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Behind The Scenes Lately 9/22


sugar and cloth studio behind the scenes - ashley rose

Not that I’ve ever written a behind the scenes lately post that didn’t start out with an explanation of how crazy things have been, but after a last-minute, whirlwind trip New York last week, and a weekend filled with the catching up, cold medicine, and prepping to go out of town again next week, it’s seriously been a doozy. See what I mean? Even my sentences are trying to run away from me.

We have a big video shoot going on today, which I’m equal parts terrified and excited for. It’s been a lot of coordinating details, but I love the satisfaction of having cool videos when the project is over. I have sort of been keeping up with Snapchat (and have found it kind of fun!), so be sure to follow along there for some down and dirty (okay, maybe dirty isn’t a good adjective for Snapchat) behind the scenes action too!

This weekend is my brother’s birthday, so we’re going to be taking a little break to celebrate him, and then we’re off to Boston next week for a fun chocolatier adventure with Lindt chocolates (we’re going to be working with them for all of 2016!), and for the Wayfair Conference I’ll be speaking at next Friday. If you’re hoping to snag a last minute ticket, I’ll be giving away a pair to a lucky follower over on Instagram today, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, here are some scenes from last week…

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Behind The Scenes Lately 8/21


behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth behind the scenes of Sugar & Cloth - retro cake stand DIY

Here we are again with another behind the scenes post, and can I just say that sometimes I wonder what people’s impression of Sugar & Cloth would be if the first post they read was a behind the scenes post? With the random crap I write about it could be anything from wearing the same dress 3 times in a week, to shooting on the floor, to Jared and I wanting to kill each other. It doesn’t really make for the greatest picture painted of us, but then again it could make our other posts look like such a great accomplishment achieved by insane people. It’s a toss up really.

In other news, we’ve been busy over here! I’ve also been slightly hopped up on allergy medicine, so that always makes the regular day-to-day a little more interesting, so this should be fun…

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Behind the Scenes 7/30


all of the coolest pools floats! behind the scenes sugar & cloth all of the coolest pools floats! behind the scenes sugar & cloth

Sometimes I wonder if you all really knew everything that went on behind the scenes you’d love us more, or be worries for our sanity. The verdict may always be out on that one, but nonetheless it’s still fun giving you glimpses from behind the scenes! It also gives me the chance to show you some things that aren’t always made for the blog, like the pool photo shoot we did with American Express.

The photo we posted for it Instagram turned out awesome, but what you didn’t get to see was the rain store that happened right after we finished blowing up all one million floats at the location house!! I almost cried. I almost cried on a stranger’s porch, but I resisted!

We actually shot the floats at the owner of On Point Custom Homes house. Needless to say we were practically all besties after I ran around their yard for two hours in basically no clothing while trying not cry, and also tossing inflatable pigs around. Good times! Now you have all been warned in case you ever invite me over for a pool party…

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Behind The Scenes Lately: Studio, kittens, flamingos, and home ownership.


pretty florals int he sugar & cloth studio

Is it too soon to go on vacation again? Just kidding…(it’s going to take me until next year to save up again anyways). Behind the scenes lately has been full speed ahead since we got back from Tulum, and somedays I swear I’m just spinning in circles trying to figure out what needs to be done next. I admit, I love it though.

This is actually the first time since I start Sugar & Cloth almost three years ago that I’ve gotten to focus the majority of my time on S&C and it’s such a good feeling, spinning in circles or not! It’s also been a huge help having extra hands, like Jared working his photo skills (they’re pretty good huh?!) and hopefully an intern here in the studio soon too. I mean, what kind of person wouldn’t jump up to volunteer to hangout with me in my slightly frazzled, paint everywhere, DIY state of mind, ya know? Which brings me to the rest of life lately…

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Style Diaries // Alison of Hello Lately


style diaries with alison of hello lately

I’m excited to announce Alison as the the very first feature on the new Style Diaries column. Alison is a newlywed living in California who writes the blog Hello Lately, which features everything from DIY’s to heartwarmingly honest thoughts about everyday life. After I read her post One, Two, Three, I was hooked (sometimes I can relate all too well). So, here is a peek into Alison’s style diary–

What’s your summer uniform? 

– I live in Los Angeles and work from home – which is the winning combination for a wardrobe full of laid back clothes (especially in the summertime.) Since the temperature started rising in June, I’ve worn a variation of the same outfit every day: a comfortable pair of shorts (in a good fit,) a loose fitting blouse with some interesting details or a unique pattern, wedges or leather sandals (depending on the activity), bright nail polish, and messy beach hair pinned up with a colorful clip.

style diaries with alison of hello lately

Style item you can’t leave the house without? 

 Probably my Kate Spade bangle. It was a Christmas present from my parents last year and since I got it, there have been few days when I haven’t worn it.  I tend to gravitate towards simple jewelry, so this bracelet fits my style perfectly. And, I love that the little bow on the clasp adds such an unexpected sparkle of whimsy. I think gold goes with everything (even other metals) so I know it’ll match my outfits – no matter what I’m wearing. It’s my go-to grab as I scramble out the door.

style diaries with alison of hello lately

Is there a piece/gift you cherish most? 
– When I got married, my younger brother bought me a beautiful pair of Tiffany&Co. pearl earrings as a wedding gift. (It was my first little blue box!) His thoughtfulness and effort to find the perfect gift made it all the more special. I plan on keeping them (and wearing them) for the rest of my life! 

style diaries with alison of hello lately

What are your go-to shoes or bag?

– I can only pick one!? Hmmm… then I’d have to pick my J.Crew wedges. I splurged on them last summer, but I wear them ALL THE TIME, so I think it was worth it. They’re perfect: neutral enough to match with almost everything, but they have fun details – like the cream colored rope that wraps around the base. And, they’re not too high!  As I get “older,” it’s getting harder and harder to wear high heels! :)

style diaries with alison of hello lately

What current trend are you obsessing over?

– Bright colors! I love that they’re making a comeback. It makes me happy to see so many people embracing hot pink, coral, orange and mint green this summer. And, I can’t seem to get enough of it – on my nails, in my hair, on my legs, you name it. 


Thanks Alison! You’re the cutest! -xoxo Ash

photos provided by Hello Lately for Sugar & Cloth

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