DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set


DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

One time I made my dad a refrigerator magnet out of oven bake clay in the shape of his truck with a stick figure of him as the driver and our dog in the back. To make it even funnier, our dog never rode in the back of my dad’s truck, I made the body twelve different colors, and had my dad wearing bib overalls he didn’t even own. I don’t mean to brag, but clearly I’ve been an aspiring artist from a young age. However, modern day guys should get a Valentine’s gift that’s a little better suited than oven bake clay, am I right?

These DIY wooden polaroids are simple, inexpensive, and a homemade gift your guy might not secretly want to throw away (no offense). You can personalize them by making them into magnets, writing love notes at the bottom, or just filling them with your favorite memories together. Either way, it’s gotta be better than my magnetic truck..


DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

Print out photos at 2 3/4×2 1/4 inches on matte photo paper. Spread tacky glue on one side of a wooden polaroid frame and position over the photo and press firmly on all corners.  DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

Next, cut the excess paper around the outside of the frame. If you want to turn them into magnets, you can glue a magnet onto the back of the photo on the bottom part where the wooden edge is thickest.

Write little notes from your adventures at the bottom, package them in a box, and they’re ready for gifting!

DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day DIY wooden polaroid gift set for Valentine's Day

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69 thoughts on “DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set

  1. Melissa

    I’m definitely making these! What’s a good way to print some pictures in that size? Will a photo center at Walgreens or CVS do them?

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  8. Lisa Frank

    These are perfect! I have those exact wooden Polaroid frames sitting on my shelf, just waiting for the right project. I think they’d make an awesome garland, too–would be a fun way to dress up my hubby’s cubicle at work, without making it too girly.

    Lisa :)


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  13. Lynae

    LOVE these! Was hoping to make them, but I just went to a Michael’s here in Columbus, OH and they don’t carry them. :(

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  16. Teddi

    Hi Ashley! Totally obsessed with these and I’ve gone crazy making a ton. But quick question! Where did you find that perfect sized box?? I was hoping my local PaperSource would have something similar and they didn’t…

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  19. Katie

    Love this idea! It would be really cool if you made holiday versions of these polaroid magnets to hang up during that holiday season (like Christmas and Halloween).

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  29. Catherine

    Hey! This DIY looks adorable. I want to make some for a friend. You wouldn’t happen to see at link on their website would you? x

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