus avoid any contact with water or sweating. The sweating wasn’t so bad since it wasn’t Summer here, but the ointment and not fully washing my face was a doozy. I felt like a slicked back watch salesman, but it’s fine.

After about 7 days of healing, my eyebrows were FULL ON FLAKING. Like bad face dandruff. Not my cutest days, but still worth it. After 8 weeks of healing, there’s a standard touch of procedure which is great if you want to add more to the shape, darken the color, etc.

Yes, I got my eyebrows microbladed! by top houston lifestyle blogger Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth

I went slightly darker the second time around because once you heal, the color fades a bit. Immediately after the procedure is when it’s the darkest it will ever be.

I love the way the final shape, color, and look turned out. If you’re considering getting it done, I TOTALLY recommend it. I’ve already sent a handful of people Theresa’s way at Chic Lash! Lastly, if you have any q’s about the procedure that I didn’t touch on, let me know and I’ll answer in the comments!

Illustration designed by Peyton Frank for Sugar & Cloth.

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  2. Thanks for documenting your experience through your blog, and yes, a lot of people feel nervous whenever they good for microblading for the first time. The results for your turned out great!

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  4. Such amazing tips, I love these sort of posts because there is always something new to learn in beauty and knowing the tips & tricks can make life so much easier.

  5. Girl, you look incredible. If you were in knoxville, id give you free touch ups just cause I had such a great time reading this article! ;)

  6. Girl, you look incredible! If you were in knoxville, I would perform free touch ups just cause I had such a fun time reading about your experience! ;)

  7. I’m not sure if I am a microblading failure or not, but the first week as mine were healing and flaking, the pigment was disappearing as well. I have to take out my eyebrow pencil and fill in. I got this done so I wouldn’t have to use a pencil anymore. So disappointed. I am going back to have them checked this Sunday, May 20th, and hopefully figure out what needs to be done. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate your ideas.

  8. Love your blog and the helpful advice. I own a beauty salon in Las Vegas and I offer microblading service.

  9. You should never be afraid to have your brows microbladed or even eye lash extensions placed. The person who did yours did a very good job. I am located in Fort Lauderdale Florida hopefully you will read my blog and if you are in the area and need your brows or lashes done, give me a call.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’ve been considering the microblading for a while, but I’m worried about the healing process. Did you have a lot of redness after? Would you say the skin flaking was manageable, or was it bad as in you wouldn’t want to be seen in public or go to work kind of bad?

    • You have to try it! I love the way mine look still. There was definitely some flaking and redness, but nothing unmanageable.. worth it!

  11. I loVe chic lash BoutiQue! Seriously considering getting MIcrobladed. Could you share what the upkeep is like? Im assuming you still have to tweeze and trim, but shaping browS Must be so mUch easier bc Its already there for you. Do you use any brow gels or other Products still? I can’t seem to find any info on this…


  13. Wow! What a huge difference. This has me seriously considering getting all of the same procedures as you, because the only makeup i wear everyday is my eyebrow pencil and mascara! the results are fantastic and you look beautiful!

  14. Lash lifting? Tell me more! my eyelashes are as flat as pancakes. How long is the lift supposed to last? Is this different from fake lashes?

  15. Thanks for documenting! Ive been wanting to try a lash lift but am WORRIED abOut irritation/SENSITIVITY. Did you experience any?

  16. Love this post! Also totally appreciate your transparency with the whole proCess. SoleLy because i’m very interested in investing in microblading myself (brow struggles) is the proCess very expensive? I’m sure it VaRies from place to place, but i’d love to get a ballpark range!

    Keep up the good work!


    Wesley day


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